Halloween Evangelism

Published October 29th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Halloween is a prime Pastafarian evangelism opportunity, the one night of the year that pirates and wenches can walk around in traditional regalia free from persecution.

Here’s a collection of Halloween Missionaries, and below that a collection of Propaganda Pumpkins. These are from the last few years.  Please send me your photos from this year’s festivities and I’ll add them here.


Halloween Missionaries




I still remember this guy's nickname, Slabcock.


Propaganda Pumpkins





(I made this one).

Send me your Halloween photos, I’ll put them up here.   * I see several photos in my email, thanks!  Keep sending, I’ll post them soon *

43 Responses to “Halloween Evangelism”

  1. Quentin says:

    Thank you for leading me to the Pasta. I was lost in a wilderness riding on the back of an Invisible Pink Unicorn and finding nothing and growing weary of the lack of rationality. The silently acknowledged hypocrisy I would see in the eyes of our fellow space travelers, when maturely discussing their religions, would always cause me to throw up, a little, in my mouth. Now that I have found the Pasta, my mouth will be filled with the wonderful taste of logic and understanding and it will wash away the bile the Sith would cause me to experience in their presence. I have been touched by HIS noodly appendage and it is good. I will spread HIS word to all who will listen and share a bowl of Ramen with me as the symbolic ingestion of HIS compassion and love of all.


    p.s. Jesse Jane’s emersion into her role as a pirate in Pirates was, well..let’s just say it brought a tear to my eye knowing that pirates like her are only in the movies. I have no doubt that the great pasta strainer holds limitless bounty for all, I just hope some of my bounty is pirates like her.

    • nun sequitur says:

      mr terrentino, we love ur movies

  2. linguine says:

    Hey guys, I have been touched by this religion…
    Yesterday I saw the Flying Spaghetti Monster, just over my house… I kneed and prayed, and he talked to me. He said, “Go to the people of the New Babylon and preach the word of my new son, and my son will be you”… The enlightenment just came from above and everything was light, and I became light. Now, everything I touch is light. The mission now is to build a new church so we can gather together and enlighten people’s lives by showing them the one and only true path for salvation.
    So, please send donations to [email protected] through Paypal.
    May the peace of FSM be with you and make our new church a reality. You will be rewarded in the after life.

  3. Ceris Cavender (from the UK) says:

    well hello there!!

    I tell you what you got a lot of hate mail!! but i think its stupid people being so horrible!! they dont go around be horrible to other region, so i say show some loving to the spahetti moster! show some respect! i agree with what you doing (not so much of the pirate suit but each to they own i say!!!) so keep the good work and i will keep spreading the word!

    P.S well i thought i would drop by and give a little message!

    keep up the good work!

    lots of love from ceris cavender (south wales,UK)

  4. Wayne S. Clark says:

    I see the light, but fearfull of the baptism. I assum I will be baptised with a handfull of wet noodles.

    • Keith says:

      I’ve said before that I’m not good on theology but I suppose you can be baptised using pasta sauce. A spread hand would be placed on your forehead imitating the spreading Noodly Appendages.

  5. Rabbi Maruchan says:

    As a Atheist it’s hard to find something to look forward to; but now I have his noodly appendage to look forward too.

  6. Dan says:

    That’s what we need, more missionaries. We need a flock of hot, smiling, pirate girls to go around and convert people. I bet it would work!

  7. someone says:

    everyone is pirates and everyone is walking… global warming is reduced by PIRATES

  8. ezaffaera says:

    Sorry for this seemingly dumb question, but do you consider it blasphemous to eat spaghetti?

    • TheFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      As the Noodly One himself said at the Garden of Olives, “Take this and eat me”. Or something like that – he was pretty drunk at the time.

    • Keith says:

      Eat it any time with due reverence. If you eat it and drink beer you increase the intake of holy carbohydrates (no, that’s not an exclamation by the Boy Wonder).

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