Noodly Ski Hat

Published February 12th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson


Steve sent us a picture of his new ski hat. I love it.

*Update*  Steve wrote instructions so you can make your own.


Instructions to make your own Noodly Ski Hat:

It’s easier than you might think – here’s a list of what you need:


  • Woolly hat, preferably a dark color. (I think mine was polyester rather than wool, see the comment on the letters below)
  • Noodly appendages. Two 12-packs of "chenille stems". Mine were 12 inches long, 15mm diameter.
  • Eyestalks. Chenille rope. This came as a long length, larger diameter than the stems. Cut to length.
  • Eyes. Come in packets of various sizes, mine were 1/2in diameter.
  • Meatballs. Brown colored pom-poms. Approx 3in diameter.
  • (optional) Meat sauce. One ball of red-brown "marinara" colored yarn or wool.
  • (optional) Iron-on fabric letters. Mine were 3/4in tall.
  • Rubber cement.
  • Needle and thread.

Most of the above should be available at your local craft store, I picked up mine at Hobby Lobby.

Construction (refer to the photo)

Eyestalks. Start by making the spiral at one end (the spiral provides a base to stick on the eyes). Then create the rest of the flat "U" shape and finish up with another spiral. Cut off any excess (see diagram). The wire in the material allows the eyestalks to stand upright and be pointed in any direction.


Attach the eyeballs with rubber cement. I put two at each end of the stalks, one on each side – his noodliness is all-seeing! Lay a book or two on top to clamp it down while the glue sets.

Attach meatballs and eyestalks. Lay the flat bottom part of the eyestalk assembly across the top of the hat. Take your needle and thread and attach the meatballs to the hat, while at the same time holding the eyestalks in place.

Add noodles! Poke the noodles into the hat from the outside. When halfway in, loop the noodle back on the inside and poke it back out, half an inch or so to the side of where it went in. Poke the noodles in all around the hat, but close to the meatball/eyestalk combination, i.e near the top of the hat. At the end of each noodle fold it back on itself for the last quarter inch or so to prevent any sharpness from the end of the wire injuring those being touched by his noodly appendage (see diagram). The wire in the chenille stems means they will keep their shape and they can be arranged to your satisfaction, or left to the rigors of normal wear.


Add sustenance. While being anointed by his noodly presence it is only right to provide him sustenance. Loosely wrap the yarn around the hat multiple times (I think we did 30-40 wraps), and secure it loosely in place at four points around the hat with needle and thread.

Add letters. I turned up the bottom inch and a half of the hat brim and ironed on the letters. The instructions called for a hot iron but this will melt, or seriously flatten, polyester fibers in the hat itself. Experiment with lower temperatures that still allow the letters to adhere, if you have a polyester hat. Once again I added letters both front and back so that all could revel in his noodliness.

Feel free to experiment with the ingredients and construction, depending on personal preference and availability. My thanks go to Sue for her help with all aspects of construction that involved needle and thread!


You can download Steve’s instructions as a PDF here:



Thanks, Steve!

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  1. Tom Sellier says:

    I imagine the most important part of making your very own “Noodly Ski Hat” is the “tightly wound” part. Ironic that the eye part has to be tightly wound. O:)
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    An example in Christianity would be the constant condemnation of homosexuals wanting the right to be married. At the same time, even with preachers, the divorce rate is about equal to the unsaved.
    Porn is a huge problem in the church community, even among preachers. So the point about true Christianity is nobody is perfect. God clearly did not come to save a perfect people, otherwise then, why would He need to save anyone. And even after a person is saved, we all mess up. Sometimes very badly. But the key is forgiveness. And not the, “I forgive you but…” kind of forgiveness. But true forgiveness. That is what the Lord Jesus brought and what is taught in real churches across the world.
    The problem with what you folks do is not have fun, but you obfuscate that truth by not knowing the difference between the real and the fake. Paul said, “For I determined to know nothing else among you but Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” A death happened in the world a couple thousand years ago and everyone will be judged on how they responded after hearing of that death. Everything else is foolishness. I believe God has a great sense of humor. But if His is offended by you or false religion, or me, He is big enough to deal with us on a one on one basis. I believe it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of God if one harms His true children.

  2. Twyla Sysak says:

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