it amazes me how delusional you guys are

Published March 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I saw your site and it just amazes me how delusional you guys are, you are trying to create a delusion around the world. A sick joke gone wrong really, its really sad that you are so completely obsessed with brainwashing that you try to pass of a Italian cuisine for a deity of some sort. This whole religion is of hate and defies all logic, rational thought, and it shatters common sense completely. You’re lousy evidence doesn’t cut it either how can you say fire works and noodles are evidence for your delusion? and its not even slightly sane that you walk around like a bunch of pedophiles in those shabby suits of yours. I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian.


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  1. Jake says:

    So, let me get this straight.
    You worship some guy in the sky, but since we’ve looked there, you call him invisible?
    Oh, and you think that he created the universe, but most likely deny that the really old books which define the invisible man in the sky are correct when they talk about how he created the universe, unless you’re a Creationist, a group that believes that the really old books are correct on the issue of the creation of the entire universe, even though it defies commonly held scientific belief?
    Oh, and this man in the sky had a kid (who wasn’t invisible) and he died to save everyone from some sort of curse (Original Sin) which happened when the first two human beings (part of the story in the really old books) ate some fruit?
    Oh, and you believe the really old books which some awful stuff about people (says some terrible stuff about homosexuals), despite the whole “be nice to people” emphasized in your old books?
    You believe in a floating invisible man who is “all around us” who said some contradictory stuff and had a kid who saved the world from a horrible curse put on us by the invisible man when the two first people ate some fruit which would make it so that we didn’t always to get to meet this floating invisible guy when we die.

    And you think it’s weird that we worship the One True Flying Spaghetti Monster, our Lord, our God?

    If that isn’t delusional, I don’t know what is.

    • Brennana says:

      RAmen Jake, RAmen

  2. Wesley says:

    “Judge not thy neighbor” (or whatever the hell it is) Does that ring a bell Christian hate mailers?

  3. Naida Lorenzano says:

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  4. Ross Durio says:

    I like very much that movie you’re talking in the story

  5. Jaimie Altsisi says:

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  6. Michael says:

    » how can you say fire works and noodles are evidence?
    Oh, Pizby! Of course such things can only be said honestly and whole-heartedly, because few things can be more inspiring than fireworks and more cute than noodles. We also sometimes mention the Crab Nebula, because few things can be grander.

    Yet we say evidence for FSM is more observable and obvious, because He wants SIMPLY to inspire us, not to make us eternally question and look and, even worse, invent such evidence.

    I see pasta occasionally, and these happy moments are really inspiring, followed by the delicious dinner. Some people wear religious symbols all the time, I don’t understand it. It seems like observing the sunrise or sunset forever: for me, after several minutes the sunset is no more exciting, no one can be inspired by it if it’s there all the time. It’s also true for fireworks. Crab Nebula is the other case: if we people won’t care enough as to keep the air clean, we’ll soon be unable to see Crab Nebula at night altogether. FSM was so clairvoyant not to miss all these ideas when he decided to enlight humans with the recipes for spaghetti and fireworks and creating Crab Nebula 1000 years ago in His image!

    » I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian
    Human Genome project staff member?

  7. tweed says:

    To be honest mate this is real there is no fact to prove that the F.S.M isent real as is the same with any religeon created by the human race no one can prove its real and no one can prove its fake get over it mate this is a religeon like any other

  8. 6ball says:

    » I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian

    Geez Pizby, that sure seems harsh.
    Do you have any other eugenics theories??

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