Rally sightings

Published October 30th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Source: Gawker

Above 2 pictures thanks to kdtwaite

Darlene’s Rally sign

Spotted at BuzzFeed’s Top 100 Rally Signs, courtesy of Pete.

Caught these two during the Jon Stewarts and Stephen Colberts Rally
for Sanity and/or Fear in DC on October 30th. Everyone kept asking “Is
that a spider?!?” however there were quite a few people (including me)
explaining what it was. Loved it!


Above two spotted by Traci, via Facebook FSM Group

Matt S. sent this picture of himself being Touched.

Due to delays caused by subway issues caused by the huge crowds, we were not able to rendesvous all at once. But here is an apparition of his noodliness, in the courtyard between the museums. A few people were puzzled, but far more came up to be “Touched by His Noodly Appendage”

Another shot.

The UbiFamily from the Forums, in full regalia. The sign that’s cut off reads “Is this thing on?”

Above three photos courtesy of Ubi Dubium

Washington Post mention:

“I do vote,” says Teddi Fishman, 46, the director of the Center for Academic Integrity in Clemson, S.C. “But more than entertainment or politics, I just think this is a release for everyone. We’ve had so much tension.”

This is why Fishman has come to the rally dressed as the Flying Spaghetti Monster, with plush tentacles encircling her body. “I want to be around people who believe in civil discourse, that you can disagree” respectfully, she said.

A man walked by and asked if he could take a picture. “Yes,” she said. “And would you like to touch my noodly appendage?”

Full article here.

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  1. Excelsior says:

    The God of Abraham is a double-crossing scoundrel!
    Everyone knows about Oskar Schindler who saved 1000 Jews from the Holocaust. I just saw on CNN about the Englishman Frank Foley who risked his life to save 10,000 Jews! Then go to Wikipedia to find a list of at least 100 people who saved Jews from the Holocaust including the Polish woman Irena Sendler who saved 2500 children, Ho Feng-Shan from China who saved 3000 etc!
    Now the Jews were led to the “Promised Land” for Centuries by “God”, who called them his “Chosen People” and had a Covenant with them. So how many Jews did “God” save from the Holocaust? NOT A SINGLE ONE! Moreover, after Hitler murdered them, then “God” sent them all to Hell to burn for eternity because they refused accept his bastard son (born out of wedlock) as their Messiah! I don’t understand how any sane person can worship such a demon!
    So, my Christian friends, beware of this “God” because Christianity is dying out and he has changed his name to “Allah” and is putting all his chips on Islam which is projected to be the principle religion within 50 years. When Christians are the victims of the next “Holocaust” don’t expect your “God” to save you. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!
    If you are intelligent then hurry up and convert to Pastafaria, the Church of the FSM! The FSM is very reliable and never double-crossed anyone.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Excelsior, don’t forget that the Vatican colluded with the Nazis, helping them to locate Jews, whom they thought should all have converted to Christianity.
      Promised land? You must mean a rationale for a genocidal land grab.
      May The FSM bless Christian fundies: their proselytising may be the biggest reason for the demise of Christianity. It’s worrying that Trump holds a weekly Bible study group with his fundie cronies, but, perhaps they’ll achieve the same outcome.

  2. Excelsior says:

    Capt. Birdseye,
    Yes, the Vatican has been an evil Cult ever since it’s birth. It burned at least 12 million people at the stake in the Inquisition and Witch-hunts etc. Although they don’t do that any more, their army of pedophile Priests has raped at least half a million boys and girls all over the World! Their Cult leader, Francis, says they will have a meeting next February to discuss it. That’s like the Fire Department answering your fire alarm by saying: “We’ll discuss your fire five months from now!” You realize that it will take at least 5 months to destroy or cover up all the crimes committed and buy out the witnesses and white-wash the Church!

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Excelsior, I was not impressed by the bishop whose defence in court, for not reporting child abuse, was that he believed Canon Law trumped Secular Law.
      I believe that sexual abuse was regarded as a traditional perk. In monastries, each monk had their own bed, but, there were none provided for the new novices, who were expected to share a bed with a monk.
      The Vatican still has the same Inquisition department, but, the secular authorities refuse their instructions.

  3. Excelsior says:

    I want to emphasize that the Cult leader Francis is giving his gang 5 months to destroy or cover up all the evidence of their criminal activities, buy out the witnesses, (He has already spent billions of dollars of his ill gotten wealth on this!) and write out and memorize the drafts of their speeches they will make, proving that they were innocent! It will be entertaining to see how they try to make a mole-hill out of a mountain!

  4. Captain Birdseye says:

    Excelsior, I seem to remember that Francis is a Jesuit, which group spent a few centuries developing disgusting techniques of how to lie ‘righteously’, using ‘mental reservation’ and equivocation.
    For example: ‘I did not have sex with that woman’, was not a lie depending on what Clinton’s definition of ‘having sex’ was. I suspect the Catholic Encyclopaedia also defines ‘having sex’ as man/woman/missionary, thus, groping choirboys is not ‘sex’. I imagine many words, such as ‘abuse’ have unique religious definitions. ‘Relaxation’ meant burning at the stake.
    Prosecutors must understand theo-equivocation and ask for concise definitions of words. I think the Vatican should be raided by CPS, to seize all records.
    To be fair, Protestants can also take Luther’s advice that ‘telling big fat lies’ that further the Christian god are acceptable or desirable.

  5. Excelsior says:

    C.B. There is plenty of lying in religion. Some Clans call it “Taqiyya”.
    The fundies say that the mention of “slave” in the Bible means “indentured servant” and slave owners were rightious people who took in these poor people as “servants” to prevent them from starving to death! If that were so, then the African Americans should thank the slave traders who saved their ancesters from starvation by bringing them to The New World! It’s probably true that many of them would have starved to death if left in the captivity of the Slave owners in Africa that they were bought from! Maybe they should put up a monument to the slave-traders!

  6. Captain Birdseye says:

    You mean as black humour? I suspect the USA already has many such statues.
    I believe that some decent people, as the only thing they could do, did buy slaves solely to set them free.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      If one extracts from the Bible the many descriptions of whom to capture and how to treat them, it is perfectly clear that slavery is being described. One does not ‘bore the ear’, or brand, or own the children of servants, let alone kill their whole family.

  7. Patroller says:

    Disabled toilet.

  8. Excelsior says:

    The Holey Buy-Bull is full of black humour. There are scores of verses sanctioning slavery. During the Civil War the Confederacy was fighting a Holy War to “protect the Bible which condones slavery in Old and New Testaments!” (A quote by Jefferson Davis.) According to this logic Abraham Lincoln should be banished to Hell along with all the Jews murdered by Hitler!

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