Magnificent FSMas Lights

Published December 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


I would love to know who is the owner of this beautiful display. Well done. Decorator, please let me know who you are so you can get some credit on your handiwork.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I love the use of the dark windows to “color” the meatballs =)

  2. Blueberry says:

    I’m not the owner of it, but I know it’s in Austin Texas on 37th Street and was displayed in 2008. I took a picture of it and am using it on my blog header right now. You can street-view “406 West 37th street, Austin, TX” and that’s the house (across the street from the house with a white gateway and picket fence). It was not displayed this year or last.

  3. Scott Perry says:

    Do you folks have an official Church Calendar? Isn’t there some lore about ‘Spaghettimas’ which happens on December 23rd, where the three meatballs followed a heavenly spaghetti-nova-quasar in the sky and found a baby spaghetti-monster wrapped in tomato sauce, in a small room in the back of a humble New York Italian restaurant, or something like that? If anyone knows anything more about this, please let me know, as I too am in search of the baby spaghetti-monster. Merry Xmas everyone!

    • TheFewTheProudTheMarinara says:

      Yes, and 3 wise restaurant critics came along and showered the baby monster with grated romano.

    • Shongu says:

      I’m fairly certain there is no such thing as Spaghettimas. Rather, us Pastafarians celebrate Holiday, of which Christmas and Kwanzaa are fragments. I’m not entirely sure of how long it spans, but I think it lasts the whole December and some of November as well. In fact, I have become increasingly frustrated as people go against celebrating Holiday in favor of what they seem to be calling FSMas. While people may celebrate Holiday as they like, as there is no real precedence on it, the fact that they call it a different name, and even seem to fragment it seems like they are trying to blend their old religion and Pastafarianism. Obviously, this can not continue. By doing this, these people are destroying Holiday, something that even Walmart seems to support in their usage of the phrase, “Happy Holidays!”

      • don says:

        Thank you Shongu for reminding me of Holiday. I have been guilty of bastardizing Holiday by referring to FSMas in the past, but thanks to you I have repented and have offered a sacrifice of 3 slices of pepperoni pizza placed face down upon the altar of my coffee table, where they shall remain until such time as many gnats do appear, then I shall be redeemed! And many thanks to Wal Mart and all the other businesses for their support of Holiday.

  4. steak prime says:

    I found a site yesteday that appeared much similar to this, are everyone positive another person is not duplicating this website?

    • guest says:

      Really? What is this website? Because I found a website also that was a lot like this one.

      • Reverend Captain Mal says:

        Does anyone else feel like we’re just a few steps away from self realization?

  5. Sheryl Ockey says:

    Thank you for the terrific content as well as the wonderful thoughts.

  6. IamPastafrian says:

    I want me this!!! wher can you actually get it…. i am a very strng pastafarian and indeedly think greatly of displays such as this. and must get a decoration like this one!

  7. Brandon Wilburn says:

    hello im brandon i have a website called http://voicesofvictory.wetpaint.com/ to share the gospel of God we all need to humble ourselves and show the Lord our love i have sermons that i hope gives you all a change of mind that dosent know Jesus Christ if you read this plz spread this link to orther people

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      You obviously have come to the wrong place. I’d also suggest you take a pregnancy test – you’ve skipped a few periods.

    • Keith says:

      I went to your website out of curiosity. As Marinara says, you should try using full stops. You have not convinced me of anything.

      • TiltedHorizon says:

        That is more than I am willing to do. If Brandon can’t bother himself to hit the ‘.’ on his keyboard then clicking his link is too much trouble for me. Damn! I was sooo close to being saved too. Oh well.

    • guest says:

      It’s an interesting website, but theFewtheProudtheMarinara and Keith are right.

    • Dana says:

      So sorry that you are so sorry. Pathos be thy middle name.

    • Dana says:

      Dear Brandon,
      I shore don’t wanna rain on yer wet paint but I dun fergot: On THIS site it is SAVOR not savIor.

    • manflesh says:

      people.. you are doing exactly what the pasta religion says you wont do. that is to mock others. The 3rd principle folks! “I’d really rather you didn’t judge people for the way they look, or how they dress, or the way they talk, or, well just play nice, okay?” Brandon, though you show great character and promise to, “endeavor to persevere”, and are appreciated for doing what your religion calls on you to do. ie: spread the word. This forum does not see your side of the story so to speak. Thank you for your input. I wish you the strength to carry on your work and promote your beliefs in this free society. Amen, Ramen, or which ever you prefer. cheers

  8. Daniel says:

    Brandon, you´re barking up the wrong tree.
    People here use brains to make decisions, you obviously let your invisible friend make yours.

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