Japanese creature sighting

Published September 7th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

noodly appendages

Chris spotted photos of this creature on Japanator.  A fisherman found it 200M down off the coast of Japan.  I do see the resemblance to the FSM but I am wondering what He was doing down there.

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  1. Brad says:

    He was looking for pirate remains

  2. Suz says:

    OMG! Evolution was NOT kind to this poor creature.

  3. wisekidk says:

    Are you sure you want that representing FSM?

  4. tris says:

    Jesus! It looks more like a bunch of gonads (penisis and vaginais) in the advanced stages of deformation after a particularly virulent dose of the clap or some such awful venerial disease… I wonder if there is a brothel at the bottom of the sea off the coast of Tokyo?
    They are the kind of photos they show you at school to try to put you off unprotected sex (or to put you off any kind of sex and enter a monastery or a nunnery!)

  5. Morgan says:

    it llooks like a large penis head with tenticals instead of pubes

  6. Nightgaunt says:

    Looks like the larval stage of a kutun or one of their tentacled minions that serve them and the Deep Ones in the abyssal depths worshiping the carved likenesses on water soaked granite for millions of years. Shouldn’t go there if I were you. You may one day never return. The sea is vast and still many things are hidden from the sight of humans. Good thing too or they would be stark raving mad because of it. Stay away for you life and sanity.

    • Keith says:

      In that case we should ask the Flying Dutchman. I’m certain he would be on familiar terms with the more unsavoury creatures of the deep. I still think it’s a Shellos with its eyes closed

  7. Harmonika Savingsbonds says:

    It has both vagina and penis features.
    Perhaps this is a natural representation of the old adage ” go fuck yourself”?

  8. Out-to-Doubt says:

    Looks like a sea urchin choked to death on a cock. Just another amazing creature that proves the creativity of the FSM…not evolution. How could a wang evolve into a sea critter…and how could a sea critter grow a tiny man stick?!?!? Intelligent design by his noodliness is the only answer. RAMEN

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