Design contest winner

Published January 25th, 2011 by Bobby Henderson

Congratulations to Bomba, winner of the design contest:


There were many great entries but Bomba’s stood out as something special.  Several people have seen the design and commented “this needs to be on a beer bottle”, and I couldn’t agree more.  It makes a lot of sense – I’m sure we’d spike sales for whoever wanted to put out a Pastafarian seasonal. 

But for now you can get the design on a t-shirt.  I suggest we do this again, as soon as sales cover the cost of running the contest.  It was a lot of fun.  I know there were some designers who weren’t able to meet the deadline and FSM knows we are in need of some more Propaganda art.

I put the design up at the FSM shirt store. It’s available on various shirt styles and colors.   The cheapest is $13.99.

35 Responses to “Design contest winner”

  1. Audrey says:

    my bf and his brother are starting to make thier own beer.i might have them make a Pastafarian one.

    • Keith says:

      Make certain it is fermented in a volcano (preferably one that is not inhabited by imprisoned alien souls from the Mesozoic era) :-)

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  3. Kristi Cembura says:

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  4. Bob says:

    I need one of these right now.

  5. Israeli FSM Worshiper says:

    Ramen to that brothers and sisters!

  6. trollolololololololol says:

    “Touched by his noodly appendage” the only thing i can say is “I’ve seen hentai to see where this is going.”

  7. n3obahamut says:


    A huge error has been made by the creator.
    He didn’t follow the I’d rather you didn’ts and did not capitalize FSM :(

    Will definately NOT buy.

  8. Bill Schell says:

    I love it. Will be ordering one soon.

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