Chemistry doodle propaganda

Published September 13th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

young talent.  I particularly like the space dolphin.

I thought that this might be slightly comical. Doodles from my chem class that include pirates and the fsm.


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  1. Phyve says:

    Is that a cow riding a “thought bubble”?

  2. Marie Elizabeth says:

    This is totally awesome.

  3. Mylo says:

    Flying Monster Spaghetti?

    • I'm going to the rubbish bin for that... says:

      Free Menstrual Syndrome?

  4. Mird says:

    Oddly enough, my class used that same sheet, and doodled the FSM on it :D

  5. Andrew Hall says:

    Isn’t there a rule against drawing religious icons in class?


  6. Theo says:

    Flying Mpaghetti Sonster?

  7. Randy says:

    A drawing depicting our Noodly Lord?!?

    Now folks, I think the only reasonable, rational and logical thing to do about this deliberate act of blasphemy is to burn books pertaining to other (false) deities, rape and pilliage and blow-up shit everywhere. We need to teach other religions that our Invisible Friend is better than theirs!

    Or we could all just meet up at the local strip club, have a few beers, and enjoy the beauty of His Noodlyness’s creation. Whatever.


  8. B. says:

    I be a space pirate, yarrr!

    In space no one can hear your religious propaganda.

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