Magnificent FSMas Lights

Published December 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


I would love to know who is the owner of this beautiful display. Well done. Decorator, please let me know who you are so you can get some credit on your handiwork.

42 Responses to “Magnificent FSMas Lights”

  1. Robin says:

    Is it true that the Church has an extreme fundamentalist wing known as Al-Denta which believes the FSM created the universe in 11 minutes rather than 6 days?

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Of course it is true else the universe would be mushy.

    • Albert says:

      Only they will be rewarded in heaven, each receiving 72 ravioli.

    • larsnelle says:

      Guys, FSM be praised, you all really make my day!!! Best entertainment on the web.

      • Keith says:

        Welcome aboard: may your laughter outweigh your tears.

  2. brian says:

    How do i get in touch with this group Al-Denta

    praise the fsm

  3. TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

    It’s difficult; it may take over a colander year. Don’t strain yourself.

    • The Reverend Toni Rigatoni says:

      Like it!

  4. JOHN says:


    • JOHN says:

      only joking

      • JOHN says:

        praise FSM

        • JUDY says:

          I had a visit from the FSM in my sleep last night and the other week he came to me in a vision, am i the messiah?

        • jack smith says:

          Hey John, didn’t know you you praised the FSM as well now. Glad I managed to convince you yesterday!

  5. Inge says:

    Well….as rules with established mainstream religions go, you have at least to be dead for three days in a row (Matthew 12,40). You see, Jesus didn’t qualify, for he only succeeded from Friday eve till Sunday sunup. So the job opening is still there.
    Do you qualify so far?
    Then of course you have to have a bunch of followers who can’t for the world of it agree on anything, including your reason of existence and who are the poorest witnesses on earth, telling at least four completely different stories of the same action.
    That shouldn’t be too hard.
    Now as to the special noodly qualifications: It might be necessary to cook for our sins…
    You want to have some timeout to reconsider?

  6. Inge says:

    additional note and disclaimer: If, after your visitation, a pregnancy test shows a blue stripe, the FSM as far as I know does not accept responsitility (except, maybe, if the newspaper- and TV-rights for the resulting sensation can be sold)

  7. Dana says:

    The group is al-dente.
    Also; it only takes 3 minutes if it is good quality cappellini !!!
    Bow (bow-tie, stringy theory, pastafari, dittellini?) to the FSM

  8. Judith says:

    why ye no talkin like e pirate mayte

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