Treat other religions with respect

Published July 9th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

When I first found this site, I was thoroughly amused.  I understand and even agree with your argument on the teaching of the Theory of Intelligent Design in public schools.  Your way of presenting this was very amusing, and wittily got your opinion expressed on the subject matter.

I sincerely wish I would’ve stopped scanning your website after reading your letter.
It was the attitude of the rest of the website that made me stop and feel terrible for the people who disagree with you.  From the video of the Flying Spaghetti Monster float performing a "religious action" on a random person to the tab specially designed for hate mail, I was instantly turned off to your concept of how you express your opinions.

Believing in something is one thing, but pounding others into the dust–pretty much BEGGING for the opportunity for someone to argue with you?  That’s something entirely different.  I know people must be begging for the hate mail that only screams at what a dumb religion yours is… just so that you can slam your argument into their faces. 

I think your message got lost a long time ago, Bobby.  It’s really sad… you had a good thing going, I think.  It’s really sad that your message of "don’t teach Intelligent Design in our schools" turned into "religion is pointless", which then turned into "everyone who believes in a religion is below me, and that gives me the right to completely disrespect everything they stand for".  It’s really sad that people join this group just so that they can slam onto other people.  Because really?  What are you hoping to accomplish at this point?

I may not agree with Christianity 100%, but I do believe "Do Unto Others" is a great philosophy to live by.  So is "Turn The Other Cheek".  Basically, treat other religions with respect… but if they don’t honor your viewpoints back?  Take the high road.  Maybe make a simple comment (like your letter) and be done with it.  By dragging it out like this, you’re making yourself look bad… and that’s all.

Thank you for your time,

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  1. Doppelganger says:

    Alfred – you are the first person I have read who has presented a well thought out message without condemning this site and its readers to hell. I agree there is a lot of hate on this site, but only because it has been allowed to grow on its own. This is the nature of the web, no matter what site is out there. Perhaps, like the things I don’t enjoy, not only should you turn the other cheek, but also just move on….

    • Pastafarian igo says:

      Alot of the people only hate on this site because others hate this religion and that makes us mad wich also shows they are not true pastafarians because we are a peaseful religion. This is where i would quote the gospel but I’m too poor to buy it so I haven’t read it. So ya uhh thanks for your time.

  2. Theo says:

    The writer of this ‘hate mail’ is clearly not yet Touched by His Noodliness. It’s just too bad.
    Perhaps soon he will be Touched and accept that there is no denial of His Noodlinees, the Flying Spaghetti Monster and get access to Heaven with Beer Vulcanoes and stripper factories!


  3. Gareth says:

    take note that the bible says to kill others that do not follow the bible as well as the do unto others which shows how stupid you are if you take any of it seriously and seconld religious people are below us as religion restricts your mental capeabilities as well as physical ones religion is living to die you live your life in a way that you hope will make it more pleasent when you die and its just dillusional and showing that your scared of death as you are unwilling to accept it is the end

  4. Theo says:

    I’ve never seen an instrument with wooden strings…

  5. Iain says:

    Alfred, you suck. This is the “Hate Mail” section, not the “I’m going to try to make you feel guilty by displaying my sappy -better-than-you-lovey-respecty-pseudo-condescending morality penmanship skills” section. Why aren’t you using proper “Religous Hate Mail Best Practices”, like the ever logical “I’m going to pray for you…you’re damned to hellfire.” accusation? seriously. Go to Church, Symbolically canabalize a dead Jew, do 18 sets of stand/sit/kneel while the robed wizard quotes the Big Book of Fiction, Get angry at the fact “God” lovingly created gays & liberals which is why he wants you to shoot them, come back & repost. I expect better from you next time. :p

  6. Phyve says:

    Gravatar test

    • Phyve says:

      Okay, so that worked… Now I’ll test the thumbs down button

  7. tambrathegreat says:

    Hmm… While I can see how a person sensitive to the political atmosphere that religion has engendered in this country would be offended, I have to say that as a person who follows a religion (albeit not a monotheist one) I find the site to be amusing. I have never come away with a sense of my beliefs being disrespected in any way. Perhaps if the writer of the letter stepped back for a moment– and maybe purchased a sense of humor– they might find the comedy in the site.

    I do find it disturbing that the idea of tolerance has come to engender the acceptance of all and sundry, and that any dissent or attempts at levity are considered attacks. Have the forces of conformity finally won? Will we all have to wear gray, die our hair brown, and march in single file to some sort of bland life that passes for tolerance? Tolerance does not mean acceptance of all simply because a person espouses a supposed belief. Furthermore, tolerance and respect are earned. In my experience with all religious extremists, whether they are Christian, Muslim, or any other configuration, they are intolerant to the extreme. Many of those following ‘loving gods’ have special means of death for those who don’t follow that same god or follow the same god in a different manner.

    The letter writer seems to be attempting to gain his fifteen seconds of fame on this site by making inflammatory statements about the followers of this site and passing them off as a call for tolerance. I say, “Don’t give him any more attention, and he will go away.”

  8. Mr. Awesome says:

    Why is it wrong to want to engage people in a religious conversation, if this draws people into challenging what we believe, just so we have a chance to challenge their religion, why is that wrong? All people should understand why they believe what they believe and not blindly follow what they are told, which means they need to talk about what they believe.

    • pastafazoo'lah-a-hool'ah says:

      NO!!! be BLIND!!! that’s what faith is all about- “and a child shall lead them”, “Behold the lillies of the field, how they worry not”, “the left hand shall not know what the right hand is doing”, “Rachel went looking for the mandrakes in the woods”, “Harry lifted the dagger, and plunged it into the horcrux”- the whole point of it all is to PUT THE BURDEN OF PROOF ON THE NONBELIEVERS!! See, when someone says they don’t believe in the FSM, I just say, “PROVE IT!” HA! Take that logic circuit!
      I mean, look how compLicated a watch is. Somebody smarter than a watch had to make that right? I mean, a watch can’t just make itself.
      Now look at yourself. A WATCH didn’t make itself, or you! It must’ve been someone way smarter than you or the watch!
      Now look at things like this big flat earth, which the sun revolves around, like a watch. Why, that would bankrupt NASA to put together! Right?

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