Are you a retard?

Published February 3rd, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

I saw your retarded website and asked myself "why?" but then, there are a lot of crackheads in the world, and you seem to be one of the more insane ones. That is a joke website, right? Can you honestly tell yourself that you truly believe in this load of shit? Pasta is an inanimate food object. It cannot fly. It does not have eyes. It never was and never will be alive and breathing. For your own health, I ask you to stop whatever the hell you’re smoking.


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  1. Everybody loves Ramen says:

    If god is an unkown, all might whatever that created the universe, whos to say hes not a fsm, there really is no scientific evidence against that, is there?

  2. Kid Northcote says:

    An insane crackhead with a retarded website? Wow. I’d of thought crack addiction led to lethargy and a distinct lack of personal ambition – albeit aside from the fulfillment of the next hit driving the subject as motivation. Although, I’m no expert. In my experiance, websites are difficult to maintain at the best of times, so I remain very impressed that this was accomplished under the duress of addiction to hardcore drug such as crack. I tip my hat in your general, freebase binging direction.

    p.s. I’ve seen a unicorn fly with my own eyes, not far from Canberra in Australia is a reserve for Unicorns, but I BELIEVE in flying pasta. That is what is known as “Faith”.

  3. Pickle says:


  4. Carlos Solanes says:

    SO…. why is he against THIS website instead of fighting against pornography, racism, child molestors, etc.???

    I love this site, i’m thinking about converting to pastafarian…

  5. Keith says:

    Perhaps he is part of the problem rather than the solution.

  6. GOD CAN SUCK MY DICK. says:

    GO fuck yourself, you think gods real? You ever seen him?… no, didnt think so. GOD WILL FALL AND THE DEVIL WILL RISE ONCE AGAIN. And ill make sure the FSM comes and eats your mother fucking family and all your friends. People say that god talks to them, theyre the ones on drugs not us. SO GOODFIGHT BITCHES, see you in hell when im sitting next to satan watching you burn.

    • Mal says:

      0_0 u mad?

      • Louis says:

        He has a point though, i belive in what i see, so does he. I done belive in god because i have never seen him heard him or anything.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Well….. god ‘can’ do anything, I guess ‘that’ is within god’s ability. Personally, I would has asked for ‘world peace’ or maybe a Philly Cheese Steak Hero (kinda hungry at the moment) but oral is good too. To each their own….

      • Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

        get god, tell him to meet me at cloud 34 in heaven, lets war this out. NOODLES ALWAYS WIN.

        • God says:

          Okay, cloud 34 it is, i am a sage, full of energy and spirit, lets fight, this is the last time spaghetti man.

    • PastaBob says:

      Please Mr. Suck my Dick. His Holiness -Founder of the Pastafarians- The Flying Spaghetti Monster- May Sauce be Upon Him- is the manifestation of Peace. He will not eat your family or send them the hell. indeed the Holy One will will bring benificient blessings upon you and your family so long as you take the sacrament and suck his meatballs on a daily basis. Go forth and suck them- and blessings will come upon Uranus and twat. Peace Bro.

  7. Louis says:

    although i do think hes on crack… lol

  8. Alah says:

    Dont start the war without me bitch, im on my way with my 72 virgins, lets do dis shit.

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