A Mountain, a Midget and a Tree

Published February 22nd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

young talent

Hi there.

My name is Robert, I’m 12 and I am a devout Pastafarian. I’ve created a piece of art detailing the first moments of creation. I’d be honored if you posted this on your wonderful website. Here it is, I hope you like it.

Very nice! I particularly like the FSM’s eyes – you captured His intense concentration at that crucial moment.

33 Responses to “A Mountain, a Midget and a Tree”

  1. Joozd says:

    I particularly like how the midget is holding a beer, without that being mentioned in the text that came with it. That must have been divine subcontious inspiration!

  2. Clifsta says:


    Not done by a 12 year old… The text and it’s grammar following this pic are conclusive of this…. but you still managing to BS so what ever… Just think it’s worth a laugh..

    • Robert P says:

      Correct! I’m 13 now. :/ Seriously, I was 12 when I made this and when it was published. Out of curiosity: Why do you think I wasn’t? Some 12 year olds have good grammar you know. Why would I pretend/ “BS” that I was 12 years old if I wasn’t? I’m good at doing art on paint too. Is it really that hard to take my word for it?

      • Reverend Captain Mal says:

        Pay no attention to the heretic. You were obviously divinely inspired.

        Keep up the great work.

  3. Joshua says:

    That’s an awesome drawing man keep it up upload more if you have made or will make more :) i love these drawings

  4. Simon H. says:

    Good job! As converting to pastafarianism 1 and 2/3 minutes ago, this is really good!

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