When you have 3.6 Billion adherents

Published November 27th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

When you have 3.6 Billion adherents to your faith, we can start talking about teaching your ideas in school. When you think you’re right or not the decision on whether or not to teach creationism in school should come from the majority and the fact is 82.3% of Americans are christian and therefore believe that the earth was created by God and only 11.6 are unaffiliated with a religion, of which only a fraction are atheist or agnostic. Take out the agnostics because if they’re really agnostic they won’t care what’s being taught in school, and we’re talking about a small number of really loud people that are trying to force their beliefs on the rest of the country. How messed up is that. I’m not going to force my beliefs on you. I think that’s why they did the whole separation of church and state thing, so that a certain belief system, Evolution included, would not be forced upon the population. So teach evolution, go ahead, I know for a fact that Brigham Young University and Brigham Young University Idaho, two christian schools teach evolution in their required classes, but if you’re going to teach one THEORY, and I emphasize theory not fact, then give credence to other theories that bare any social impact on our society. Like how about a theory that more than 50% of the world subscribes to? Anyway, peace be the journey, I give you credit for some funny stuff, like pirates and global warming, but don’t pretend to take nothing seriously if you actually do have very serious agenda.

All religions go through a phase of perceived fakeness. Funny you bring up BYU.  Mormonism got a lot of criticism for years because Joseph Smith used seer stones to find the location of their original scriptures and translate them from unknown languages.  Some might say that sounds like BS.  But with time and pressure it becomes a religion.  Not unlike the formation of rocks.  I am a scientist first, remember.

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  1. Jessie says:

    It’s funny how they say they’re “opressed” but this is clear evidence of their large community and possible power over the state. So much for secularity huh?

  2. Terry Doyle says:

    “…but if you’re going to teach one THEORY, and I emphasize theory not fact, then give credence to other theories that bare any social impact on our society.”
    Wow! How many times are you going to keep repeating that only-a-theory line?

    “Like how about a theory that more than 50% of the world subscribes to?”
    Great idea, Jordan! Let’s put science to a vote!

    • Easkial says:

      You may have a sarcastic point here dude… i mean gravity and plate tectonics are theories too.. and i think those are complete b.s.
      because their isnt any actual testable functions to prove them.. there isn’t the simple function of dropping an apple for gravity, or observing volcanic activity and interpreting moment magnitude scales for plate tectonics.. with religious theories, we are given definitive TESTABLE proof. like pinkie promises and mind-bludgeoning from early ages.
      game. set. match. lit match. house fire. (can i crash at your place for a couple nights?)

      • RealBricktop says:

        Correct. Gravity is a myth. The Earth sucks.

  3. callum says:

    hmm i realy dont no what to think of the fliying spagete monster CrAzY

  4. follower of fsm says:

    you are all WRONG!

    • CopaceticMan says:

      I don’t understand. To whom are you talking?

      • Danimal says:

        Everyone that claims to know for sure?

  5. JVB says:

    Umm, I think Mr. Spaghetti man just got schooled by a little dude named Jordan. Haha!

    • Noodlity says:

      Well, I have to admit – Jordan did teach us a lot about logical fallacies… by personally demonstrating some of them, so we’d learn both how to defuse them, and not to use them in the first place. I’m rather grateful, I really am.


  6. He Who Doubts says:

    Before I submit any other comments to this letter, I first want to thank Jordan for breaking the dry spell; we haven’t had any hate mail in months.

  7. Mitch says:

    Okay, first, Creationism is stupid. And, no, I’m not saying that to be hateful or inflammatory. http://creationmuseum.org/ the creationism museum goes so far as to mis quote the BIBLE. And from the well-reasoned opinions of most most zealots, I’ve learned that the christian god is apparently a homophobic xenophobic serial killer sadist. That doesn’t match what I read in the bible (yes I read the bible, cover to cover in fact) (Short version: old covenant = gone, new covenant = love and peace etc.). IF you’re a christian, please remember that means you are striving to be christ-like. Accept all who come to you, as the are. For someone to come here and bash FSM or pastafarianism is distinctly unchristian.

    Also, I think Jordan missed the point of FSM. Something about equal validity?

    -Logic and Bacon

    • Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

      Mitch says that the old covenenant has gone, why would that be exactly? Is it because it puts god in a bad light and doesn’t suit the agenda of the christian hard core? Or maybe he was suggesting that the pathological murdering hate mongering god of the old testament isn’t the same nice god that gave us jesus? Either way how does that equate with the ‘one loving god’ of the christians, and other monotheistic religions? Either there are two gods (at least) or the ‘one true god’ isn’t the loving and forgiving being that many would have us believe. This is a classic example of how the faithful are only too happy to ignore parts of the bible or describe them as allegorical whilst asserting the absolute truth of other parts. All of the now considered ‘not to be taken literally’ parts of the bible were once asserted as true until intelligence, education and scientific research and knowledge highlighted the absurditiy of those stories. Sorry Mitch, you seem to be trying hard but you are still missing the point somewhat, someday hopefully it will become widely accepted that the whole bloody thing is accepted as symbolic and then can we all get on with the buisiness of living our lives in ‘love and peace’; though I wont hold my breath if that’s OK?

      Sauce be with you,

      The Reverend

      • Mitch says:

        The old testament isn’t gone, just fulfilled. But that’s a huge debate all in itself. And note: I never claimed to be Christian. In fact I pointed out how deluded most christians are. That was my point. I’m sad to be attacked by a pastafarian when I’m making the same point from a different perspective. A Christian perspective that precludes most arguments based on their own beliefs. It is my opinion that if you can defeat an opponent on their terms, its a much greater win. I didn’t miss the point, you did. Any Christian who attacks anyone cannot be Christian by their own definition.

        In case you’re wondering, I am a scientist, and make no other claims.

        -Logic n Bacon

        • Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

          Sorry you got the wrong idea about my post but if you read my post again you will see I never suggested that you were a christian, in fact, as a regular reader and contributor to this site, I am aware well of your Pastafarian convictions and I did not intend my post as a personal attack and I’m truely sorry you took it that way. You do say however, that you have ‘learned that the christian god is apparently a homophobic xenophobic serial killer sadist’ then imediately say that that is not how you see it from your reading of the bible; the truth is that the god of the old testament IS what you say, it’s not the zealots alone that foster that thought but the words of the OT themselves. This does create the duality that I mentioned and does illustrate the willingness of the faithful to pick and choose what parts of the bible to accept and what to reject.
          Once again I’m sorry that you feel you were attacked but rest assured I am the last person to wish to precipitate infighting, we need to fight shoulder to shoulder even to stand still let alone make progress against the tide of religiosity drowning reason and commonsense.

          Sauce be with you

          The reverend

        • Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

          Mitch, just so you know, the first thumbs up to your post was from me.

        • plumberbob says:

          @ Mitch,

          The “old testament” as you call it, is the Hebrew Bible, that was stolen verbatim from the Jews. If you cannot read it, you have no idea what it says, and you cannot guess as to whether it’s been “fulfilled” (whatever you mean by that). When you can read it, I’d be most happy to discuss the authorship, the time of it’s writing, and the political and economic needs of those authors with you. Once we’ve clarified those points, we can discuss the egregious mistranslation of some of the key sections of the book.


        • Mitch says:

          @ Rev, I guess I can see how I misinterpreted your post. All I was trying to do was point out how christians say the believe one thing, but then act like they believe something else. Thanks for the thumbs up :)

          @Plumberbob, what makes you think i can’t read the old testament in hebrew? :p that aside, the point of my original post is that christians are a very hypocritical bunch.

        • plumberbob says:

          @ Mitch,

          So few come here knowing anything about their book that it’s hard to have a rational conversation with them about it. 1) Let’s start with your definition of what “fulfilled” means to you, and what you would like it to mean to me. 2) I’m sure that you’re familiar with Julius Wellhausen’s documentary hypothesis and that we can start our analysis of the text from there.

          You’re aware,I’m sure, that the book begins with the first creation story written by the E source,and linguistically we know that it was written at about the time of the divided kingdom by a group that probably included unemployed Mushite priests who were furious over the King’s bypassing them, installing his own family of priests, and instituting new worship centers and practices away from Shiloh.

          Let’ start there; I await your response.


        • plumberbob says:

          @ Mitch,

          I’m sorry, Mitch, I meant that the book starts with the P source, but right after the two flood stories, the E source enters.


    • Blackbeard says:

      yes christian museum! I agree with you! When i think of the garden of Eden, I of course remember the dinosaurs too!

      • puppygoogoo says:

        LOL. I like how the website says and i quote “Biblical history is the key to understanding dinosaurs”. Here i was thinking science might be able to help.

  8. Fuck says:

    Fuck you all. All of you. Fucking burn in fucking hell, you fucking dumbasses.

    • plumberbob says:

      @ Fuck,

      Diarrhea of the mouth is often a symptom of constipation of the brain.


    • Theo says:

      because… why exactly?

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        Because instead of a rational argument, they can only think of curses. They subconciously realize they have no facts to counter with, and lack the intelligence to find any.

        • Spammyboy says:

          Don’t mock him/her. (strikes me as male personally.) if I was born with a name like ‘Fuck’, I’d be pretty hateful too.

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