Chemistry doodle propaganda

Published September 13th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

young talent.  I particularly like the space dolphin.

I thought that this might be slightly comical. Doodles from my chem class that include pirates and the fsm.


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  1. don says:

    This artwork shall be inscribed upon the ceiling of the Holy FSM pirate ship cathedrial. Forever and ever,”rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rAmen!

  2. don says:

    Hydrogen, ha, such a simple element.

  3. Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

    FMS? free midgit spoons?

  4. Chris says:

    Nice Long Cat /b/rother man.

    FMS? Well at least it’s only in pencil.


  5. Kyle says:

    ex-communicate this blasphemer for call our holy God FMS!!

    • My tutu is too tight. says:

      Perhaps he likes to be called Flying Monster of Spaghetti sometimes…. how can we know the mind of the divine that moved the hand to create such work??

  6. Ben Kemp says:

    As a science teacher, one of my proudest moments was marking a biology test and finding a full-page drawing of the Saucy one. Can’t scan it (school rules), but he certainly got extra marks. (zero extra marks, but the thought’s there).

  7. Stuart Millinship says:

    It’s a bit wrong, for a start it says lithium more reactive than potassium, Calcium more reactive than sodium

    If I remember from school when you could do these fun experiments before ruddy health and safety stooped it all when dropped into water

    calcium – went fizz
    Lithium – Went Phut, put put put
    tiny bit of Sodium – Burst into flame and was very aggressive – big bit of Sodium – BANG
    tiny bit of potassium – BANG – big bit of potassium – BIG BANG then lots of little bits doing BANG when they hit the water

    So if that wasn’t a science lesson it was “Intelligent Design of alkali metals – why we ignore the facts”

  8. Rasputin says:

    I love it.

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