Trauma sighting (the TV show)

Published February 9th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Edgar spotted the FSM in Episode 17 of Trauma. 

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  1. Brian Fritzen says:

    Awesome! That is perfect! And thus the Flying Spaghetti Monster (pesto be unto Him) hath revealed himself to the masses. Woe to those who continue to reject his noodliness!

    Sauce be With us All

  2. Duke Airanda Tension says:

    All hail the FSM, who’s noodily goodness knows no bounds.
    RAmen my brothers and sisters in pasta.

  3. Jack says:

    It’s amazing that:
    1. His Noodlyness has spread to the mass media
    2.That someone could actually spot that, I probably would have missed it.

    • Randy says:

      While it would be logical to you and I for Him to present His Noodlyness in a larger, more direct manner, it is “His will” that He chooses to work in “mysterious ways”.

  4. JamesL says:

    How good is trauma? Never watched it.

    In other news, Americone Dream is the best flavor of Ben and Jerrys. Seriously. Stephen Colbert aside.

  5. noodlyjames says:

    Asking if someone is retarded as theirs is a nutritionally based religion seems a bit silly considering the alternatives.

    The posts bring up a fun little argument in the form of Occam’s razor. I never tire of this one as it shows that whoever USED it doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about. The razor is a guiding principle. Nothing more. To often this is misinterpreted as “the simplest solution is the best” which is not true. Or perhaps someone thinks quantum mechanics is just intuitive simplicity and the ancient Mayans knew all about it?

    Making a short discussion out of a long one. In the philosophy of religion Occam’s razor is applied to the very existence of god. If a process can be adequately explained without a god then no god is necessary and should be cut out. Obviously this is huge topic however the conclusion can be stated succinctly.

    1. There is nothing “simpler” about any explanation which requires the presence of an eternal, omniscient, omnipotent and yet completely undetectable extra-dimensional humanoid entity.
    2. who requires the use of miracles (magic) to intervene in this dimension
    3. and who has an actual interest in humanity manifested by eternal torture.

    The “universal” laws of physics and chemistry explain everything just fine. And before an attempt is made to use the Sharpshooter fallacy as a defense; it isn’t.

  6. noodlyjames says:

    And may the noodly one bequeath unto all eternal oregano and garlic. Add Parmesan to taste. Whose noodly appendages are appropriately firm when in hand and flaccid in boiling water.


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    • ass says:

      Every1 does *shrug*

  8. Elena Pridemore says:

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