Chemistry doodle propaganda

Published September 13th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

young talent.  I particularly like the space dolphin.

I thought that this might be slightly comical. Doodles from my chem class that include pirates and the fsm.


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  1. Sea says:


  2. Kelly says:

    omfg. gorgeous. I should do this to my chemistry notes and homework.

  3. Bagel says:

    F M S = Fuck Mainstream Stupidity.

    He’s trying to convert the masses people!

  4. Mr. A says:

    Okay, not to geek out on this kind of thing, but I thought Rubidium was between Lithium and Potassium…

    • Coronary Thief says:

      I thought so too… I think the other metals conspired to have it left out because it offended them in some way (much like Rufus, the 13th apostle, was left out of the bible because he was black)

      • don says:

        HAHAHAHAHA! What about the 14th apostle, Zippy the Pinhead?

        • Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

          no it was skippy the kangaroo

  5. dean says:

    Comical – No. Slightly retarded – Yes.

    • B. says:

      Just like you.


    • Rev J Londo says:

      there is no image of the fsm that may be considered “retarded”, not even slightly… that’s just irrational… dean must be a christian, or born in the hills, or retarded, or he has a cleft pallet, or he eats broken glass so that his bowel movements are more interesting, or he’s impotent, or he cant cook, or he has lice, or he’s ugly, or he cant play the banjo, or when he sweats it smells like a clowns ass, or he likes child pornography. im guessing all of the above. once again, our god is noodly, never call anything FSM related “retarded” not even retards. for he made them retarded for his own saucy reasons. however in lieu of calling anything retarded, it is permissible to refer to these things as “dean like”. thanks for your time. and fuck you.

      ps i take back everything i said… with the exception of everything i said. fuck you, that picture was a work of art.

      pps fuck you

      <3 always j Lo and the plaid disasters

      • don says:

        Really, he works in mysterious ways, Deano, the deantardo!

      • Shade says:

        Why must Christian become an insult? I may not be Christian, but I think that if you wish for respect for this religion, you need to be able to respect other religions. And people.

        • Danimal says:

          Christianity insults reason when it tries to be science. We don’t wish respect for our religion because it is a spoof of religion. The whole point is that it is so outrageous but is just as valid as christianity. What we do want is respect for education, reason, and rationality.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Let those who actually have a sense of humor and respect for those around them even though they are different cast the first stone.

  6. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    I truly believe that if our academia taught more about Pastafarianism and Piracy and less about chemical bonds or electronegativity of the elements, all society would benefit.

    • don says:

      Yeah, and they should stop already with thier “theory” of gravity too. There is no gravity assholes, the earth just SUCKS.

  7. Gordon_UK says:

    Are they the same space pirates as these from cbeebies?


  8. Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

    it seems almost Booshy to me, and also space pirates like metroid? because theyre bot real pirates, they dont have cutlasses

    • don says:

      They have laser cutlasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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