I hope you pay for your actions

Published January 17th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Wow, what a scam you have used to set yourself up with money and Im guessing fame and all the stupid bimbos and other trappings it all brings. Just remember, since there is no god or religion there is nothing wrong with killing some low life, "educated" or not (or any other act). As an exemplar of life without a God, there is nothing keeping people from acting out against others in any capacity other than the relatively obscure chance of being caught. I personally believe in God. I like to think that I am held responsible at a higher level than what man does. I do like to think there’s more. I hope you pay for your actions sooner or later in life. I’m sure you will at some point. A Morally concerned man.


I’ve become conflicted about posting hate-mails. I think there are assumptions that the Church of FSM receives hundreds of hate-mails and that most of the mail from Christians is negative. Neither of those things are true. Hate-mails are not common, and the majority of Christians who email understand our purpose is not to mock them. Most Christians who I’ve talked to see problems with organized religion and the abuses and fraud that get tied up with faith and power.

But what I hear over and over is that they feel turned away by our reactions to hate mail. They feel too many of us believe they are stupid for being religious. Even if a few of us do, I hope the Church of FSM never turns into a venue for those opinions. That’s not what this is about.

For the most part I think we do a good job of turning down the volume on our most extreme voices, and I think that’s a healthy thing. Just as Christians have a few members who will be riled enough to write nasty letters to us, there will be a few of us riled enough to respond in kind. But the majority of us are reasonable and rational.

I hope we find a way to encourage more rational religious to venture over here, and that we find a way to keep them. The Church of FSM is open to all – and that includes those who believe in another God besides the Almighty FSM.

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  1. The_Dude says:

    so you believe that if people aren’t scared of a horrific, eternal, firey death they will just murder anyone you see?
    so if God came down and said, just to you: “you can do anything you want and you won’t go to hell.”
    would you pick up a knife and stab someone in the face?

  2. ben says:

    Ssince there’s no god there’s nothing to pay for but thanks for the criticism

  3. nunya biz says:

    wow..it is called a conscience…and not believing in a ‘hell’ does not mean people do not believe in anything… but that is not what keeps me from killing people in existence…what stops that is called live & let, live. Ive had some fairly awful crap happen & including persons doing something particularly mean…when they ended up dying not long after, i got asked, by a neighbor claiming 2 b associated with law enforcement,,,in so many words, wondering if i had been having thoughts …i.e. would i wish on a person 2 have them drop dead…? That is so absurd. I was devastated, first by the betrayal of whatd happened, then, being mocked…& the deaths were shocking & tragic…& ONLY IN RETROSPECT could we hav predicted or prevented it. The whole thought police idea is odd. That was also really obnoxious to suggest we had mayb wished their deaths on them…this made me feel that much worse about what happened…then a friend whom is christian explained that she considered thoughts as deeds & as i recall, that the 2 of them had been talking. Or i should say, gossiping. It is 1 thing 2 say if u ever want 2 talk im here, another 2 bait conversations, assume things about people…& many were really nosey-REALLY prying…we had it revealed there had been attornies involved with various aspects of the case. The couple were not raising their child in accordance with the wishes & judgements of some family members…& we know they could have cared less…but they now gone- & the criticisms made about their parenting were unfounded. They were good parents- that was not in dispute. Not perfect, but nobody is. Im not a psychol

  4. nunya biz says:

    it posted without pressing. Not a psychologist, and not pretending 2 b an expert, but it also was disturbing 2 learn of the plans 2 go against what the couple would have wanted in some ways. I urge people 2 make out wills, if u have kids or pets, or document somewhere what u would want 2 have happen in certain circumstances. Really that remains not our business, but 2 prevent things like th custody battle which ensued-for any1 else… & i also dont know what u r talking about, i believe u ought go find th post i put on here about the man in the process of converting from muslim to christianity…he was a christian & as a religious person i would think u understand hell wouldv been a deterrent, yet the guy stabbed his poor little toddler, to death. People FULLY invested in heaven & hell beliefs do things u seem 2 think that would otherwise prevent…& u would hav 2 ask th man y fear of hell would not stop him from
    murdering his child, but then that is not really th prob, the prob is that he went and stabbed his kid …he was in therapy…i happen 2 know his therapist had some established ideas about th afterlife, because of things said 2 me…apparently he has all the answers, so maybe u can ask him what went down. ..it would prob have been better if he would have TOLD some1, he might harm his little one…

  5. nunya biz says:

    THE IMPORTANT part i got cut off. ..if th man somehow could hav said, hey he needs help b4 he takes that step he couldnt take back. u saying that fear of hell and reward of heaven saves persons from killing, what is WAR, then, or acts of terror, when done in the name of religion? It is horrifying, 2 me…all the suffering. AND it just keeps going and going and going. Remember we have nuclear weapons on the planet. IF we keep going this way, some1 is going 2 push a button. I did not mean 2 say anything wrong with u believing as u do…if u live like there is a god because for all u know there is, live it…because not a single person can claim 2 have that knowledge except as i said, that1 man..that one whom said i was WRONG about my answer to his very LOADED question.

  6. NakedAnthropologist says:

    Guys we’re awesome! ‘Cause apparently we have bimbos and trappings nowadays. *sigh*

  7. or says:

    if believing in god is the only thing that stops you from killing people and not knowing right from wrong then you are a very weak and stupid person

    • Alphy says:

      I would like to say-
      Ramen! Or; is it Ah men!

      Those who need religion to be moral are extremely mentally and morally weak, unable to think independently or objectively.

      Sweet holey Geezuz, please have your self ordained shit feeders feed us poor ‘christians’ more of your fundamentalist puritanical protestant poop. Yeah, feed us more POOP, Geezuz!

  8. Alphy says:


    You are constipated. go take a good long HOT enema.

    Believe it or not there are many people who are very moral and very virtuous who do not subscribe to religious poop at all.

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