San Jose Bike Party Deity Ride

Published October 15th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


My brother Jake and I at the San Jose Bike Party Deity Ride.  My boyfriend broke up with me after i made these costumes because they grossly offended his christian beliefs….


63 Responses to “San Jose Bike Party Deity Ride”

  1. morgan says:

    wow, youre ex sounds like a real deuche. everyones right, youre very gorgeous and can find someone who is a lot better for you! someone a little more openminded maybe… haha.((:

  2. Hassie Powal says:

    I loved your post and the information provided. There are plenty of suggestions out there that are both honest and bad. If you have any more ideas concerning gardening or simliar topics, that would be great. Keep up the excellent writing!

  3. KnifeySpooney says:

    I wonder if anyone dressed up as Muhammed at this Deity Party.

  4. Julie says:

    At least you found out NOW instead of later that he is pastaphobic.

  5. whiskeylover says:


  6. Foxmonster says:

    It is a pity,every man wish to become your boy friend,for you are so pretty!I’ll be your new boyfriend if you wish,lol! Good luck anyway!

  7. Backlinks says:

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  8. Ryan says:

    Good riddance to him! You deserve better- and based on these comments, not to mention how attractive you are- you’ll have no problem finding it.

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