Published November 22nd, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

They use words such as Love and Family but I hear hate and anger in their tone.  These people scare me.  I started a new category named ‘creepy’ for them. Lou Engle is an Advisor to Sarah Palin, by the way.

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  1. Cheese says:

    My brain quit after 0:23. Call 555-5555 if you have seen it.

    • Forban de Mars says:

      In France we have a law against the ” incentive in the racial hatred “, against all those who incite to mistreat who do not think as them: it is not the politics, but the law recognized by all the camps, the humanism simply. I did not well seize the comment in the video, but think that there would be doubtless subject to legislate in this sense, if it is not already made.

      When in the pastafarism, we can work in the extravagance of the absurd: so on August 24th (famous day of massacre of the Protestants by the Catholics in France studied in class to us for its nonsense) I established a day of holy war, where pastafarians is called to adjust them different theological by battles in the water gun in public gardens : the Atheists and the followers of the “Unicorn” have still taken a swill (pâtée in french) this year.

      I so dream, to create an assembly of this style to cry out loud and clear that we are the best most magnets, because believers to the God of Spaghetti, that the others are only useless dedicated in the mystic wandering because refusing the evidences, and would be saved from their hatred only in the grateful ; with of course some paralytics’ miracles and the other blind persons in more.
      But we are many still not enough for.

      If that says to you!

      • B. says:

        I’m sorry dude, but did you Google translate that? I’m not throwing stones here, since my English isn’t that good either… but I had to say it. Well, your point came across… I think.


  2. Hieronymus Fortesque Lickspittle says:

    The louder someone yells their message at me, the less I’m persuaded by it.

  3. Kishi says:

    You realize that anywhere outside of a church/religious arena, when people rave like that they get their dosages upped. o.O

    Makes me glad I was touched by the FSM.

    (and “Pierces the darkness of Atheism”? It’s not dark in here…that’s mood lighting. ;))

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Personally, I consider atheists enlightened!

    • He Who Doubts says:

      I got a satisfying chuckle from your “mood lighting” remark. Thanks!

      • Kishi says:

        Always happy to oblige. :)

  4. StJason says:

    Worst rap video ever.

  5. Andrew says:

    Lou Angle’s thrusting looks like he’s giving the audience his, “Angle.”

  6. bigjohn756 says:

    Are these the same people who are purportedly against Sharia Law? Yet, their screaming is about the same kind of thing, is it not? Destroy everyone who does not agree with us…

    • Arash says:

      i’m originally from iran, have been there most of my life and i can tell you this is much more scarier! at most they hit themselves and cry hysterically, there is no talk of piercing something! at least i haven’t heard any! (not like i go to these ceremonies a lot!)
      definitely creepy!

  7. Ubi Dubium says:

    You mentioned a nut job emailing you that he was going to cut your head off. If that was the notorious —————, you are in good company. He’s been banned from more blogs than I can count, and there is some good commentary about his insanity at Pharyngula. Please make sure not to post his ravings. You may also want to report any threats from him to the Monrtreal police, my understanding is that’s where he lives.

  8. B. says:

    Personally I think not posting things like this would be censoring. FSM is a critique of ALL religions and what it makes people do and say – not just the ones not directly affiliated with American politics.

    Tho since I’m less inclined to see the political agenda, not being American and not voting either way, this might not be an issue for me to decide on.

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