Missing the point

Published August 4th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I believe many non Pastafarians are missing the point…

I try not to be as condescending as some other pirates on this site, but there are extremists in all aspects of "religion". Deal with it. Truth be told, I get a little defensive too when my thoughts are criticized.

The reason I point out FSM to many people is to bring light to the absurdity that religion has taken. Most of the preaching you seen in the site is merely the regurgitation of other religions BS that we have had shoved down our throats since we were children. All we are doing is repackaging it and sending it back out. If you study religious history you will notice that this is the same way Christianity and many other religions came to be originally as well.

There are many redeeming qualities of the people of other religions and what they believe. I have many things in common with people who just want to do the right thing and “live and let live”. I just wish that people who preach other religions would realize that they, and the people that wrote the religions, are fallible and that there is a highly likely chance that no one here understands why we are here and exactly how we should be conducting ourselves. I would like to be able to live my life in a manner that I see fit without being persecuted. I am being persecuted by the overly religious and when I read this site I find that I am not the only one who feels that way.

Modern regions’ practice and doctrine is based on the brain power of men (no women’s opinions were even considered) who thought that the world was flat, the earth was the center of the universe, and that a good bleeding could pull the demons out of you. I think the human race is smarter and more evolved than that today. I do not know why people are so against thinking for themselves? I guess it is just easier to blindly follow.

I feel this site gives those of us that are tired of being pressured to believe in something that in our heart we have found to be childish and petty a way to finally come together and not feel so isolated in our feelings. Before this site, it was hard to express my frustration. Other religions already have mechanisms for this such as temples, and churches. This is site is a gathering place. I do not go into churches and criticize others for what they are doing. If you do not like this site, then don’t view it. I am sure I would get ridiculed and condemned if I were to walk into a church and start talking about how archaic and closed minded I think the belief system is. The members of the church would get defensive as do the members of this group when they are challenged.

I merely want to talk to and be around those that have the same moral values that I have. This is why we flock together in the same ways the larger “religions” do. So please let us have our space to be who we choose to be.

May the wisdom of the FSM be understood and enjoyed by all. Ramen.

-David Muck

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  1. Eli says:

    Religion succeeds because it (a) provides a framework for life (b) satisfies the basic human desires and fears and (c) promises retribution for nonparticipation.

    People want to ‘blindly follow’ because it limits their options. Limited options are attractive. Consider the difference between choosing from thousands of brands of jelly or ten. Or five. Or three. Or just getting jelly on your plate in the morning. (b) is attractive because people don’t want to confront frightening mysteries or wonder if they’ll get married and have kids or a livelihood. (c) is an obvious ingredient. It’s an offer you can’t refuse: choose to believe and act accordingly and you get everything you need. Don’t and you just might burn in hell, but if there’s no hell there’ll still be a hell on earth thanks to your family and friends abandoning you and considering you scum.

    People want a formula. A diet and exercise plan. A way to be and things to do to guarantee a good and happy life. If only it were that simple. The American religion is now, “Go to school, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids.”

    • David Muck says:

      I agree with your general reasoning about why religions are still so prevalent. However, the reasons you listed do a extremely good job of explaining why religion creates as many problems as it does. It allows a person to not think about what they are doing and somehow come to the conclusion that in the end they are not responsible for their actions because some book told them to do it. The reality is that once a religion is accepted and then applied by those that are not capable of thinking for themselves it is then a fallacy since the blind follower is not able to tell you in their own words what they believe. If they were truly honest with themselves, they would realize that there will never be a religion that can totally encompass the hearts and minds of every individual in the human race. So why try?

  2. Freaky-Sheiky says:

    Like many of my religion (whose three-fold deity shall remain nameless at this point), some of your followers seem more concerned with the “Letter” of the law than the “Spirit”. Although, I must admit, I know so little of your faith that the gender of the Pink Unicorn may be an entirely relevant issue… As far as why people cling to outdated dogmas, the answer is simple: We know how stupid mankind is today, so the only hope that someone has figured things out is that if Medieval scholars were so busy discovering Scriptural Truth (and not hiding how stupid they also were) that they forgot to record history for a few hundred years! No one wants to go to sleep and not wake up, so until Stephen Hawking can tell me my essence slips through a worm-hole (that actually sounds incredibly gross if you think about it!) and into CandyLand with a math problem, I give just a little bit of credence to the guy who tells me he knows because he’s been there. And if I die and there’s nothing, well at least I pissed some people off along the way and kept the joke going…

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Pascal’s Wager has been handily dealt with multiple times here and many other places on the internet. Not going to do it again. And no one has been to an afterlife. Of whom do you speak? Apparently you are unaware that the brain can be stimulated and that person will have afterlife, religious, or alien experiences. No one who has died has gone anywhere but inside their own head. But what I am reading is you believe in a religion because you are scared to die.

      Pascal’s Wager + scared to die = Religious Coward

      Do the world a favor and don’t have children.

  3. Dionysus says:

    I do agree with the general thrust of Muck’s that The FSM (praise be unto him or her) is to point out the absurdity of religion and this website is a gathering place for Pastafarians. However, this post does miss the point somewhat of my interpretation of Pastafarianism. The purpose of Pastafarianism is to not merely replace one dogma with that of another, but to listen to criticisms of your beliefs, even if you disagree with the criticism. All the people who come to this website to attack the FSM do not merely provide comic relief, some may require you to think and come up with your own answer, thereby becoming a more enlightened and sophisticated Pastafarian.

  4. Alchemist says:

    @Dionysus – bring on the dancing girls!
    I agree with your post without exception. It used to be, and still should be, about having a laugh and being challenged. I’m happy now :D

  5. Saucy Wench says:

    I started coming here a long time ago because it was hilarious, but at some point I did find out what I believe. Seriously, I’ve had more spiritual revelations as a result of my association with the CoFSM than I ever did from going to actual churches and/or being talked at by people with agendas to convert me to whatever they believe.

    The FSM changed my life!

    • Alchemist says:

      Hi Saucy – how are the Chipmunks?
      As you know I’ve been to a few churches in my time and the one thing they all have in common…

      You can’t sneak a fart out! Seriously, you lift your cheek from the pew, relax and try to let it flow…nope, it’s Trouser Nagasaki!

  6. Saucy Wench says:

    Oh, Alchemist. I know. No sense of humor, huh? One of the last times I went to church, for a funeral, went horribly wrong when someone in front of me started to giggle silently. I couldn’t help myself. I had tears streaming down my cheeks, trying to suppress the laughter. What kind of god suppresses laughter? Surely Rosemary, the dearly departed friend, would have appreciated us giggling through her funeral.

    As for the chipmunks, they (it?) now just run around the house at will. I know I need to relocate them, but I believe I’ve put that on the calendar for October.

  7. Alchemist says:

    Do Chipmunks have holidays? Is that why you’re doing it in October? – They’ll be in Mexico for the week! You cheat!

    No sense of humour is right. Honestly, I cleaned the pew afterwards! Some folks are just too prudish.

  8. rmw says:

    But Alchemist, did you sanitize the pew afterwards? (Heehee! Pew.)

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