Tempted By Another

Published January 6th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Tempted By Another

While eating a bag of pretzles at my mother in law’s installment as rector of an Episcopal church in New Hampshire l, I came across This visage of his Noodley Goodness! I knew for sure that he was watching over me as I was being tempted by another!

–Tom Petzwinkler, Washington, DC

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  1. kiyaroru says:

    What is up with the people in the background?
    Is the old guy wear checked trousers or is that a blanket?
    What is she drinking? 2 litres of cola or 2 litres of plonk?

  2. fun wedding cake toppers says:

    Keep functioning ,terrific job!

  3. Mark S says:

    I was at first skeptical. But after reading about FSMism, and getting a basic understanding of Quantum Physics, it all makes sense. String theory: everything is made of tiny stringlike basics, how else would the Flying Spaghetti Monster create our unvierse? It has been nothing short of an Epiphany. Thank you.

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