Kiva 500k

Published February 16th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Congratulations and thanks everyone, Kiva Team FSM passed $500k in contributions!

The counter above is live, you can post it on your site with this code and it will show our team’s total amount loaned:

<a href="http://kiva.org/team/fsm?default_team=fsm">
<img src="http://venganza.org/kiva/generated1.png" /></a>

Please join our team if you haven’t already – Kiva is an amazing organization.

Update Let’s brainstorm for our next fundraising goal. Some ideas:

* Average of 10 loans per member (we’re currently at 7.7)

* Get our team on the first page on the community listings. This would mean hitting a Total Amount Loaned amount of > $650k

* Get our team to first place in the Religious Congregations category. Our team is in second place. In first place are the Kiva Baha’is, a very charitable group – they have only 190 members but have raised more than $650k – amazing.

9 Responses to “Kiva 500k”

  1. JamesL says:

    Bobby, that’s impressive, but it’ll never be a real religion unless you’re “charity” is posting giant billboards, building a bigger church, and stealing and laundering the money to spend on coke and hookers!

  2. piratesmee says:

    Just joined and made a small first loan; looks like a great program.

  3. Dr. Astronomer says:

    I just made my first loan and eagerly awaiting the repayment to loan again. Great program. But! We’ve fallen to 3rd in funds donated this month in the religious category! Surely we can do better. (And everyone else not called Shirley.)


  4. Alice says:


  5. Vinz says:

    It is not a surprise that the Bahais are number one; as part of their religion, they have to mandadory donate to charity (it is called god’s share or huquq allah) a fixed percentage of their spare money. by donating via Kiva, thay might try to bypass this religious rule, as it is not really a donation, but a loan. Obviously their prophet and his offfspring who took over the family business (lots of pesto be upon them) were not informed about web based microlending when writing their religious manual…

  6. Maurog says:

    As a Capitalist (Laissez-faire) in addition to being a devout Pastafarian, I am against most forms of charity, since money makes things grow, and just giving money to the poor enlarges the niche of poorness instead of helping to shrink it. But Kiva, by loaning money to small businesses, strengthens the businesses and the economy in general, which I see as a very positive thing.

    So yeah, I’m doing my part and you should too! Let’s push this towards a million!

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  8. Doretha Corraro says:

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