Another ChriFSMas Roundup

Published December 29th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

FSMmas Card

Attached is a picture of my humble attempt to recreate His Noodly Perfection in hand-felted wool for a friend’s FSMmas card.

FSM tree topper

Jennifer’s tree topper


I spent this Christmas with my family at my Catholic grandparents’ house. Little did they know, while they had a ceramic nativity scene displayed beneath their tree, a tree topper in honor of His Noodliness sat atop ours.



My mostly Christian of coworkers made this wonderful image of his noodlines for me so that I would not feel left out during the season.  He is made from office and break room supplies.  I will forever cherish this.

— Tom

Wow, this is genuinely touching. Is it just me or have Christians embraced the FSM this Season? 

Buck and family’s display:


Buddha rejoicing as sweet little 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus is touched by HIS Noodly Appendage.


That Just Happened! (and by "just" we mean many many years ago and by "happened" we mean without a single scrap of verifiable evidence.)

8 Responses to “Another ChriFSMas Roundup”

  1. Ubi Dubium says:

    I love the nativity with the Buddha! When I look at the crossed hands and the mischievious expression on the little “Mary” figure, to me she looks like Morticia Addams with a blonde wig. I’m guessing the tall figure on the other side is Lurch. His Noodliness truly has an amazing sense of humor.

  2. Ronster says:

    That is not a representation of Buddha. That is what is known as the “Happy Man” or “Laughing Buddha”, but it is not meant to be a likeness of Buddha. Since Buddha was purported to live a bare existance, he would not have been rotund.

    • Keith says:

      He is Ho Tai but from a Buddhist point of view it really doesn’t matter since we are theoretically all potential Buddhas.

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    Keep functioning ,terrific job!

  4. Julie Nowzari says:

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  5. Matt says:

    I love this! i’ve always wanted for someone to speak the truth about religions, hail his noodliness!

  6. Zuri says:

    I like the nativity scene! It’s nice to see religions come together.

  7. JE Hoyes says:

    I suppose there aren’t figurines depicting Mo’HAMed, Joe Smith and the Moronic Angel etc and so forth, just to keep the whole noodly family together. Also, the guy on the right of “little, baby Jesus” looks very cross about the whole deal. Is he Richard Dawkins?

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