it amazes me how delusional you guys are

Published March 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I saw your site and it just amazes me how delusional you guys are, you are trying to create a delusion around the world. A sick joke gone wrong really, its really sad that you are so completely obsessed with brainwashing that you try to pass of a Italian cuisine for a deity of some sort. This whole religion is of hate and defies all logic, rational thought, and it shatters common sense completely. You’re lousy evidence doesn’t cut it either how can you say fire works and noodles are evidence for your delusion? and its not even slightly sane that you walk around like a bunch of pedophiles in those shabby suits of yours. I bet if a Scientologist and a mutated Christian extremist had sex, the offspring would be a Pastafarian.


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  1. Randy says:

    “in those shabby suits of yours”

    Did anyone get a shabby suit? Are they issued or do I have to buy one myself?

    • Keith says:

      I do have a shabby suit. It is torn and dirty and it has Dalek lettering stencilled on it, so it isn’t suitable for Pastafarian activities.

    • Rev. Wulff says:

      You have to provide your own, but they are quite cheap at your local thrift store.

    • Steven Mynatt says:

      Don’t tell anyone Randy, But the reformed Church of the FSM gives out Shabby underwear and condoms ,, So we can all dress uniformly ,,, Didn’t get a shabby suit however, must be an Orthodox FSM thing.

  2. Shannon says:

    So if a deluded person that believes in sky aliens and a deluded person that believes in sky humans had a kid, the offspring would be an atheist with a sense of humor?

  3. T says:

    Pasta was not originated in Italy.


    • MinnesotaPastafarian says:

      Thank you, T. As most well informed pasta eaters (and worshipers) well know, pasta/spaghetti originated in China.

  4. RAlph says:

    Surely religious ‘extremists’ are just true believers ? If there is a God then you would believe every word of his holy book ! Wishy washy, cupcake eating, cherry pickers are not true believers at all. Unlike Pastifarians of course who can believe whatever they like, having first been touched by his noodly appendage ! RAmen

  5. TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    “You walk around like a bunch of pedophiles”. OK, I give. How does a pedophile walk?

    • Apprentice Frederic says:

      He walks slowly and gravely – as in Church processions – swinging the thurible from side to side on its chains, so that the incense permeates everything with the odor of sanctity…..

      • TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        A “thurible”, eh? I like Frank Zappa’s “incense stencher” better.

        • Apprentice Frederic says:

          Consistent with “stench of sanctity”, you must be right, LOL. R’Amen….

  6. Cory Klinge says:

    Who’s delusional?? I understand perfectly that the noodly creator, Flying Spaghetti Monster, created the universe after a night of hard & heavy drinking and that the flawed nature of existence is simply due to his high level of intoxication at the time.
    May you be touched by his noodly appendage. R’amen

  7. martin says:

    Yes and your religion is nothing like pastafarianism. Your not like us at all what with the believing in a invisable unprovably entity that created everything we know as reality

    • Steph says:

      nailed it.

  8. Trillan says:

    Don’t all religions defy all logic?

    • Keith says:

      Yes but the COFSM defies logic deliciously.

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