Poland protests spreading

Published August 16th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Poland's proud Pastafarians

The protests in Poland against the cross in Warsaw are actually spreading across the country.

Here’s an article in newspaper in Bydgoszcz where you can see guys with a bowl of spaghetti and FSM on a banner.

Ian, from Poland.

I am proud to see Pastafarians engaged in peaceful protests all around the world.   I will just point out that members of our religion, when protesting, are fighting for freedom and equal rights.  We fight for positive change.   You won’t see us trying to keep Mosques out of NYC.  I’m just saying.   Keep up the good work Poland Pastafarians.  We are proud of you.

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  1. Fiona says:

    Nice to see some peaceful protests.

    • Josh Park says:

      This web site and “religion” is all fake and bull shit dont believe in any of this stuff….
      and if you actually either believe or follow or even preach this “religion” you are a COMPLETE IDIOLT and you are going to hell
      so first think about what you are doing before you even consider looking into this “religion”.

      • Danimal says:

        Oh Josh nice try. You almost made the hatemail page. You just forgot the obligatory “I’ll be praying for you” and/or “Remember god loves you.” right before you told us we are going to hell. Good job though on missing the irony of calling our religion fake while having no solid ground on which to base yours. You also have poor sentence structure and the best part may be that you spelled idiot wrong. You were so close to being enshrined in our Museum of Fundie Fools, but I’m sure you will keep trying so I’ll look forward to mocking you again sometime in the near future. Also, it appears YOU looked into our religion as you posted on our website, but did YOU think about what you were doing before you did? Do you ever think about what you’re doing?

  2. jonzie says:

    I wouldn’t cover too much the protests in Poland, although they are for a good cause, I can’t avoid noticing that most of the people protesting are right wing naziskin :(

    • Pavement says:

      Jonzie, I can not agree with you regarding the “right wing naziskin”. I’m a Pole myself and live in Poland. The hairdo is just a trend in Poland. If you’d judge every young man by the lenght of his hair you’d see circa 75% of Polish youngsters as nazists. In contrast most of the others would be hippies. :)
      The cause of the protest is, to say the least, making me want to emigrate. Despite this the protest march itself was a sight to be seen. Moreover, it inspired curiosity in quite a number of bystanders. People started asking questions and it seemed that, metaphorically speaking, the seed fell on fertile ground. I was positively surprised the other day when I overheard one of my colleagues conversation at work say: “Yeah, I saw those spaghetti guys walking through the city. It’s funny but what they say makes more sense than anything I ever heard about religion.” :)
      I’ll end my lenghty comment at that.

    • Baal_Zebub says:

      Being a skinhead or just having small to no hair does not make one a nazi. But actually, i can see more metalheads there. I think young people in Poland identify themselves with the metal subculture more, because the politics are so religious and the only part of culture which protests against this are metal bands like Behemoth.
      Pozdravuji z Česka!

  3. Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

    jonzie, I assume you are a Pastafarian, and therefore should follow our master’s code of non-judgemental tolerance, in any case, just because they are skins doesn’t automatically make them nazis, I’m not a nazi but I am a skin head (well bald actually!). Although I find the extreme right offensive in every way, Spaghetti Monsterism/Pastafarianism came into existence because of the undesirable state that exists whereby religion has become entwined in education, the state and politics and simply because you don’t like a particular political stance doesn’t alter the fact that we should all fight the good fight so to speak, to make our voices heard in order to keep religion and state seperate, something that is being undermined in Poland as we speak..

    May the sauce be with you.

  4. Randy says:

    That chick holding His Noodlyness is pretty damn hot. If I were a deity, I’d want a hot chick like that to hold me as well.



    • Theo says:

      I’d rate her no higher than a 5.5. Just enough to be a 1 on the binary scale, but no more than barely ok.

    • "Captain" Greenbeard says:

      I see a multitude of fine wenches hidden in the distance of this painting. Not all o’ them worthy o’ me, but me men have low standards… they’ll be fine fer them.

      Are you sure these are police-pirates though? They don’t look like cops ter me!

      The sauce, however, looks delicious. Not ter mention the wenches.



    • Mr Cooper (allhailfsm) says:

      indeed my brother sir, convienient name as well

  5. Jurgi says:

    Viva la pasta! :)

  6. 福利彩票 says:


  7. Dschinghis Khan says:

    LMAO 1000 dudes and a prostitute. so typical.

  8. StJason says:

    Bardzo dobre, my Polish Pastafarian Brothers.

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