Noodly Birthday Cake

Published September 9th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I particularly like the eyepatch

Attached is an image of my 18th birthday party cake.  A family friend always makes the most awesome cakes, out of all the ones she has made this one takes the cake.  I had no idea it was going to be an FSM cake, and I actually had some close Christian (including creationist) friends with me.  It was extremely awkward, and extremely awesome.


24 Responses to “Noodly Birthday Cake”

  1. Maurog says:

    The only cake in existence that is not a lie…

    Ritchi, do you mean the Loose Canon? It’s at http://loose-canon.fsm-consortium.com/the-loose-canon/
    The Gospel of FSM can be bought at Amazon and the like, but it’s an offline book.

    • Ritchi says:

      ah, thanks! thats what i meant

  2. Tylena says:

    Wow, awsome! Does your friend have a recipe for making a cake like that? Because I would love to have it ;)

    • Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

      make cake, shape fsm, eat, say YAARGH!, repeat

  3. sun wokung says:

    in the immortal words of monkey “your not a god, your a birthday cake”.

    still sweet birthday cake. i would love to steal the recipe one day

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