it amazes me how delusional you guys are

Published March 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I saw your site and it just amazes me how delusional you guys are, you are trying to create a delusion around the world. A sick joke gone wrong really, its really sad that you are so completely obsessed with brainwashing that you try to pass of a Italian cuisine for a deity of some sort. This whole religion is of hate and defies all logic, rational thought, and it shatters common sense completely. You’re lousy evidence doesn’t cut it either how can you say fire works and noodles are evidence for your delusion? and its not even slightly sane that you walk around like a bunch of pedophiles in those shabby suits of yours. I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian.


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  1. gordon_uk says:

    Q: Pizbi, is he

    • Fake
    • Stupid
    • Both

    A: Both

    • Brennana says:

      Idk wat the person who disliked this was thinkin.

      [You will see he will dislike me]

  2. bob says:

    You know, I’ll bet all the money in my wallet that all the polytheists in the ancient world had a similar reaction as Pizbi here when the Hebrews starting preaching about there being only one god, “so your telling me that the oceans, lightning, harvests, and love are all controlled by One old man in the sky?! That defies all common sense you’re an idiot just trying to trick me.”
    Besides, you want to talk about hate and lack of reason, read the Bible, there are tens of thousands of deaths/murders recorded even of relative innocents as well as 100s of contradictions (more if you include the Apocrypha). there’s no need to get so worked up about Pastafarianism, it’s not meant to be uber serious. and if you can’t take a joke or learn to tolerate different view point, then this human existence is going to be very hard for you and the world will be poorer for your lack of reason.

    • Brennana says:

      Again, RAmen

  3. Noodly says:

    Our biggest delusion is to think that everyone has some sense of humor, and would therefore see that we are not all that delusional.

  4. tekhedd says:

    If this guy was religious, it would be ironic and therefore funny. But he isn’t, and it’s not.

    People, if you’re going to make fake hate mail, at least try to make it fun.

  5. SouleSlayere says:

    I think somone got the point. You’re right, this is stupid. We’re just sitting here, telling you that this idea of a religion is real, and that there exists a divine being that created everything, and that all evidence against it was planted my him. All that really is stupid, and I think that’s precisly why we’re doing it. What a lot of people don’t realise is that this is more closly related to Christianity that they realise, and furthermore, it’s immpossible.

    • Brennana says:

      So closely related to Christianity that Pizbi was in a emo rage, as i said before, and as he was bleedin, he typed away tryin 2 hate while still in pain. We’ve retailated Pizbi. Not funny.

      For His Noodlyness,

  6. Dave says:

    Hahaha “An italian cuisine” So… eating the blood and body of Christ isn’t considered a cuisine?

    • Mike says:

      The last time I went to a zion service, I declined to go up for communion, but asked quietly if they wanted some cheese with their christ. Dirty, spiteful looks ensued.

      • Brennana says:

        Advice, take it or leav it, dont hate it: Ignore their hate, but if someone asks why, then explain why.

  7. Metal Head says:


    Oh wait, I thought I was a xtian for a minute; that’s what happens when I post drunk.

    • Brennana says:

      Or in a emo rage. No disrespect.

  8. Eddie Haskell says:

    “I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian.”

    I agree! With parents like that they’d be well-trained in how to avoid all those other religions and their evil ways…

    • Brennana says:

      The person who disliked this, has a Scientolpgist and a Christian for parents. And they didn’t take this as a “Your mom” joke.

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