I hope you pay for your actions

Published January 17th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Wow, what a scam you have used to set yourself up with money and Im guessing fame and all the stupid bimbos and other trappings it all brings. Just remember, since there is no god or religion there is nothing wrong with killing some low life, "educated" or not (or any other act). As an exemplar of life without a God, there is nothing keeping people from acting out against others in any capacity other than the relatively obscure chance of being caught. I personally believe in God. I like to think that I am held responsible at a higher level than what man does. I do like to think there’s more. I hope you pay for your actions sooner or later in life. I’m sure you will at some point. A Morally concerned man.


I’ve become conflicted about posting hate-mails. I think there are assumptions that the Church of FSM receives hundreds of hate-mails and that most of the mail from Christians is negative. Neither of those things are true. Hate-mails are not common, and the majority of Christians who email understand our purpose is not to mock them. Most Christians who I’ve talked to see problems with organized religion and the abuses and fraud that get tied up with faith and power.

But what I hear over and over is that they feel turned away by our reactions to hate mail. They feel too many of us believe they are stupid for being religious. Even if a few of us do, I hope the Church of FSM never turns into a venue for those opinions. That’s not what this is about.

For the most part I think we do a good job of turning down the volume on our most extreme voices, and I think that’s a healthy thing. Just as Christians have a few members who will be riled enough to write nasty letters to us, there will be a few of us riled enough to respond in kind. But the majority of us are reasonable and rational.

I hope we find a way to encourage more rational religious to venture over here, and that we find a way to keep them. The Church of FSM is open to all – and that includes those who believe in another God besides the Almighty FSM.

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  1. Brian says:

    Morality can be measured on the face of its victims. If ya know what I mean >XXXD

    • NicK says:

      Joseph’s argument is invalid and retarded, people wouldn’t kill each other if there was no religion? Haters gunna hate, FSM 4 life bitches

  2. wulff says:

    Bobby, perhaps a way deal with some of the concerns you have voiced here would be to add a new category of posts. If we can have “Hate-Mail” why couldn’t we also have “Love Letters”, which would be letters of support for our goals from those outside the faith. While it is true that we more than enjoy bashing the hate-mailers, we also love to hear from the rational voices out there who disagree with us. As a recent example I offer Jay, who we are engaging in a dialog with on the “it amazes me how delusional you guys are” thread. He came to us respectfully and asked reasonable questions, and we’ve responded just as respectfully and reasonably. However, this conversation is on Page 8 of the thread, and the casual viewer may not bother to look that far in.

    • Atsap Revol says:

      Wulff, we always need to bear in mind the primary goal of the CoFSM: “To thwart the teaching of Intelligent Design/Creationism in science classes in public schools.” So, I agree, let’s have rational dialogues with those who disagree with that goal. Jay is a good example of a person who might participate in such a discussion. Such discussions would be educational to casual visitors that find this site.

      Yes, there can be some fun in bashing idiots like Big Guy, but there is nothing productive about it. He wasted a lot of time and space with his illiterate, “odious” posts. In the end, it was good riddance of a troll.

      Atsap Revol

  3. Boo says:

    A morally concerned man, eh? So, do you think it’s morally okay to treat people bad based on what a book says? A woman is a sinner and must be cast away because she bleeds?! (AKA has a period, which she has not control over) A person must be punished if they succumb to hunger because God doesn’t want them to eat?! People who have sex to reproduce are sinners because they succumbed to a natural body function that your God bred into all humans, including christians?

    • Tomat-Uffe says:

      couldn’t have said it better myself :P

  4. Happiness says:

    I just think humans should never need, any, reason to behave immorally. Surely armed with the knowledge of how it feels to be treated kindly, no person has reason to not be. And if that is a problem for anyone from any religion, maybe they should try on an eye-patch.

  5. Alex Loptien says:

    I hope I pay for the 1st amendment too, ha!
    It’s almost comical that you think that this will affect me in any way at all and for that matter that your ‘god’ has this power, I’m actually crying in humor that you wish to smite me-oh wait no that’s not right the fact that instead of you trying to punish me you rely or you almighty lord to do it. That’s fucking hilarious!
    -Alex Loptien

  6. Magpie says:

    Actually, without the threat of burning for eternity, people do pretty well. Instead of being guided by hellfire and brimstone-spitting evangelists, we use our MORALS. MORAL is not actually a synonym for “religion”. Besides, we do have a god. And you had better believe the FSM’s balls are bigger than YOUR god’s are.

  7. JoMan Bigoli says:

    I know it’s easy to slip into sarcasm when responding to prose such as Joe’s. So I won’t. However, I read his posting several times trying to figure out why it bothered me so much. My error was in reading his words rather than trying to understand what he was really trying to communicate. I finally got it, but gaining an understanding of the hatred and desperation Joseph is battling bothers me even more.

  8. Harry says:

    The thing that makes me sad about this is the fact that it is yet another one of the small minority of religious people that think atheists are just a bunch of immoral, hate-mongers. I’m atheist and yet I am not going out killing people or stealing from the elderly, in fact I’m vegetarian and believe strongly in helping other people and equality and I’m willing to bet the majority of atheists are the same (vegetarian part not included). Just because I don’t follow the creed of a religion does not mean that I am a bad person and that’s what makes me so disheartened when I read or here comments like this that condemn me.

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