I hope you pay for your actions

Published January 17th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Wow, what a scam you have used to set yourself up with money and Im guessing fame and all the stupid bimbos and other trappings it all brings. Just remember, since there is no god or religion there is nothing wrong with killing some low life, "educated" or not (or any other act). As an exemplar of life without a God, there is nothing keeping people from acting out against others in any capacity other than the relatively obscure chance of being caught. I personally believe in God. I like to think that I am held responsible at a higher level than what man does. I do like to think there’s more. I hope you pay for your actions sooner or later in life. I’m sure you will at some point. A Morally concerned man.


I’ve become conflicted about posting hate-mails. I think there are assumptions that the Church of FSM receives hundreds of hate-mails and that most of the mail from Christians is negative. Neither of those things are true. Hate-mails are not common, and the majority of Christians who email understand our purpose is not to mock them. Most Christians who I’ve talked to see problems with organized religion and the abuses and fraud that get tied up with faith and power.

But what I hear over and over is that they feel turned away by our reactions to hate mail. They feel too many of us believe they are stupid for being religious. Even if a few of us do, I hope the Church of FSM never turns into a venue for those opinions. That’s not what this is about.

For the most part I think we do a good job of turning down the volume on our most extreme voices, and I think that’s a healthy thing. Just as Christians have a few members who will be riled enough to write nasty letters to us, there will be a few of us riled enough to respond in kind. But the majority of us are reasonable and rational.

I hope we find a way to encourage more rational religious to venture over here, and that we find a way to keep them. The Church of FSM is open to all – and that includes those who believe in another God besides the Almighty FSM.

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  1. HotEnema says:

    ReligiousCyclops, you are really full of yourself. Aren’t you, Shit? I could get you out of yourself, Shit. I am the Almighty HotEnema. Thou shalt not have any other enemas before me! Love your enemas as your selves!

  2. Apprentice Frederic says:

    Actually, I thought “bible sturdy” was a nice neologism: it refers to a person who steadfastly hews to the bible and all of its teachings and contradictions. Hence, “bible sturdy group” would just be a collection of such persons….

  3. ReligiousCyclops says:

    Hey, HotEnema,

    Go take yourselve. Then go to the closest evangelical fundamentist Protestant church (a real Christian church), get down on your knees in front of the church where sinners go to repent and ask Jesus to forgive you for your blasphemous sinful life. Then go and ask the pastor for a pledge card. Start reading your Bible and make sure that it is a true Bible. That is KING JAMES VERSION

    • Alphy says:


      Things are starting to smell real shitty around here. Is that you, Enema? Or; is it Cyclops? Or; maybe, it’s both of you. Or; is it Gabe? Enema, you should know that some people were born constipated and they will die constipated. That’s the way they want it. They love being full of shit!

  4. Johnny Media says:

    You all are wrong! I CREATED THE WORLD!

  5. Will Zimmerman says:

    A question that has probably been asked before:
    May I be a pastafarian, worshipping the Flying Spaghetti Monster, when deep down I hope, pray, and very nearly believe that His Holy Meatballs are actually vegetarian in nature? Thank you for your help.

  6. Alphy says:

    What ever happened to PoopJohnson?

    Does anyone know why we don’t hear from poop anymore?

  7. Barkingspyder says:

    Joseph, you poor soul. You state that if there is no god there is nothing to stop people from killing a “low life educated or not.” Nothing to keep people from acting out against each other aside from the chance of being caught. Well there is, it’s called reason. Reason not god dictates that we treat each other well, it is reasonable to pass laws making such conduct a crime. Just as it is reasonable to let everyone worship whatever they want. Allowing even the most deranged thoughts to be expressed allows us to compare them and decide which, if any, are worthy of any further consideration. The fact that some people choose to believe that god said you should cut off your foreskin or that a virgin gave birth to the son of a deity is no more strange than believing in flying pasta and meatballs. Faith is a belief in that which can not be seen. It is also the sworn enemy of reason and the destroyer of humanity. Without faith that one is being guided by their god millions of lives would not have been lost in countless wars. Women would not be oppressed and treated as cattle or worse even today. I personally do not believe in god since the belief makes no sense to me and only pushes the question back one step further. Who created god? The answer of course is that primitives did in order to explain things didn’t understand and to get folks to behave in a manner they thought was correct.

  8. MCM says:


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