San Jose Bike Party Deity Ride

Published October 15th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson


My brother Jake and I at the San Jose Bike Party Deity Ride.  My boyfriend broke up with me after i made these costumes because they grossly offended his christian beliefs….


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  1. Danimal says:

    His loss. The costumes are awesome and I hope the ride was a blast.

  2. Jamie says:

    Why was he offended? Maybe he needs to learn a sense of humor. I’ve seen a number of Christians even here among the comments, so simply being a Christian is no excuse.

  3. Mird says:

    No offense, but I couldn’t stop lol’ing at your boyfriend’s reaction xD

  4. B. says:

    Garnet, I’m sure you’ll find a nice, pastafarian boy to settle down with. One that has a sense of humor and doesn’t take himself to serious.

    Those hats are great. I’m sure you make the Flying Spaghetti Monster chuckle happily from whatever corner of the world he’s watching us all at once from.

  5. sky lukewarmer says:

    His species will be extinct soon anyway! :)

    • opiesysco says:

      Not soon enough.

  6. Carlos says:

    Whoa, I’ll be your new boyfriend if you wish ;)

    • B. says:

      Tell us about yourself Carlos…

      Any other nice, clean pastafarian boy without warts out there want to put themselves forward?

      • Danimal says:

        Could this be the beginning of a pastifarian dating site?

        • B. says:

          Seems like the pastafarian dating community failed on no one stepping forward :/

        • Jake Rordame says:

          Well I like long walks on the beach, eating ice cream and the FSM! I will happily come forward for a pastafarian dating site :p

      • opiesysco says:

        You guys crack me up.

        Oh FSM, I wish I was young again!

        • phenomedon says:

          I’m young again, thanks to the never ending pasta bowl of youth, available for a limited time at your local Olive Garden TM! Bahahaha PastafarI for life. Hahahaha. Garnet, I would love to tie the proverbial spaghetti-knot till death do us part, or maybe just meet for a lady and the tramp style dinner. Whoa, I went way to overboard!!!! Sorry. Hahahaha.

        • Garnet says:

          LOL, thank you, that was hilarious. I love all the positive responses i’m getting on here, especially about a pastafarian dating site.

        • B. says:

          If you ever need a date, you know where to go.

    • Nate says:

      Hey guys! Guess what I just made! https://n23hutch.wixsite.com/pasta-love

      • Nate says:

        Wait, new link. https://pastafarian-dating.wixsite.com/pasta-love

        • Rasputin says:

          Great idea, Nate. Does the Divine Bobby approve?

        • Nate says:

          If I ever actually got it running it wouldn’t be for profit, so I assume he’s okay with it. It turns out there’s already a dating site for Pastafarians, though. http://fsmmingle.gistips.net/

  7. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    Good for you doing it. Your ex is an idiot. You are a nice looking girl. A much better man will come along :)

  8. Susie-Q says:

    Just as well you found out now what a narrow minded creature he is, Garnet. The Universe has better in store for you now that you’re free. Enjoy! Evolve!

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