Poland protests spreading

Published August 16th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Poland's proud Pastafarians

The protests in Poland against the cross in Warsaw are actually spreading across the country.

Here’s an article in newspaper in Bydgoszcz where you can see guys with a bowl of spaghetti and FSM on a banner.

Ian, from Poland.

I am proud to see Pastafarians engaged in peaceful protests all around the world.   I will just point out that members of our religion, when protesting, are fighting for freedom and equal rights.  We fight for positive change.   You won’t see us trying to keep Mosques out of NYC.  I’m just saying.   Keep up the good work Poland Pastafarians.  We are proud of you.

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  1. Koleś z Polski says:

    Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła! K**wa wasza mać!

  2. Anna says:

    O wow! I’m from Poland, but I live far away from warsaw so i could’nt join. Anyway spaghetti in bowl looks really gr8! Good idea! I think Flying Spaghetti Monster is proud of them! Ramen.

  3. Jingles says:

    Ahhhh a sight like this makes me even prouder of my Polish heritage. I hoist a beer to you and say “Nazdrowie!”

  4. Pat says:

    Hi there im also polish and acctually i’m ashamed by my brothers and sisters let’s say cause. it would have beed acceptable if they were making an honor to his Noodeliness to give rip with for the people who died in the plain crush ( i mean our president and other important people) but tjhe group of pastafarians as it seems they were . Was screamin “Cold Lech” and the Lech was the name of our president.
    ALthough I’m on the “opposite side” i mean politically aqnd i did’nt vote for that goverment ( it’s very religious) It’s not acceptable to speak like that about people who died. And i also think that its not going together with our FSM religion. or ex how could the famillies of people who died feelt? when they heard sth like that.
    The protest was okay but they could be humanitally appropriate. and just do not yell some of what they yelled then they couldn’t be criticised from any side . and they wouldn’t be criticised by me.
    Hang on there !

  5. Kotka says:

    Ah I’m happy to see so many Pastafarians in my city, Bydgoszcz, and in Poland ;_;

  6. Baird says:

    Jak widać sporo polaków to Pastafarianie :D
    And now in english, well our religion is just to young to understand :D
    About polish demonstration i can say only one thing, good to see someone reaction about this Croosgate (you get it? Like Watergate but with cross). I live in Ireland and try to learn smart people about our mission, because we are peacefull and kind religion, but some of them are just to blind to see the truth (just like this old ppls from newspaper article). About haircut and political choices, well i’m almost bald 20 yo rock (real rock) fan, and i do not like what happen in my home country (like ohter 39 million polish ppl) I shall finish my post now, for the end, remeber, tommorow is VERY IMPORTANT DAY!!! :D Arrrr

  7. Poland says:

    YES! POLAND RULEZZ <3 kurwaaaa :D

  8. VinZ says:

    Congratulations guys!
    I thought Poland was a breeding ground for Catholic nutters (and car thieves), but you’ve proven me wrong. Keep up the good work!

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