When you have 3.6 Billion adherents

Published November 27th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

When you have 3.6 Billion adherents to your faith, we can start talking about teaching your ideas in school. When you think you’re right or not the decision on whether or not to teach creationism in school should come from the majority and the fact is 82.3% of Americans are christian and therefore believe that the earth was created by God and only 11.6 are unaffiliated with a religion, of which only a fraction are atheist or agnostic. Take out the agnostics because if they’re really agnostic they won’t care what’s being taught in school, and we’re talking about a small number of really loud people that are trying to force their beliefs on the rest of the country. How messed up is that. I’m not going to force my beliefs on you. I think that’s why they did the whole separation of church and state thing, so that a certain belief system, Evolution included, would not be forced upon the population. So teach evolution, go ahead, I know for a fact that Brigham Young University and Brigham Young University Idaho, two christian schools teach evolution in their required classes, but if you’re going to teach one THEORY, and I emphasize theory not fact, then give credence to other theories that bare any social impact on our society. Like how about a theory that more than 50% of the world subscribes to? Anyway, peace be the journey, I give you credit for some funny stuff, like pirates and global warming, but don’t pretend to take nothing seriously if you actually do have very serious agenda.

All religions go through a phase of perceived fakeness. Funny you bring up BYU.  Mormonism got a lot of criticism for years because Joseph Smith used seer stones to find the location of their original scriptures and translate them from unknown languages.  Some might say that sounds like BS.  But with time and pressure it becomes a religion.  Not unlike the formation of rocks.  I am a scientist first, remember.

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  1. Mark says:

    If you would like to talk about numbers as legitimacy then you should remember that when christianity was first starting out they were considered a cult by the romans and put to death because of it. Add in the “earth is the centre of the universe” theory and “the world is flat”, we can see that the majority is not always correct.

  2. Lokipi says:

    I dont know when people outside the scientific community will realise that generally accepted theory is the highest form of truth available to scientists without heading into the world of mathematics, A theory is not a hypothesis, it is a culmination of all the facts that we have attained into a description of the process that is believed to occur, tested endlessly and to all the scrutiny the best minds in the field can put towards it. And then tested more and more daily moulding it into the nearest thing to a posteriori truth we can get.

    Fact, animal species change over time, and become better suited to their environments
    Theory, explains how, DNA makeup and replication can result in mutations and natural selection explains how this is advantageous

  3. Olio says:

    Please explain why an entire category of people would ‘not care’ what gets taught in schools as described. Just wondering why a certain affiliation is equated with lack of caring about education.

  4. Danforth says:

    1) Not all christians are creationists.

    2) The bible also claims bats are birds. Should that be taught in US schools as well? How about the world being flat?

    3) You don’t understand separation of church and state. See, when religious dogma (which creationism/ID is) ISN’T taught in schools, that’s separation of church and state actually working.

    4) As has been mentionned before, science is concerned by empirical or rational (usually empirical) proof, not democracy.
    90% of the world could believe it healthy to breathe heavy doses carbon monoxide, I still wouldn’t do it (to be honest, they wouldn’t hold such belief for long).

    5) Don’t you think it’s ironic to believe in a parody religion (christianity was once a parody of zoroastrianism and assorted ancient middle-eastern cults) and summarily dismiss another such religion?

  5. Alphy says:

    You Yopel!

    Evolution is not a believe system. Evolution is a scientifically established fact! It is not a religion. Evolution is a theory that has been proven to be factly true by sientific research. It has been empirically verified and validated. “Believe systems”, religions, are not empirically verified because they are outside the field of science. Attempts by fundamentalists to make creationism a science is intellectually and morally dishonest. It is an attempt to construct a lie by pulling together a few bits and pieces of outdated, inaccurate or obsolete ‘scientific data’. Of course they only take what fits their preordained conclusion and disregard all other data.

    Scientist do not start with an unsupported conclusion then scramble around for a few bits and pieces to make their position seem to hold together as if it was scientifically valid. Scientist look at their whole body of data, not just bits and pieces that might seem to support a hoped for consclusion. Scientist look at their whole body of data and determine what facts can be drawn form it and supported by it. The whole body of scientific research overwhelming supports the fact that we have evolved. Scientific research does not support the religion of Creationism.

  6. Tasm10 says:

    Greetings fellow Pastafarians,

    I haven’t commented in a while but this piece of mail caught my eye. Firstly, just because lots of people think that a particular idea is correct, doesn’t mean that it is correct. If you look at the theory of Spontaneous Generation, most of the prominent scientists of that era were convinced that this was indeed a reality, while a much smaller group believed otherwise. Look who won that debate! While one could try an apply this to Evolution, one must bear in mind that the body of evidence for Evolution is quite extensive to say the least, larger than any holes in the theory. Any new theory that wishes to challenge an old theory must answer everything that the old one did (with evidence) and fill in any of the gaps that the previous theory had. While no scientific theory is infalliable (which would defeat the point of the Scientific Method), to say that Evolution is shaky or weak is a pretty bold claim, especially coming from a belief system which has very little “hard” evidence to back up it’s claims. Secondly, seperation of church and state helps prevent a little thing called “theocracy” which you Americans have experience for yourselves *cough* Salem witch trials *cough* (although to be fair Massachusetts was still our colony). By the way, Happy Independence Day! Although as a Briton (an hence a closet Imperialist) I won’t be celebrating. Here end that rather rambling commentary, hope you got any insight from that!

    R’Amen all,
    Tasm10 (Pastafarian-Atheist-Humanist)

    • Alphy says:

      Great post! Would love to hear more from you. Yes, Massachusetts was your colony. Now it is one of our Commonwealths. I am not an imperialist but I admire the fact that you are an intelligent and thoughtful imperialist. I calibrate Independence Day but i am not looking for an axe to grind with British loyalists or imperialists. Check in from time to time. all the best.

  7. Doug The Pastafarian says:

    Ah, the hypocrites that are christians! We can teach our ‘invisible deity’ in the sky but when it comes to anybody else, well:

    “Take out the agnostics because if they’re really agnostic they won’t care what’s being taught in school, and we’re talking about a small number of really loud people that are trying to force their beliefs on the rest of the country. How messed up is that. I’m not going to force my beliefs on you.”

    You just can’t make this stuff up any funnier!!!

  8. Rameninator says:

    Dude, since when is it ok to let the majority rule over what people think? Ever heard of a dystopian system? A dictatorship? Oh yeah, and what about African American civil rights? You know it was kinda a majority opinion at one point to beat them, steal them from their homes, bring them over here, then whip them until they called themselves Toby. So before you get on your high horse, Oh Mighty Crusader, remember that the world is not Christian-centric. There’s more people out there than your fake statistics. Enjoy some fucking noodles, and be damn grateful that we have the ability to make these choices FOR OURSELVES. R’Amen.

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