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Published January 25th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Congratulations to Bomba, winner of the design contest:


There were many great entries but Bomba’s stood out as something special.  Several people have seen the design and commented “this needs to be on a beer bottle”, and I couldn’t agree more.  It makes a lot of sense – I’m sure we’d spike sales for whoever wanted to put out a Pastafarian seasonal. 

But for now you can get the design on a t-shirt.  I suggest we do this again, as soon as sales cover the cost of running the contest.  It was a lot of fun.  I know there were some designers who weren’t able to meet the deadline and FSM knows we are in need of some more Propaganda art.

I put the design up at the FSM shirt store. It’s available on various shirt styles and colors.   The cheapest is $13.99.

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  1. Hans Felsh says:

    I want this in a large sticker. It would go GREAT on the sides of my 150cc scooter (which I use all the time.) I need one for each side!

    C’mon, Bobby. As the (self-appointed) Tampa Bay vicar for FSM, I need emblems to show my religion!

  2. Danish Spaghetti Lover says:

    Ahoy fellow Pastafarians!
    I recently found out about his noodleness, and natrully i converted from my false “religion ??? why would anyone need that ???” belief.
    Now ofcource i want to spread the good message, but since it’s rather cold most of the year where i live, i’m actually a great fan of global warming, so wearing my pirate outfit is not a option for me anymore :(

    So i thought wearing shirts like this, may be a good way of spreading knowlede of his Noodleness, but unfortunatly i havent been able to find any shops located inside the european union that sells them, and ordering from the united states, will result in a import tax of 44,24$, for a order of 2 t-shirts and a sticker for the car :(
    So i was wondering if anyone know of a place in EU where i can buy FSM merchandise ? preferably a place where some of my payment still will go to the pirate ship :)

    • Australian Spaghetti Slurper says:

      I’m in the same position as our fellow Danish Pastafarian. And I don’t mean I’m in Denmark.

      Are there any exports of these shirts to Australia?

      • noodlinessless kiwi says:

        ditto for new zealand
        i have tried sleeping in a t-shirt made from 43 two minutes noodle packs
        but it is too noisy when i turn over. we need his noodliness down here NOW

        • Keith says:

          Empty noodle packs still serve a valuable function. Laying them around your bed at night will alert you to the presence of creepy crawlies, ninjas and customs and exicse officials.

  3. Shaun Neilsburg HAIL says:


    • Keith says:

      Do you mean “represssed”? If so, you mixed a past tense with a present tense: (“I am here” followed by “repressed”.) Of course, that would make no sense anyway. If you meant “represent” it would only have taken two extra letters to become readable.
      You are free to love who you will, providing the objects of your affection are free you accept or deny you as they wish.
      I wonder if this site could have a section devoted to teaching basic spelling and grammar?

      • someone else says:

        I think ALL sites should have a page dedicated to basic spelling and grammer.

  4. aprophetofhisnoodleness says:

    I am a new pastafarian, (13 years old) and was originally an athiest but upon looking at a list of great countries to be an athiest, found a short article about the austrian pastafarian and the license photo. I looked into the religion and that night my left kidney (the central for all spiritual and emotional connections with FSM) was touched by his noodley appendage, showing how easy it is for Him to squirm his way into each and every one of our left kidneys. I will have to beg my parental units to get me this shirt for weeks, but it will all be worth it to spread the good word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    • Keith says:

      Welcome aboard aprophetofhisnoodleness: It is good to see that members of the younger generation are taking the “nottooseriously” approach to the meaning of life. May both of your kidneys be equally touched so that you don’t walk the deck with a lopsided gait.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      I am impressed by your advanced maturity and insightfulness. Perhaps you are the latest incarnation of the Dalai Raman??

  5. 网络兼职 says:


  6. noodlelover234 says:

    i am a sick lover of the noodles!! LOVE LOvE LOOOVVEEEE

  7. ramengirl says:


    Are there any more of these shirts available?

    I want to surprise someone for Xmas.


  8. Captain Birdseye says:

    Just look in the shop, Ramengirl. Why not have them ordained as well? To give purpose to their preaching.

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