it amazes me how delusional you guys are

Published March 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I saw your site and it just amazes me how delusional you guys are, you are trying to create a delusion around the world. A sick joke gone wrong really, its really sad that you are so completely obsessed with brainwashing that you try to pass of a Italian cuisine for a deity of some sort. This whole religion is of hate and defies all logic, rational thought, and it shatters common sense completely. You’re lousy evidence doesn’t cut it either how can you say fire works and noodles are evidence for your delusion? and its not even slightly sane that you walk around like a bunch of pedophiles in those shabby suits of yours. I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian.


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  1. Phil says:

    I think Pizbi’s bizarre contention that COFSM members walk around in shabby suits and resemble paedophiles says more about the vile workings of his wandering mind than anything else. Utterly insulting and a libelous mistruth.

  2. Sky says:

    How is such a peaceful, happy religion hateful? The only hateful one here is you :)

  3. Brian who is called brian says:

    I’ve been researching reports of paedophilia associated with specific religious groups to see if the gentleman has even a semblance of truth in his comments. I am unaware of any reports of pedophile activity within COTFSM. However, the overwhelming majority of associated activity reported in the press points repeatedly to the Roman Cathic Church, including a press report which includes an official apology by the pope.

  4. Interested says:

    I saw your site and it just amazes me how delusional you guys are, (This poor comma never grew up to be a period or a semicolon, it seems)

    you are trying to create a delusion around the world. (Do you mean that the worshippers of FSM [screw you spell check, worshippers has two p’s!] are creating a delusion that spread around the world, or the delusion that FSM has enveloped the world with his [actually I think I’m going to refer to FSM as a her from now on; would that be considered blasphemous? I’m a new convert, so I’m not sure about these things] noodly appendages? That would be pretty cool actually; free pasta for everyone!)

    A sick joke gone wrong really, (It doesn’t seem that sick to me, unless you mean ‘sick’ as in ‘cool’)

    its (This should be “it’s” or “it is”, not the possessive “its”)

    really sad that you are so completely obsessed with brainwashing (You mean like Christianity? :D At least we don’t indoctrinate our worshippers from childhood! :D)

    that you try to pass of (“off” has two f’s)

    a (By the phonetic rules of English, add an “n”!)

    Italian cuisine for a deity of some sort. (It’s not?)

    This whole religion is of hate (Do you mean “made of hate”? Either way, it’s difficult to see how a religion that has absolutely no dogma can be made of hate. It can HAVE hate, but in order to be made of hate it has to have it as a core doctrine, and thus be unable to commit any good act)

    and defies all logic, rational thought, and it shatters common sense completely (One: This list is incorrect. You should say “defies all logic and rational thought, and it shatters…” or “it defies all logic and rational thought, and shatters…”. Two: The whole point of religion is that it defies logic and rational thought, and the Bible is hardly a bastion of common sense. Buddhism is much better in that respect, and even Buddhists have committed atrocities against humanity).

    You’re (That would be the possessive “your”, not “you’re”, which is a conjunction of “you are”)

    lousy evidence doesn’t cut it either (Where, oh where has my period gone? [FSM I wish it really was gone])

    how can you say fire works and noodles are evidence for your delusion? (How can you say a thousand-year-old document of which we don’t even have the original, just copies of copies of copies, is irrefutable evidence for an omnipotent creator deity of dubious benevolence?)

    and its (We’ve already been through this! “it’s”, not “its”!)

    not even slightly sane that you walk around like a bunch of pedophiles in those shabby suits of yours. (Pedophilism isn’t wrong in and of itself; only when people actually start acting on it. Kind of like some Christians’ beliefs about homosexuality. Not that pedophilism is anything like homosexuality; for one homosexuality has the possibility of being both informed and consensual. Also, I think you’re confusing us with Roman Catholics; Pastafarians don’t have any traditional dress, it’s against our anti-dogma. Finally, none of us never said we were sane. I suppose it depends on your definition of insanity. I haven’t tried doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results yet, have you? :D)

    I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian (I didn’t know that Christian extremists had sex with anyone A) outside their religion and/or B) they weren’t married to. Has this changed? If so, I would like to look for volunteers to see if such a union would create such offspring. It would be an interesting way to expand the sizes of our congregations, at the least).

    Just out of curiosity, while I’ve already noted a surprising tolerance for variety in beer, would it be blasphemous to uphold a different type of alcohol? Vodka, for example? And what if you espouse a different kind of noodle other than spaghetti? Capellini, perhaps? I do love me some angel hair. Would that make me a different denomination? Church of the Flying Capellini Monster? I’m not sure that sounds awe-inspiring enough. CoFSM just sounds so much better.

    • wulff says:

      Thanks for asking. His Noodliness doesn’t care what kind of alcohol you imbibe, as long as you drink responsibly. As far as your other question, ALL pasta stems from the FSM, and while He (or She, whatever floats your chicken) is the Spaghetti monster, as long as you ingest to commune with the Spirit of Pasta, you could be eating cous-cous for all he cares.

      Ramen and sauce be with you.

    • Taylor says:

      It seems like you are more interested in giving a grammar lesson.

      • Drained and Washed Clean says:

        It seems you have no other argument to the points he made, so you just have to go after the grammar lesson. How about saying something about the facts instead of making fun of his intelligence in proper grammar (one who does not hold proper grammar in high esteem is one I consider to be unintelligent).

        • Interested says:

          That’s the point: he hasn’t made any. He has no facts, no statistics, no logical reasoning. Nothing he’s said actually forms the basis of an argument, it’s just a series of insults based on a faulty assumption. If he actually attempted to present a reasonable argument instead just a series of insults based on a misinformed assumption, then I would be compelled to respect his position as viable by presenting an equally reasonable counterargument. As it is, all I can offer are rather half-hearted, equally ridiculous counterpoints that nonetheless somehow manage to be at least a little relevant. Honestly, I’d rather stick with the grammar lesson. But if you want the equally ridiculous counterpoints, then counterpoints you shall have.

          Why should worshipping an Italian cuisine as a deity be considered delusional? You worship mountains or trees or animals and you’re a paganist or a shamanist or a totemist, but worship pasta and you’re delusional? If we can worship the constituents of pasta, why can we not worship pasta itself? It is no less logical or rational, and since all religions are ultimately derived from ancient paganistic/shamanistic/totemic thought, I can see no argument for common sense, which is far more flawed than logic or rational thought could ever be in any case. Just look at how many old wives’ tales have been proven true and how many proven false. Do you still believe that thunder sours milk, or that masturbation causes blindness?

          How are we “completely obsessed with brainwashing”? The definition of brainwashing as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary is: “a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas”. The core concept of Pastafarianism is that your beliefs should not be independent of rational thought. It does not require you to give up any beliefs, basic or otherwise, nor accept any sort of idea except that people should think for themselves and not blindly follow everyone else. There is no dogma. You are not forced to do anything.

          What part of this religion inspires you to say that it’s a religion of hate? Mockery does not necessarily imply hatred, in fact, in some cases it’s more of an fond intimation, even a homage. Just check out ‘Galaxy Quest’, a wonderful little film designed to be an affectionate parody of Star Trek. While I wouldn’t say Pastafarianism was designed as such, it’s hardly meant to be some derisive satire of Christianity as a whole- the progenitor himself said as much.

          I’m not going to touch the ‘evidence’ issue, I’m not going to touch the ‘evidence’ issue…

          I doubt that either Pastafarians or pedophiles generally walk around in “shabby suits”, by which I take you to mean pirate costumes. Where did you get this notion? Nowhere on this site is it stated that Pastafarians are required or even encouraged to adhere to any sort of dress code, let alone a stereotypical pirate one.

          And the Scientologist/”mutated Christian extremist” jab is worth even less of a response than the ‘evidence’ issue, so I won’t even bother with it.

          There you go. Half-hearted arguments for everyone! :D

        • Brian says:

          At least we can prove spaghetti exists. By the way, fundies, that qualifies the existence of pasta as a theory. Not that that was part of any discussion here, I just like to re-affirm what the term “theory” means scientifically every now and then. As long as we’re correcting grammar, we might as well cover all the bases XXXD

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice reference to Albert Einstein. (Or whoever it was, it has also been attributed to Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin, they don’t actually know who it, but the first text appearance was in Narcotics Anonymous in 1981)

  5. Jay says:

    I’ve been looking around on this site and I just figured that I would share some of my thoughts with everyone. I’ve read quite alot of the hate mail here and I have to disagree with what most people are saying. Let me start by saying that I am a Christian, NOT a Roman Catholic, but I won’t specify what exactly. I respect you all for having a belief in something, even if I don’t believe in it. I think everyone needs to believe in something other than what they can physically see and hear. I will admit that I do think the whole idea of a flying spaghetti monster is quite ludicrous, but if it is what you all firmly believe in, then ok then! I noticed that some people mentioned that you made fun of other religions. I have not seen any evidence of this but I’d like to believe that you don’t. I mean, surely this religion partly stands for believing in what YOU believe in and not having to make excuses and explain yourself all the time. It would just seem contradictive if you did poke fun at and ridicule other religions, but like I said, I have not seen you do that. Please members, do not attack me with grammar and vocabulary lessons, as I am only here to express opinions, not to point fingers and offend. I’d appreciate anything anyone had to say.

    • Sky says:

      You are a sensible person. As long as you are nice to us, the FSM will always welcome you with extended appendages :) While I cannot speak for everyone here, most of us respect other’s beliefs. We do need to learn, however, to read hate mail without freaking out =.=

    • Interested says:

      Admittedly I have some problems with grammar issues, but normally I’m able to hold the need to correct people’s English back. Shamefully, I can rarely do so when people are being intolerant. After all, if someone is intolerant of a religion, or a race, or of homosexuality, why should I be tolerant of something as small, comparatively, as grammar? But I feel little need to do as such to you (I assume you’re talking mostly to me? It feels arrogant to assume but I AM the largest post concerning grammar/vocabulary on the page ^^U). You seem like a nice, thoughtful person. I don’t really mind religious people, in fact I love having friendly debates about theology; it’s quite invigorating. It’s when people become irrational and bigoted that I become tired and aggravated enough to poke fun at their English, and through it their pretensions. I suppose it’s my method of relieving frustration without actively scorning someone. I apologize if it appears offensive or even petty, but I suspect it would be a lot more offensive if I actually say what I really, really want to say. I would say it anyway, if I actually meant all of it, but saying things only meant in anger is never a good way to win any sort of argument. But in any case, I digress. Thinking for yourself should never be something that’s bad. :)

      • English Teacher says:

        Interested, I quite agree that the proper use of English; grammar, punctuation and spelling is important. So however is the need to resist the temptation to throw stones whilst inhabiting a glass house. The rules of grammer dictate that ‘hold the need to correct people’s English back’ should be ‘hold back the need to correct people’s English’. Sorry, I love the English language, and I’m English – and a pedant…


        • Interested says:

          Haha, sorry. I didn’t really read through this post before sending it, which, by the way, I usually do. I would’ve caught that if I had.

          Normally, I’m very good at “resist[ing] the temptation to throw stones whilst inhabiting a glass house.” Thing is, you have to remember: he threw the first stones, and I wasn’t the one to throw the next ones, either. If the house isn’t a pile of rubble yet, it must be made of plexiglass. :D

    • wulff says:

      Welcome aboard, Jay. Despite what some trolls would have you believe, most of us are quite willing to openly discuss and debate matters of spirituality whether people agree with our beliefs or not. If you see us trashing someone’s grammar, it is usually a comment on the general level of ignorance of the poster. We have many people posting here whose primary language is not English, and we do try very hard to be encouraging and understanding with anyone who is at least trying.

      Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason you don’t want to reveal which branch of x-tianity you belong to? We welcome all faiths that come here in the spirit of rational discourse.

      • Jay says:

        Thank you for all the positive comments! Wulff: I am currently studying to become a Jehovah’s Witness. I did not specify my religion because I wanted to see the reaction to my comment. But thank you all, and I understand about the grammar; a way to vent your anger withoutbeing too harsh!

        • Sky says:

          Psh. I doubt anybody would have reacted differently while you’re being so polite. And I honestly just don’t like bad grammar :P Venting or no venting.

        • Iohannes Argentum says:

          Jay, you are polite and will always be welcome on this site. Please feel free to discuss your chosen religion versus our Pastafarian central objective: to keep the teaching of Intelligent Design and Creationism out of science classes in public schools.

          I will open this discussion by asking for an explanation of the door-to-door proselytizing by members of the Watchtower Society. I’ve had three unsolicited visits in the last ten days. If nothing else, please tell me how I can politely tell these missionaries that I have no interest in their church, their literature, or debating the merits of their beliefs versus mine (I am a Pastafarian).

          Iohannes Argentum

        • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

          Jay, it’s genuinely good to have an intelligent and conciliatory post for a change, and in consideration of this I will respond in kind. You state in your previous post that you welcome debate and comment but I have a question if I may. Before I continue, I want to assure you that it is a genuine question and in no way intended to infer any hypocrisy on you. You state, and I quote ‘I respect you all for having a belief in something, even if I don’t believe in it’ and the timbre of your post supports my belief that you are sincere about it, but this creates something of a paradox when aligned with your religious beliefs. When you ‘qualify’ as a JW you will almost certainly be expected to go door to door selling your beliefs to others, to me it would seem the main tenet of that action, to convert others with different beliefs to your own, is at odds with that statement. My question is Jay, how do you reconcile those two very different views, how will you maintain your respect for a different view whilst attempting to change it?
          I look forward to your response, many thanks.

          May the sauce be with us all.

          The Reverend.

    • stylusmobilus says:

      Jay, your grammar is fine.

      The visitors I get from your church, while often narrow minded in their opinions especially in regards to other faiths, are very polite and informative, always willing to answer questions to the best of their ability. I understand it is part of your churchs’ doctrine and while it is not an approach I would take, it is one I can live with.

      The biggest question I have for the Jehovah’s Witnesses is why there seems to be, unlike other church organistaions like SVDP and Anglicare, very little assistance for the disadvantaged on a local scale. Plenty of glossy brochures and photos of staged stuff in African villages or the like, but I’ve never known JW’s to provide things like food banks, clothing op shops etc. The Mormons are the same…

      For organisations that press themselves onto people by home visitation and charge their followers a fee to be part of the church ( I also cite Seventh Day Adventism here) very little seems to be done to return to the communities that support them so well. I encourage you to put to your church that they offer more help to disadvantaged and poor people in their local area.

      • Jay says:

        Woah, alot of comments which I will be more than happy to answer! I just wanted to point out that I am 17, female, and only studying to become a JW, I’m still a good while away from being baptised so I do not know everything, but if I can’t answer your questions, I will try and find them out!
        Iohannes Argentum; I’ll answer your question first. I’m glad you asked as so many people are misinformed as to why we knock on the doors. The simplest way of explaining it to you (and also for my understanding), is if you remember the bible story of Noah’s Ark? Jehovah told Noah that there would be a flood and that all the unrighteous people would be wiped from the Earth. After building the Ark, Noah went around and told people of Jehovah’s prophecy because of the state the world was in and gave them a chance to go with him on the ark and to believe in Jehovah. That is exactly what the JW nowadays are doing. We want EVERYONE to have a chance of everlasting life. We want people to join what we believe is the true religion. It also says in the bible that that the end will come when every last corner of the earth has been preached to and everyone has been given a chance. /// Usually if you politely refuse the magazines then they will not bother you again. But if not, just tell them politely that you have no interest and they would be wasting their time coming to your house. They should not knock on your door again.
        The Reverend Toni Rigatoni ; That is a very fair question. I’ll say honestly that I found it hard to understand your question as I am only 17, but I will answer the best I can. Basically what I meant was, many people I meet dismiss religion altogether. They believe in absolutely nothing and I find it so frustrating. Even though you may not agree with my religion, I respect you for having a strong belief in your religion. It is so much harder to preach to or even talk to a person that refuses to believe in any kind of religion. Truthfully, my belief on this matter is probably not that of many other JW, but as I am still studying, I find my old beliefs come true with my new ones, which is, of course, very contradicting. I guess as I learn more about my religion,my opinion may change and I may understand things more clearly. But as for right now, I respect you all.
        Stylusmobilus ; Very good question. First of all I would just like to point out that there is no fee whatsoever to become a JW. There is the option of giving money voluntarily to help the organisation, but otherwise, you are asked for no money at all. Secondly, all our money goes to help build more congragations, pay wages of the pioneers and to pay bills. I honestly do not know if my congregation gives any money to the local community. Honestly, I do not think so. Our main belief is that we are to be no part of the world. I know that sounds horrible, but we also believe that only Jehovah can help. He will wipe out suffering in the end. Giving money is only a temporary solution and will not wipe out suffering. As I stated earlier, I do not know 100% but I will find out for you!
        Thank you all. I hope I answered your questions.

        • wulff says:

          “We want EVERYONE to have a chance of everlasting life.” – I’ve heard this said many times from other JWs. These same people have told me that only 144,000 will be saved. Given that the population of the Earth at this time is well over 6,000,000,000, how do you reconcile these thoughts? Presumably some of the billions who have died throughout the ages are already in, but how many? I’ve also been told that the 144,000 is just the number to get into heaven, and all the rest of the faithful will stay here but never die.

          I’m not trying to be argumentative here. These are questions about your faith that I do not have answers to, and the ones who gave me this (possible false) information were unwilling to discuss them with me, so any information you can provide would be appreciated.

        • stylusmobilus says:

          Thanks Jay.

          Yes, I have to say it does disappoint me to hear that on the basis that JW’s are to be no part of the world they will njot help those in need in it.

          Jay, you are a part of this world, despite your desires and beliefs. To tell a person in need that, sorry we won’t help you, go home and pray because only Jehovah can, I find cruel and condescending in the highest manner. Giving money might only be a temporary solution as you say, but a belief in Jehovah does not fill an empty stomach nor clothe a kid for school.

          It doesn’t only sound horrible, but I’m sorry, it is horrible. I look at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses here, a big, flashy building that must have cost hundreds of thousands to build, and I think, if SVDP or the Salvos can do these things why can’t you?

          I’m sorry Jay, but to hear that only deepens my contempt for the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I would say it is time to get down from your holier than thou perch, and again, look at the world you claim not to be a part of. Your religion has no problem claiming the benefits of that world. You are not above the rest of us. And Jehovah, in my view has done nothing other than to encourage misery and suffering in the world.

          Very, very disappointing.

        • Iohannes Argentum says:

          Hi Jay,

          Thank you for responding to my query. I indicated that I am a Pastafarian, but by now you must have realized that practically none of us here believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a god. Most of us do not accept the idea that God (with a capital letter) exists, or at least we find no evidence to demonstrate His existence. You said that you find it frustrating that some people have no religion. I can understand that.

          Here’s my idea of respecting other people’s religion or lack of religion. I respect your right to believe as you see fit. In return, I ask that others respect my right to not be religious. As part of mutual respect, I will not attempt to convert you to my way of thinking. In return I expect to not be subjected to well meaning, but unwelcome missionary efforts.

          In this kind of mutual respect, there need be no intention on either side to respect the actual beliefs or opinions of others. The great harm done to humanity over the ages has occurred when people of one belief attempt to enforce it on others. Think of the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the violent current struggle between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and England. Think of the terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims around the world today.

          Based on your reference to Noah and the Ark, I assume that you interpret the Old Testament very literally. The primary purpose of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is to show by ridiculous example why creationism and intelligent design should not be taught in science classes in public schools. How do you react to this goal?

          Thanks for responding. I look forward to more of your posts.

          Iohannes Argentum

        • TiltedHorizon says:

          Welcome Jay. I think I’ll echo everyone’s sentiments and state how great it is to have such an eloquent poster come here and politely represent their faith.

          Kudos to you Jay.

          As a side, I’d also ask you some questions but since you have a fair amount pending I won’t add to them.

    • Brian says:

      I just wanted to point out one thing: you said “I think everyone needs to believe in something other than what they can physically see and hear.” We should all remember that a need for one is not necessarily a need for another. Be free to follow your mind and leave others free to do the same.

      • Jay says:

        Wulff; You have the right information, it’s just not fully explained to you. The 144,000 are made up of people who went above and beyond, and will rule over the the paradise Earth with Jesus and this is known as the Kingdom. Many people who have died through the years are also part of this 144,00, it is not just of the people alive today. I hope that answered your question!!
        Stylusmobilus; If that is the way you feel, then that is your decision. But I do not agree with what you are saying. However,I will not continue on as I do not want an argument. I do have ALOT to say about your comment, but I think my efforts would fall on deaf ears. I’m sorry you feel that way. If you do want more answers, feel free to ask! (:
        Iohannes Argentum; I understand what you mean, but I do not agree with when you said; ‘In this kind of mutual respect, there need be no intention on either side to respect the actual beliefs or opinions of others.’ I will always respect anyone’s beliefs, I would never disrespect anyone! Even if I don’t believe in it. Also, I will respect your wishes and not preach at all to you. But I will inform. That’s all. You also said, ‘The primary purpose of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is to show by ridiculous example why creationism and intelligent design should not be taught in science classes in public schools’. Would you mind explaining that to me in more detail and then I can answer your question please? Thank you!
        TiltedHorizon; Thank you very much! Please feel free to ask me anything! I don’t mind.

        I hope I answered all your questions!
        Thanks, Jay.

        • Jay says:

          ** I also forgot to mention; Sorry about the long delays between replies. I live in Ireland and there’s a long time distance!

        • Iohannes Argentum says:

          Hi Jay,

          Thanks for your response. I think we are having a problem with semantics. The first definition of RESPECT according to my dictionary is “to feel honor or esteem.” While we agree that courtesy does not allow demeaning the beliefs or thoughts of another courteous person, RESPECT does not include acceptance that the beliefs or thoughts are equally true. I know that your kind nature will never allow you to tell me that I’m just another atheist bound for an eternity of fire and brimstone in hell (I don’t know, do JW’s believe in hell?). But I certainly would not expect you to think my thoughts on religion are equal to yours. The thing that is equal is your right and mine to choose to be religious or not as we see fit. That right, I can RESPECT.

          Now I’ll move on to your question about the teaching of creationism or intelligent design in science classes in public schools (and here in America public schools are those paid for by taxing the public). There was and still is pressure from fundamentalist Christians in America to include teaching Biblical creation and God’s intelligent guidance in the development of life. Fundamentalist Christians believe that every word in the Bible is literally true. This includes the creation of the universe, all life on earth, and the great flood as described in Genesis.

          Such teaching is supposed to provide an alternate description of the origin of the species in contrast to the teaching of evolution. Evolution is presented in biology classes as a well-supported theory for the observed diversity of life and the fossil evidence of earlier forms of life. Here, do not confuse the popular meaning of “theory” with the scientific meaning. A theory is not just wild speculation about what might be the truth. There must be evidence.

          The past and present religions of the world all have stories of creation. Here on the northwest coast of North American, the Native Americans believed that Raven was a deity who freed man and woman from a large clamshell and brought light to the Indian people. Should that be taught in a biology class as an alternate explanation for our existence? Of course not, you will freely say, that is just a myth.

          And it is a myth, just like the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But Bobby Henderson our “Prophet” took the stance that if people are going to insist that Biblical stories of creation be taught in science classes, then the story of creation by the Flying Spaghetti Monster that he invented should also be included.

          Now here is the part where I am not showing disrespect for your religion, but explaining why we feel as we do. Many of us are Bible scholars, and at one time we were connected to an organized religion. We find too many contradictions and unbelievable events recorded in the Old Testament. The geological and fossil records do not support many of the stories in the OT. There are problems with the New Testament, but not as great as those we find in the OT.

          Hence, we seek to stop the teaching of material we disagree with in public schools. Furthermore, there is in our American Constitution the First Amendment that prohibits our government from being involved in religion. Often called the “separation of church and state,” it is a wise law and its interpretation by most courts has ruled the teaching of creationism or intelligent design unconstitutional. The religious should always bear in mind that the constitution protects their right to worship or not worship as they see fit.

          Surely there is time in churches and homes to teach religious beliefs as individuals think proper.

          I’m sorry, this got rather long. I hope this answers your questions about the goal of our “church.”


  6. Jay says:

    Well thank you Sky for not freaking out at me. I do not agree with the people who deliberately come on here just to start a fight. I like to discuss things :)

  7. Beatrice says:

    You are an infidel and you will pay for your bad words: no more pasta for Pizbi!

    (you are lucky! Pastafarians don’t kill anyone in the name of their god)

  8. Brian says:

    You misspelled pastaphilia. We understand it’s hard to write when being chased by a naked priest and an aroused Jimmy Swaggart

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