San Jose Bike Party Deity Ride

Published October 15th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


My brother Jake and I at the San Jose Bike Party Deity Ride.  My boyfriend broke up with me after i made these costumes because they grossly offended his christian beliefs….


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  1. goodvsevil says:

    You seem like an intelligent, happy girl, with an amazing sense of humor, and a creative side. :-) and now you’re single… cheers!!!! :-D

  2. Pilot wench says:

    The hats and the shirts are awesome! Nice work!

    Hope you’ll find soon a new, cute, intelligent, funny, sexy, strong, tall, smart, romantic, warm, sweet, charming, sensitive, clever, athletic, kind, generous, sincere, punctual, pasta-loving man.


    • Thursday says:

      …But no pressure! 8)

  3. DavidH says:

    Your boyfriend has dumped you, that is his loss. I hope he is also aware that in the afterlife he will get stale beer and diseased strippers. It is our duty as Pastafarians to make unbelievers aware of this terrible fate.

  4. Mr Cooper (allhailfsm) says:

    Garnet, listen to me the mans a cunt if he leaves you after something so small, you could probably do far better, heck i dont know you i dont know anything about him but what i do know is theres far better people out there.
    and speaking as one whos heart is constantly bieng crushed i should know about this area

  5. jerbz says:

    At least you found out he was a christian early…lol. You guys look like you had a great time.

  6. tris says:

    What the heck is the “San Jose Bike Party Deity Ride”??? Everyone dreses up as their favourite diety, do they? Iguess that’s where the expression “Christ on a bike” comes from!! (do you have that one in the USA?)
    BTW I agree with the above comments about your boyfriend… sounds to me like you’re better off without such a humourless and touchy gent! A sexy girl like you with such a lovely, vibrant bright and luminous smile (you ought to do adverts for toothpaste!) will have no trouble finding something better (if you want to, that is!)

    • Garnet says:

      thank you! Its San Jose Bike Party where thousands of people get together for a ~30mile bike ride with music and fireworks usually, this one just happened to be a deity theme.

    • Nate says:

      We don’t have “Christ on a bike” in the U.S., but I’m now going to say that every chance I get.

  7. Touched By An Angelhair says:

    Boy-ar-Dee! Retorts like yours are the zest in my pesto! I’m so glad my hometown San Jose represents the FSM so jaw-droppingly well. 24 years in the Almaden Valley, baby! I spread the good sauce in Denver now, but you make me instantaneously homesick.


    • Stefano says:

      Touched By An Angelhair,
      your nick is a riot!!!!
      Man, i wish i thought of that !!!

    • Ari says:

      Ah, Denver, the city wherein I first learned of the blessed Noodley Appendage. Good place.

  8. Theo says:

    I will never understand these christians….

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