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Published August 1st, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Amazing work 

Though the picture doesn’t do it justice, this is a picture of my brand new FSM tattoo. This was done in Syracuse, New York at Resurrected Tattoo, by Jemola Addley.

–Mike Spuches

This is easily the best FSM tattoo we’ve seen, right?  Who else noticed the beer volcano?  Amazing.

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  1. CrazyKiwi says:

    Very very cool…

    If you don’t mind sharing, what was the source artwork?????

    I am looking into getting one done myself but this looks like a much better piece of artwork to base one on.

    Many Thanks

    • Jemola says:

      It was all custom drawn original with the exception of the FSM. And with respect to Mike because he has the work on him, and myself I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t reproduce this work, and instead use it as an idea to create your own.

      Thank you.

      • CrazyKiwi says:

        I understand your sentiments very well & have a great artist locally with whom I have already been discussing ideas. He is a league above the usual copy-monkey inker and is keen to create a unique piece of artwork with me as the canvas.

        Thanks for sharing and rest assured yours will remain unique.



        • Wren says:

          Hmmmm, now I’m thinking I might have to get a pirate fish tattooed somewhere – any tips for a good artist CK? I live in Raglan, but can do the Tron or Jafaland… :)

        • SillyKiwiMan says:

          Illicit HQ on K-Rd in Dorkland is an ok studio. Personally I reckon it’s hard to go past Roger at Roger’s Tattoo Art in Wellington, but that’s a hell of a trip.

  2. Mike spuches says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Jemola. C’mon guys be creative! Maybe a stripper factory in the next one?

  3. Mr Cooper (allhailfsm) says:

    how long did it take?

  4. The Second to Last Angry Man says:

    Thou shalt make as many graven images as possible!

  5. Scarlett says:

    Sweet ink! The beer volcano is hilarious! :)

  6. Dan says:

    Just brilliant, as great as, if not better than the FSM-Jesus-IPU High Five tattoo that’s on here. :D
    So this is heaven, how about getting hell on the other shoulder ;D

  7. Alchemist says:

    I’d like to see you explain that to Jesus and The Holy Spirit when you’re called upon to justify your life!

    During one of our regular Pentecostal meetings a man with tattoos let Jesus into him. I know it hurts to start with but it gets easier when you relax and let him come into your life.

    Anyway, this guy with tats got into the baptismal font and all of his Satanic tattoos were gone when he came out!

    (note to self – hydrogen peroxide isn’t the same as water. I thought I was getting an extra O for free)

    • Atsap Revol says:

      Miracles are happening all around us every day. Ain’t that a peachy story.

      • Alchemist says:

        Jesus H Christ Pasta Lover Backwards – can ye no see sarcasm?

    • Alchemist says:

      Oh come on! 3 thumbs down for that? What on earth has happened to this place?

  8. Alchemist says:

    @OP – Are you wearing a sports bra in that pic? We have a right to know! :P

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