Treat other religions with respect

Published July 9th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

When I first found this site, I was thoroughly amused.  I understand and even agree with your argument on the teaching of the Theory of Intelligent Design in public schools.  Your way of presenting this was very amusing, and wittily got your opinion expressed on the subject matter.

I sincerely wish I would’ve stopped scanning your website after reading your letter.
It was the attitude of the rest of the website that made me stop and feel terrible for the people who disagree with you.  From the video of the Flying Spaghetti Monster float performing a "religious action" on a random person to the tab specially designed for hate mail, I was instantly turned off to your concept of how you express your opinions.

Believing in something is one thing, but pounding others into the dust–pretty much BEGGING for the opportunity for someone to argue with you?  That’s something entirely different.  I know people must be begging for the hate mail that only screams at what a dumb religion yours is… just so that you can slam your argument into their faces. 

I think your message got lost a long time ago, Bobby.  It’s really sad… you had a good thing going, I think.  It’s really sad that your message of "don’t teach Intelligent Design in our schools" turned into "religion is pointless", which then turned into "everyone who believes in a religion is below me, and that gives me the right to completely disrespect everything they stand for".  It’s really sad that people join this group just so that they can slam onto other people.  Because really?  What are you hoping to accomplish at this point?

I may not agree with Christianity 100%, but I do believe "Do Unto Others" is a great philosophy to live by.  So is "Turn The Other Cheek".  Basically, treat other religions with respect… but if they don’t honor your viewpoints back?  Take the high road.  Maybe make a simple comment (like your letter) and be done with it.  By dragging it out like this, you’re making yourself look bad… and that’s all.

Thank you for your time,

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  1. Pastafarian igo says:

    Everyone that is straying from the original pastafarian idea is a part of the rebel alliance and a traitor! Bobby take them away! Lol

  2. Prendahl the Intolerant says:

    Hi Alfred,

    I do not speak for all Pastafarians. None of us do. Life’s rather groovy like that.

    I would, however, like to say this: Shove it, you silly fart. Your missive is about as pointless as me turning up to some militant religious site and suggesting that they just take a chill pill and settle down. Won’t work, can’t work, stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Oh but I like to offer advice as you do, Alfred, especially where it’s unsolicited. It makes me feel like I care (which I don’t) and, let’s face it, conspicuous compassion is a great little ice-breaker, doncha think? Makes them feel all warm and fuzzy while you chastise them and tell them how wrong they are for having passion and a sense of humour.

    Here’s a neat trick, Alfred: Go to your local religious nut-case’s place of worship and call them out on their misbehaviour. Go on – I’d love to see the reaction. I’ve done it. It’s fun. Their faces go a bit red and many of them walk out leaving a few stuttering semi-fanatics to answer your calls. Sometimes you all get on famously (rare but very pleasant).

    But you won’t will you? You’ll skulk away without saying a word burying your contempt for them under a blanket of “they’re entitled to their opinions” etc. You will however strike out passive-aggressively at a website. Nice work, chum.

    FSM loves you,

    Prendahl the Intolerant

  3. Jerry(FSMer) says:

    Religion is not only pointless, it’s a moot point at best!

  4. Rusk says:

    The moral high ground has been attempted for centuries. It didn’t work. Complete ridicule and contempt seems to be having an affect, however.

    • lovely says:


  5. anon says:

    Religion wastes time and resources, while squashing intellectual reasoning. This makes it dangerous to everyone on earth.

    It would be morally repugnant to most people on here to allow such a thing to continue to exist.

    • Slutface says:

      Thats probably the smartest thing ive ever heard anyone say besides…….Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery

  6. Jamie says:

    You know, people are diverse, and in any group of people, there will be jerks. At least our jerks are pretty harmless.

    • Che says:


      • ghost says:

        That >

        • Jason says:

          The other <

        • Not so hairless Ape says:

          Something else #

  7. Pastalogian says:

    It is sad for me read your post and to realize that you have not been touched by his noodliness which reigns forever.
    How can I respect other religions that I know are false? Would you respect somebody who based their morality on an imaginary friend?
    Dear Alfred, I hope that you pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster and ask him to reveal to you his truths. If you do not you will be sent to Hell. The Flying Spaghetti Monster has sent his Pirate Prophets and YOU sir have rejected the very truth that they proclaimed. You, Sir, have rejected the truth that has been universally understood from the inception of the Universe.
    How can you look at the mountains, rivers, seas, forrests, deserts and all of creation and not see the work of his noodly appendage? You cannot see the truth because your eyes are closed. Your mind is cut off from your spirit. But have hope! The FSM has promised us forgivness through the drinking of grog and the remission of sins. You sir, can to be a Pirate who sails on his eteral Pirate ship. The FSM be praised! I am praying for you Alfred!

    • ck says:


      • TheGuyYouKnow says:

        The midgets! You cannot forget the midgets!

        • CaptainKurkismyHero says:

          pesto be with his Noodliness, and the mountains He created, and His trees, and pesto be with the midgits.

        • Atsap Revol says:

          Yes, M-I-D-G-I-T-S. Let’s get the spelling right. To misspell our Lord’s creation is blasphemy.


    • Kemekon says:

      I’m sorry, I have to disagree with you. You say that you cannot respect religions that you know are false. Then you say the same thing every other relegion says. You say that if you do not “Pray to” (insert deity name) “and ask him to reveal to you his truths. If you do not you will be sent to Hell.” This is the reason that people do not believe in deities at all. If you think threatening someone with hell will do you any good, you are wrong. People still act out. People still sin. It hasn’t worked since Relegion has been founded and it won’t work for you. You say you are different and yet you all say that same thing. I am sorry, this is why I could not consider following you.

      • Drained and Washed Clean says:

        Did I just hear a “whoosh” sound?

      • pastafazoo'lah-a-hool'ah says:

        If you ate of the FSM’s flesh (spaghetti) and drank His blood (grog), you would not HAVE to go to hell, Kemekon. Don’t worry, though, there is very good news- I’m pretty sure that you ate some form of pasta and consumed watered-down brandy at some point in your life- YOU ARE REDEEMED. You can exchange your immortal Soul for an all-u-can-eat buffet in Heaven, but- well, you don’t get to go until you take that “dirt nap”- you know, “the big sleep”- you know, “buy the farm”,”kick the bucket”, “go see grandpa” or “get audited by the IRS while trying to sell bundled high-risk mortgages to banks” or other common figures of speech for- ahem-death.
        HE LOVES YOU, SILLY! And so do I.

      • Angelhair Pastafarian says:

        Threatening people with eternal damnation in H.E. double toothpicks seems to have been a working standard of your religion for countless centuries. I take it that it does not feel good to have it thrown back in your self righteous face.

      • Theo says:

        Option 1: Heaven with Strippers without STDs, Beervulcanoes and loads of fun.
        Option 2: Hell with ugly strippers, stale beer and some stuck up frustrated people.

        He, the FSM (suce be upon him) created this for a reason but he doesn’t care really what you choose, he’s not that vein.
        And for the prayers, no one really knows if the FSM (sauce upon him) listens at that moment so don’t take that too serious, really.
        Your choice.

        • pastafazoo'lah-ah-hool'ah says:

          Option 2 doesn ‘t sound that bad. I don’t mind stale beer or ugly strippers, as long as they’re good conversationalists.
          I used to be a stripper- got down & dirty on the furniture every day. Of course, that was when I worked at a furniture refinishing shop. Used lots of sandpaper and nasty chemicals to dissolve finish.

        • Not so hairless Ape says:

          You are a goof and I enjoy reading your posts. Pesto be upon you.

    • Angelhair Pastafarian says:

      Praise Be Thy Holy Name, FSM

    • The Antipasta says:

      What is a forrest? Was it created? Or was it something that evolved over the time it took you to write your post?

      We don’t know if Alfred is religious or not. He never stated one way or the other. Granted, he did say that he does not agree with Christianity 100% but he didn’t provide enough information for us the opportunity to disrespect him if our only passport to disrespecting someone is if they “based their morality on an imaginary friend”.

      The joke is on you pastalogian, and on those who disrespect Alfred in a similar way.

      • The Sause Master says:


    • Chris says:

      You sick idiot. The mighty FSM doesn’t want us to impose our beliefs upon others. That is what allowed the ninjas to wipe the pirates out. Just because they don’t always tolerate us doesn’t mean we have to ridicule them. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, besides eye-patches are pretty badass.

  8. Drunken Master says:

    I have to admit, it is more fun to read hate mails from the Christians.

    • samantha says:

      i agree totally hahaha

    • Angelhair Pastafarian says:

      I can just imagine them in their dark rooms , on their knees before the altar of their imaginary friend genuflecting and committing acts of scourging and self flagellation.

      • pastafazoo'lah-ah-hool'ah says:

        i thought everybody did that- sort of foreplay to masturbation

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