He Boiled

Published January 24th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Here’s a new propaganda flyer courtesy of designer Ritchie:


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27 Responses to “He Boiled”

  1. Brian Fritzen says:

    C L A S S I C!

  2. Dave says:

    I. LOVE. IT.
    Thank you oh great one. May you touch all that see this holy flyer.

  3. Insightful Ape says:

    I am sorry I have to say something you may not like Bobby.
    See, the sign is gorgeous. But I bet you there will be no shortage of people out there who get offended by it.
    I know you don’t like the way we respond to hate mail in general. But we are not the problem, the haters are. These people are so thin skinned and utterly without sense of humor, that anything not fully endorsing their orthodoxy will cause offense, no matter how accomodating we try to be.

    • Brian Fritzen says:

      When those people respond to you, just remind them that if they don’t sin, then Jesus died for nothing.

    • Bobby Henderson says:

      Yeah, I hear you. First impulse when I saw this, I laughed. Then I wondered if it amuses more than it offends. That’s the test, I think – is it just a jab or is there something more to it. To me, this is clever and light hearted, and was created with good intentions. I think most will see that. Some always are looking for reasons to be offended and will find it.

    • Uncommoner says:

      I, for one, come as a Chrisitian(probably the only one in support of the CotFSM who has little-to-no argument announcing so).

      I think this is brilliant.

      And the haters you talk about are truly delusional, unaware that other religions even exist or need to be put down. Even though my allegience is with God, i think we both have the same stand point, Insightful Ape: that haters, who turn out to be the extremists, are a problem, and that they need to know that their extremism, no matter their allegience, takes freedom from everyone else.

      Bottom Line:
      Taking of Freedom = Bad.

      (I think I should patent that. lol)

      • Insightful Ape says:

        We appreciate your being here and having a chat with us. We have not infreuqently been confronted with the allegation that the whole point of FSM is mockery and ridicule, and so we can never engage in a constructive dialog with anyone as long as we maintain this attitude. That is certainly not true. You and I obviously don’t agree on everything, but do you need to agree on everything to share a joke? I don’t think so. Unfortunately there is no shortage of humorless and insecure people in this world who feel threatened when their doctrine is not endorsed by an obscure, satirical website.

  4. tony allen says:

    The problem is, that the stuff that is against our religious tenants is also not legal and I don’t want to do anyway. I think I’ll go to the Olive Garden with friends for the joy of it.

  5. Kishi says:

    Where is the +fav button for this thing? I love it!

  6. Sarah says:

    Hmm, is it just me or does this representation of FSM look…female?

    • UUniversal Love says:

      While we are tempted to ascribe a gender to Him (understandably so), He comes in many forms, both masculine and feminine…

      I feel this is the most feminine of pastas. Like a pregnant woman.

      • Sarah In Brooklyn says:

        Uh-huh, OK, but let me more explicitly point out that the bottom two appendages appear somewhat vulvic (or even perhaps uterine), as far as such an abstract representation of FSM can depict such things. And, now that I look again, I don’t see any meatballs…
        Not a complaint, mind you. Very interesting!

      • DavidH says:

        Also, it has no balls.

        • Jake says:

          Your right, the only thing this epic t-shirt is missing are his/her divine balls…

  7. Cesar says:

    This needs to be made into a t-shirt! NOW!

  8. Richie (The Designer) says:

    To clarify, this is His Noodliness as He appears to vegans and vegetarians: sans meatballs. May His Appendage bring you joy. :)

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