Published November 22nd, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

They use words such as Love and Family but I hear hate and anger in their tone.  These people scare me.  I started a new category named ‘creepy’ for them. Lou Engle is an Advisor to Sarah Palin, by the way.

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  1. Corry says:

    I keep being reminded of people in National Geographic videos in Africa and also of old Native American rites. Things that would make someone of today call it ‘Barbaric’ or even ‘Hedonistic’. But its okay when they do it? Talking in tongues? REALLY?!?!
    And so I say, “What bullshit baby talk is this… Seems like that panderings of an enraged child”.


  2. N Kalanaga says:

    Keep it. As long as “they” are free to express their beliefs and opinions, “we” should be free to comment on those beliefs and opinions. Everything eventually comes down to “us and them” (Belgarath the Sorcerer) and as long as both sides keep it verbal the world might survive. It’s important to know what the other side believes, and there’s no better way to report on it than through their own videos. After all, they can’t claim to have been misquoted!

    As for threats of violence, I’m with Ubi Dubium. Report them! There is no place for THAT in any civilized society.

  3. kayne says:

    thats got to be the funniest dry humping of a crowd i have ever seen. is he getting wood?

  4. Karl says:

    Hello Pastafarians. <—- (should be added to the dictionary btw)
    As a member of the secular community and a frequent visitor to the site (although my material never gets published :p) I must not take Bobby's right to make changes to his site. However, would that be democratic or fair to the followers? That's a moral issue i'm afraid. I am pro the "creepy" section, but what about renaming it to something less "offensive". What about "Batshit crazy" (That was a joke, haha, fat chance). I think something generic like "videos" could contain the video media material, Pastafarian or not. If you want to get to specifics, I would suggest "Jesus-vision", "Delusions", "funny videos", "Faith tv". Thank you for your time.

  5. Rainswept says:

    Is that the real soundtrack? How could that be qualified as anything besides creepy?

  6. mari nari saus says:

    The Creepy file should stay. We need to be reminded over time how we are (and are not) evolving as a society, Just like those old photo albums your grandma breaks out and shows you all the strange clothes you used to wear and things you put on your head and fit into orifices we need to be reminded of where we’ve been to help us steer us in a direction forward away from extremism, hatred, intolerance and persecution (and bad music/videos).

    • Noodlity says:

      Truth thou spoketh here.


  7. Danny Allen says:

    I am a little confused about why this pair shouts into their microphones. They seem to have misunderstood the basic functioning of this piece of kit. Shout, or use a microphone, not both.

    Also, they are giving a religious message at a religious gathering – where’s the need to shout in the first place? It’s not as if half the audience went there accidentally, or are checking their lottery numbers or something. This pair is shouting, through microphones, at the converted…

    To someone from Europe, watching this video is really an anthropological experience.

    Peace and pasta to all.

  8. Brian Fritzen says:


    Good for you. I think it is important, at this point, to point out that Sarah Palin thinks there were dinosaurs on Earth 4000 years ago and thinks global warming is a “myth.” That is dangerous. Especially since she could be the one with the nuclear codes.

    There is no dispute as to global temperatures increasing. They are. Whether you believe it is because of pollution or natural causes doesn’t matter when you consider that this woman, completely unqualified in meteorology, thinks that the fact that global temperatures increasing is phony.

    I don’t find this political at all. I think you are showing that there are dangerous people out there. Heck, if you want to get political you could also state that President Obama has failed to keep his promise of pulling out of Iraq.

    But I digress. I think creepy or scary is important if you do it without bias, without a push towards the left or the right but rather just point out scary or creepy ideals put forth from the pundits and the politicians.

    It is certainly the most American thing to do.

    • Forban de Marsp says:

      Sarah Palin knows that dinosaurs still existed here is 4500 years, because she knows that the monster created them here is 5000 years, but she has not made her coming out yet. At the moment she adds it a little in the other direction, because she is afraid that the real nature of her faith sees itself all the same.

      She does not worry for the global warming, because she pirates the politics a maximum.

      But do not repeat it, each has the right to choose the moment of the revelation of its feelings.

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