Futurama sighting

Published August 11th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Nothing ever changes!

Looks like the FSM will be making an appearance on Futurama this week, Thursday at 10pm, Comedy Central.  Here’s a preview

This isn’t the first FSM sighting on the show.. could it be that there are some Pastafarians on staff?  How do I get a job there? Futurama is my favorite show of all time.

85 Responses to “Futurama sighting”

  1. Theo says:


    the less attention the crazy people get, the better.
    And if there’s attention it better be nail on the head.
    A Flying Spaghetti Monster (may sauce be upon him) created the earth. It’s in our Gospel.
    Only that works.

  2. Fussilier says:

    I’m in the UK and can’t watch it here or on the Comedy Central site. However, there is a short clip featuring His Noodliness on youtube

    • Resistors Diode says:

      I think that you can watch it anyway you are as long as you have the access on the internet.

      • CanadaBri says:

        No, Diode. You can’t.
        If you’re IP address is outside of the US then you can not view Comedy Central on-line.
        If you want to see the clip above and you have a non-US IP address, then the easiest way find it is to torrent download the full episode; Futurama Season 6, Episode 9.
        It would appear that your presumed knowledge of electronics does not transfer to the internet, yet you speak anyway.

        • B. says:

          I could watch it and I highly doubt my IP address is from the US. But that just proves that the limitation is nation based and has nothing to do with internet access.

        • Cap'nLewis says:

          Hi. New Zealander here, and I could watch it fine. :)
          May His Noodliness watch over you.

  3. Zoro says:

    For those followers of a United Kingdom persuasion this link seems to work:


    Live long and pasta!

    • zarathustra says:

      Fox pinheads have now removed that file – link no longer works. /sadface

      Pastamancers of the world unite! Let us cast a blight over this geriatric Australian megalomaniac & all his works…

  4. Da King says:

    You people are f***ing crazy! THEIR IS NO SUCH THING AS THE FLYING SPAGETTI MONNSTER! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

    • Danimal says:

      Dear Da King,
      I’m going to spin the idiot wheel to see what part of your post I should point out as wrong. Even though you could only cobble together three “sentences” you’ve still embarrassed yourself in so many ways I’m just going to pick one at random.


      and it stopped on: Too many N’s in the word monster.

      Piss off,

      • Bluebear says:


  5. Rolanda Talamantes says:

    I like very much this movie u are talking into the post

  6. Dan K. Carr says:

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