Magnificent FSMas Lights

Published December 17th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


I would love to know who is the owner of this beautiful display. Well done. Decorator, please let me know who you are so you can get some credit on your handiwork.

42 Responses to “Magnificent FSMas Lights”

  1. Brandon says:

    Sorry for the immaturity but those lights look like two hairy ballssssssss

  2. fatherdarius says:

    Purely Outstanding.

  3. bombom{patrick mcambley,minster} says:

    Excellent,nice to know the word is being spread.a true believer as a new convert any correspondence
    greatly appreciated.

  4. Rasputin says:

    Welcome, bombom! Come here more often.

  5. bombom says:

    well sat with the sat nav n and the chief of ministerial activ stuff,bordoms a killer ???

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