Anthropology Class Evangelism

Published October 13th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Is it just me or does this guy look like a real pirate? 

For my college anthropology class we were asked to give a presentation on a culture or religion that we felt strongly about.  I, of course, did mine on the FSM.  I made sure to dress in the formal attire as I gave my presentation.  I gave out fliers and explained the fundamental concepts of heaven (as seen in the picture).  All of my fliers were kept by my peers, and my professor gave me an A.  Apparently Washington State University has FSM supporters in the student body and faculty…

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  1. Ohio Pirate says:

    Well done sir! My father used to live in Pullman and had season tickets to WSU basketball games. I live in Ohio but would root on the cougars with him from here. Another fine reason to be proud of WSU! Thank you for your courage! RAmen!

  2. zebobbybird says:

    That’s awesomeness sauce on spicy meatballs!
    You should put up a copy of the flier here on the website.

    • ADoS says:

      He got the flyer from this website, actually. It’s under the Materials section of the site, at the bottom of the Brochures subsection.

  3. Tim says:

    Excellent. Our son has been debating whether he should attend WSU or UW. Your experience at such an open-minded university certainly tips the scales in favor of WSU.

    Go Cougs! RAmen.

    • Atsap Revol says:

      WSU is a great school, but don’t forget OSU, the alma mater of our Prophet Bobby. Yeah, I know “Out-Of-State-Tuition,” but your son would like OSU, and it’s not far away. It also has a nicer climate and better scenery. Pullman is somewhat drab and cold in the winter. Well, in the end, Cougars or Beavers he can’t go wrong.


      • Derek says:

        Yea Pullman is a pretty boring town to boot. I’m not at actually at the Pullman campus though, I rock the mighty Columbia Basin. Go WSUTC!!

  4. Bam says:

    that s AWESOME! you should consider going around to different colleges and spreading his noodly word. my roommate and i started an FSM organization on our campus of northern Michigan university called ARRRGH!!!and we would love to maybe see something get put together and bring you out here for a talk :)



    • Derek says:

      We’re in the process of getting people together to start a FSM group here. My presentation has managed to recruit at least 15 new FSM members! Also, there is a Prof of mine who might be willing to teaching FSM for in his theology class…

  5. Touched By An Angelhair says:

    A true missionary. Thank you for showing them your (ahem) position.


  6. Rev J Londo says:

    thats awesome dude! i’ve been thinking about going door to door on Halloween and handing out informative pamphlets but i think everyone would think i was joking. i would just do it on a regular day but i dont think i would get free candy…

    • Keith says:

      You might get free beer though. (Don’t know how you’d go with the strippers)

  7. Rin says:

    Lucky. I tried to use FSM in my world religions class and was not just rejected, I got totally ignored. Other classmates showed support for the idea, but the teacher just plain pretended I hadn’t said anything about it. I got stuck with another religion to study, instead. And she lets scientology be studied…

  8. Ben Kemp says:

    I know it’s a bit late, but Well Done!

    As a high school Science! teacher (Australian), we are required to address ‘cultural opinions’, which our school chooses to do by examining and comparing creation stories, during our astronomy topic. For the last couple of years, I’ve got a group voulenteering to speak to the class about the FSM, and doing a pretty good job of it. Sadly, I’ve had to wind back the discussions of beer fountains and stripper factories (liberal perhaps, 15 year olds discussing strippers I probably couldn’t talk my way out of) but otherwise, the kids seem to get a kick out of it (biggest competition is scientologists, oddly). Keep up the evangelism, and soon we’ll have University classes on the one True religion.

    • plumberbob says:


      As you undoubtedly are well aware, the standard text of the Abraham cults contains far more graphic and X-rated tales of violence, hate, genocide, misogyny and other social ills that are demanded by the deity. The stripper factory as interpreted in The Loose Canon, (free on-line on this site) is a self-improvement means to become what the person wants to be. Like every other sacred text and mythology, interpretation and misinterpretation begins at the birth of the cult.


    • Keith says:

      “biggest competition is scientologists, oddly”

      well, there are lots of people who like science fiction. If Hubbard had thrown in a few Daleks for good measure (the real ones I mean: not the latest Lego jobs) I might have taken more notice of it myself.

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