I hope you pay for your actions

Published January 17th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Wow, what a scam you have used to set yourself up with money and Im guessing fame and all the stupid bimbos and other trappings it all brings. Just remember, since there is no god or religion there is nothing wrong with killing some low life, "educated" or not (or any other act). As an exemplar of life without a God, there is nothing keeping people from acting out against others in any capacity other than the relatively obscure chance of being caught. I personally believe in God. I like to think that I am held responsible at a higher level than what man does. I do like to think there’s more. I hope you pay for your actions sooner or later in life. I’m sure you will at some point. A Morally concerned man.


I’ve become conflicted about posting hate-mails. I think there are assumptions that the Church of FSM receives hundreds of hate-mails and that most of the mail from Christians is negative. Neither of those things are true. Hate-mails are not common, and the majority of Christians who email understand our purpose is not to mock them. Most Christians who I’ve talked to see problems with organized religion and the abuses and fraud that get tied up with faith and power.

But what I hear over and over is that they feel turned away by our reactions to hate mail. They feel too many of us believe they are stupid for being religious. Even if a few of us do, I hope the Church of FSM never turns into a venue for those opinions. That’s not what this is about.

For the most part I think we do a good job of turning down the volume on our most extreme voices, and I think that’s a healthy thing. Just as Christians have a few members who will be riled enough to write nasty letters to us, there will be a few of us riled enough to respond in kind. But the majority of us are reasonable and rational.

I hope we find a way to encourage more rational religious to venture over here, and that we find a way to keep them. The Church of FSM is open to all – and that includes those who believe in another God besides the Almighty FSM.

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  1. some one says:


    Strange, pastafarianism is almost like your religion (probably christian*) where they want donations every time you go to church. Let me ask you, do you know where the money is going? Sure they say something but, there is a such thing as lies. Sure you tell me tell me that your god condems lying but, how do we know if there isn’t a inside secret someone made and that god is just a brainwashing scam. I am now finished with the disproving of the first part of your statement. You also speak of killing as a bad thing. But without your supernatural deity called “god” to define killing as bad. Killing would be normal everyday life. In fact if some other religion was the main religion and it supported killing than killing would be for “god” and therefore good.

    From: Some One

    *Most english speakers are christian and your language appears to be engilsh. Plus Joseph is in the bible as a person.

    • Keith says:

      I seem to remember the Thugees killed as a result of their worship of Kali. They must have been convinced that killing was good, although I don’t know if they were particularly selective about it.

  2. Ashok says:

    In fact believe in presence of God has more incentive to commit crimes because Jesus is there to save you if you accept him as your savior, no matter how many kids you molested.

  3. Mike says:

    So, what you are saying is that the ONLY THING keeping you from mass murder is the *chance* that you will be punished by a god? And you call yourself morally concerned. It sounds to me like you have no moral at all. If you asked me, you are certifiably insane. -A TRUE Morally Concerned Man.

  4. Brad says:

    If I ate angel hair pasta, would I be considered an apastate (sic, really sic)?

  5. Brad says:

    The picture made you look like you were under a strain.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Imagine this: A man suddenly appears before you. He presents himself as God the almighty and proves this by doing anything you can come up with that might challenge his claims. He says to you “I am giving you a free pass. Do anything you want, and I mean anything!, it will not have any effect on your afterlife. I will forgive you for whatever sin you commit and you will go into heaven when you die”.

    What do you do? According to the hate-mailer this is when you go on a killing-spree, rape the bodies that piles up while they are warm and steal whatever you find in their pockets – because it doesn’t matter in god’s eyes, he gave you a free pass.

    • Interested says:

      Oddly enough, that’s probably the point at which God would say, “Oh sorry. That was actually a test. You’re going to Hell now.” It’s totally something He would do; just look at Job.

  7. Brandon H. says:

    There is nothing moral about taking an action or course of actions because one fears god. The true test of morality is whether or not the person’s motivations were dominated by the desire to to good. This does not mean that there aren’t many other motivations (there almost always are other factors), it just means that the dominant motivation must be born of a desire to do the right thing if one is to claim that they were acting morally. To do the right thing because one is in fear of the retribution of god effectively means you are no different than a cowering dog trained to fear the whip. In any event, this sort of person is exactly the last kind of individual I would choose to spend eternity with, presupposing that there is any such thing. I also, suspect, that if god exists, the last think he needs is to be surrounded by a bunch of cowardly sycophants prostrating themselves. I know it would bore me in just under three minutes, and I’d be prone to smiting these people for the sheer hell of it.

    Brian Sheehan
    author of “The Cosmic Lottery” a book of political, religious and economic satire filled with space-piracy, kung-fu, and characters for whom the fear of god is largely irrelevant.

  8. alex says:

    Could you remove the mention of strippers please, it is degrading and sexist, taking all autonimnity, by suggesting they are factory made, from a group of people that have no relation to your cuase. I understand the attempt at hummor but it is missjudged and vulgar, and in all other issues i salute your church fsm, but this is essentially promising sex-slavery in the after-life. Why not promise everyone chocolate or possibly to care for and the love of a slow lorris?


    • TiltedHorizon says:

      The stripper reference is a mirror of Islamic faiths, obviously the claim of 72 virgins. Being factory made helps answer where the endless supply (i.e. 72 Virgins) comes from. Removal of these strippers from FSM would just further fuel the Hate-Mailers’ argument that we single out Christianity. By leaving it in we continue to mirror (or mock depending on one’s perception) all faiths.

      Rest assured, there is no truth to the illusion of the sexism in FSM, it’s an unintended consequence of being an equally opportunity offender.

    • wulff says:

      alex, I’m afraid you’ve missed a couple of concepts here. First of all, your complaint of sexism is flat-out wrong. Our texts specifically say that the strippers are of BOTH genders, so sexism is a dead argument. Secondly, you seem to be under the impression (if I’m reading this correctly) that non-Pastafaraians get turned into strippers in the factory for our personal amusements. The Stripper Factory in FSM heaven is just that, a factory. It creates strippers for us from the same cosmic stuff that His Noodliness used to create all that exists, but they were never people, and never alive, so I don’t think the labal ‘sex-slaves’ applies. I hope this clarifies things for you a bit.

      BTW, everybody gets undressed (or at least should) at least once a day. Why do we as a society look down on people who manage to get paid for doing what everybody else does? Jealousy? The Immortal George Carlin used to ask “Why is it that most of the people who are against abortions are people you wouldn’t want to f*ck in the first place?”. Do we need to add the corollary that “Most of the people who are against strippers are people you wouldn’t want to see naked in the first place.”?

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