FSM Theme Park

Published December 9th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


Open call for submissions!

How about it? Let’s brainstorm and see if we can’t come up with some fantastic attractions and artwork.  I will be shocked if we can’t outdo the Ark Encounter.  Here are some themes to work with but don’t let this limit you:

* Pirates

* Beer Volcano

* Midgets  (I’m making that hand waving gesture because it’s a touchy subject (I think (or is that a touchy subject to mention it))

* The mystery of the Pirate Fish (specifically why has its origin never been explained?)

* The Creation Mountains

What am I missing?

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  1. Mark Estrada says:

    no worry’s!…we’re all midgets in his eyes…and what about the strippers!…

  2. LEE WALSH says:


  3. gabriel says:

    I’m in the USA military. I would want to be baptized into your religion. it would be an honor. you are also missing a factory full of strippers. I would be honored if I can be a guest in helping to creat this theme park. send me a message if you are interested. I am willing to help.

  4. Sommer says:

    I live in Indiana and this would be the best vacation spot. I second the bungy jump and strippers. My father would love some strippers. (I am a young believer.)

  5. kam says:

    petting zoo….. for my pet rock. because he is all the proof I need that nothing changes… ever…. seriously he does nothing… anyway. just a thought. ;) oh yea,, definatly a supporter of the beer jumping volcano stripers, just lookin out for the kids.

  6. HoaiPhai says:

    Noah The Pirate’s Animal Submarine.

  7. levi says:

    every 30 min the beer volcano erupts ice cold (:

  8. 4NICK8 says:

    In order to get around local bible belt thinking to get funding, strippers, should be referenced as ‘terpsichorean epichadiasists’ (literally – dancers who remove clothes) and the ‘job creators’ aspect should be emphasized for their factory. º¿º

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