Missing the point

Published August 4th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I believe many non Pastafarians are missing the point…

I try not to be as condescending as some other pirates on this site, but there are extremists in all aspects of "religion". Deal with it. Truth be told, I get a little defensive too when my thoughts are criticized.

The reason I point out FSM to many people is to bring light to the absurdity that religion has taken. Most of the preaching you seen in the site is merely the regurgitation of other religions BS that we have had shoved down our throats since we were children. All we are doing is repackaging it and sending it back out. If you study religious history you will notice that this is the same way Christianity and many other religions came to be originally as well.

There are many redeeming qualities of the people of other religions and what they believe. I have many things in common with people who just want to do the right thing and “live and let live”. I just wish that people who preach other religions would realize that they, and the people that wrote the religions, are fallible and that there is a highly likely chance that no one here understands why we are here and exactly how we should be conducting ourselves. I would like to be able to live my life in a manner that I see fit without being persecuted. I am being persecuted by the overly religious and when I read this site I find that I am not the only one who feels that way.

Modern regions’ practice and doctrine is based on the brain power of men (no women’s opinions were even considered) who thought that the world was flat, the earth was the center of the universe, and that a good bleeding could pull the demons out of you. I think the human race is smarter and more evolved than that today. I do not know why people are so against thinking for themselves? I guess it is just easier to blindly follow.

I feel this site gives those of us that are tired of being pressured to believe in something that in our heart we have found to be childish and petty a way to finally come together and not feel so isolated in our feelings. Before this site, it was hard to express my frustration. Other religions already have mechanisms for this such as temples, and churches. This is site is a gathering place. I do not go into churches and criticize others for what they are doing. If you do not like this site, then don’t view it. I am sure I would get ridiculed and condemned if I were to walk into a church and start talking about how archaic and closed minded I think the belief system is. The members of the church would get defensive as do the members of this group when they are challenged.

I merely want to talk to and be around those that have the same moral values that I have. This is why we flock together in the same ways the larger “religions” do. So please let us have our space to be who we choose to be.

May the wisdom of the FSM be understood and enjoyed by all. Ramen.

-David Muck

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  1. B. says:

    You said it well. Cheers for understanding and free thinking!


  2. Atsap Revol says:

    Dear David Muck,

    Thank you for an intelligent and literate expresion of the values that I believe many “Pastafarians” hold. This site provides a gathering place for those who have rejected the dogma of conventional religions. I am grateful that I was born in a country that allows differences of opinion and a secular life if that’s what one desires. If I had been born a thousand years ago, I probably would have been burned at the stake as an heretic.

    May the great FSM bless you and keep you, Brother Muck.

    Atsap Revol

  3. karga says:

    I wanna write a great credo text for Pastafarianism. What do you think?

    • David Muck says:

      The only credo that I could ever follow is one that I have written for myself. I suggest everyone else do the same. Follow your heart. Speak your mind, but only if it makes you happy.

      A great author once wrote:
      “if God spoke directly to your face and said, ‘I command that you be happy in the world, as long as you live.’ What would you do then?” — Richard Bach – Illusions

      No one more eloquently expressed the essence of what I believe as well as Mr. Bach did over several of his writings. The infinite is possible if we can only believe in it.

      • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

        What would I do? I’d say “Holy shit! Where did YOU come from?”

      • Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

        and as Ben Franklin siad “beer is the proof god wants us to have a good time” could he be a pastafarian speaker?

        • Hugo says:

          Hey… Ol’ Ben Franklin was enlightened for his day. MMMMMMMMMM Carbs… ARRRRRR.

        • David Muck says:

          I agree completely. Ben Franklin was one of the most important influences on what our country is today. It is a shame that his vision seems to be getting lost in the clutter of modern society. Here’s to Ben…and Beer.

  4. Phyve says:

    Dear Mr. Muck,
    Thank you.
    Most sincerely,

  5. mepsipax says:

    Ramen brother.

  6. The Second to Last Angry Man says:

    Bravo, finally someone concise and clean attempting, quite successfully I might add, what Pastafarianism and this website has become since its original purpose was fulfilled. Thank you, and I hope that some of the zealots who write the hate mail would see this but, alas, there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen.
    RAmen brother

    • Phyve says:

      Even if they did read it, they would find a reason to be offended.

      • B. says:

        Zealots, fundamentalists and the liking don’t need no reason to be offended. Its their natural state.

        • Phyve says:

          Oh yeah, duh, I forgot… Or how the Christians would say it, “DONT INSULT MY INTELLIGENSE. THIS AINT EVEN A REAL FUCKING RELGION!!!”

      • Prophet of Pirates says:

        I just find it strange as to why, aside from worshiping His Noodly Goodness and converting, one would come here, especially if they KNEW this place was going to offend them. Its like going into a porta-john just to complain about the smell.

  7. tim says:

    You’re a credit to your species, David. This is, I think, a brilliant manifesto for the average Pastafarian. Thank you for giving a coherent voice to what so many of us try to jam into our responses to those who haven’t experienced His Noodly Grace.

  8. SpiritualAtheist says:

    Very much agreed. FSM has always been about gentle satire and about pointing out the foibles in religion. I think we should always keep a sense of humour in mind with these things.

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