Treat other religions with respect

Published July 9th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

When I first found this site, I was thoroughly amused.  I understand and even agree with your argument on the teaching of the Theory of Intelligent Design in public schools.  Your way of presenting this was very amusing, and wittily got your opinion expressed on the subject matter.

I sincerely wish I would’ve stopped scanning your website after reading your letter.
It was the attitude of the rest of the website that made me stop and feel terrible for the people who disagree with you.  From the video of the Flying Spaghetti Monster float performing a "religious action" on a random person to the tab specially designed for hate mail, I was instantly turned off to your concept of how you express your opinions.

Believing in something is one thing, but pounding others into the dust–pretty much BEGGING for the opportunity for someone to argue with you?  That’s something entirely different.  I know people must be begging for the hate mail that only screams at what a dumb religion yours is… just so that you can slam your argument into their faces. 

I think your message got lost a long time ago, Bobby.  It’s really sad… you had a good thing going, I think.  It’s really sad that your message of "don’t teach Intelligent Design in our schools" turned into "religion is pointless", which then turned into "everyone who believes in a religion is below me, and that gives me the right to completely disrespect everything they stand for".  It’s really sad that people join this group just so that they can slam onto other people.  Because really?  What are you hoping to accomplish at this point?

I may not agree with Christianity 100%, but I do believe "Do Unto Others" is a great philosophy to live by.  So is "Turn The Other Cheek".  Basically, treat other religions with respect… but if they don’t honor your viewpoints back?  Take the high road.  Maybe make a simple comment (like your letter) and be done with it.  By dragging it out like this, you’re making yourself look bad… and that’s all.

Thank you for your time,

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  1. Trent says:

    I Think you just need to remember “Parmesan shall not fall through the colander of life If pasta be upon it ” . R’Amen my child

    • Derek says:

      Here here!

      • SPELLCHECKER says:

        Derek, you meant: Hear, hear!

        Didn’t you?

        • Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

          Nope!, Beer, Beer!

  2. William says:

    I totally agree with all of his points. Except his perception of those points are incorrect. The points this site makes are valid and well justified. I disagree that other religions should be shown any respect at all. Respect people, not belief. Respecting belief is respecting stupidity. I may respect a stupid person but I won’t pat them on the back for willful ignorance.

    • Ari says:

      Man, I need to quote you on that some day…

  3. Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

    No hate mail since July? Have all the christians been taken to heaven, or, his Noodlines be praised, have we converted them all to his saucy ways? That must be it; the FSM is officially more popular than the Beatles!

    • B. says:

      The Beatles are good, but they lack the tasty crunchiness of omnipotence that His Noodliness posesses.

      • Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

        RAmen to that B!

  4. beardlywoodchop says:

    Just found this site and I’ve been laughing my ass off for the past 2 days now. If you’re a competitive runner you can’t help but believe in His Noodliness.

    Carbtastic thanks.

  5. Noodlity says:

    Here’s some food for thought I’ve been pondering for a while now:

    Treating other people’s religions with respect is all well and good (for the purposes of this discussion anyway) , but have you noticed how Xians themselves practice it? Or, rather, how they *don’t*?

    For one, there’s the entire premise that all pagan gods are false, demons, or whatever. That’s bad enough. Most of the ancient Mediterranean religions at least had the decency of aknowledging each other’s validity, often by equating gods with similar functions – Hermes = Thoth, for example. Even the Jewish god was *their* only one, not *the* only one. For Xians, however (and Muslims, for that matter) , it’s all about the big G, and nobody else.

    Worse still is the modern, “tolerant” version of Xian respect – mentioning other gods, only to make them functional stand-ins for the Devil or somesuch.

    Really, have you ever seen, say, a movie/TV series/video game based on Ancient Greek myths, where Hades *isn’t* a demonic bad guy? Or Anubis, or even Kali? Ever seen a portrayal of a Hindu god other than “has animal head, acts funny” ?

    So, Xians, if you want us to “treat other religions with respect”, then, if you don’t mind…


    • Keith says:

      One of the big problems with the so-called christians (the hate mailer types I mean) as I see it is that they are not christians at all (yes I deliberately use the lower case). 99% of their belief and attitude stems from an adherence to the old testament, not the new. It is a case of picking and choosing what in the bible supports their childish hates and predjudices. Since the o/t virtually gives them carte blanche to hate and persecute whoever they choose they stick to that and call it christianity. I know virtually nothing about the moslem religion other than what I’ve picked up from the “Thousand and One Nights”, so can’t comment.

      • Noodlity says:

        Well, the thing with Xians is, the OT and NT are starkly opposed, instead of complementing each other. So you can’t really support both, yet as a Xian, you pretty much have to. The difference between “you’ll burn in hell” and “i’ll pray for you” is no greater than a page turned. Yeah, no wonder they’re so messed up.

        Muslims at least are simpler. Ol’ Mohamed did a pretty good job clearing out the inconsistencies in the Xian bible, so their official attitude is easier to follow. In short, Abrahamic religions are “right”, but Judaism and Xianity are incomplete and somewhat erroneous. Everything else, on the other hand… yeah.

        Of the currently popular religions, I guess Buddhism comes closest to tolerance and respect – ‘gods’ become regular beings in the karmic cycle, while still powerful and worthy of reverence. It’s just that in Buddhism the game itself is more important than the players, if you get my drift.

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Talking about right and erroneous – I saw a report the other day saying that fundamentalist Muslims would believe what the Koran says over what they can observe; liturgy trumps reality. Then again, when you have fundamental Christians trying to credit the Great Flood for millions of years of erosion or trying to discredit dozens of scientific aging methods, are they that much different?

        • CanadaBri says:

          All so true. Just like ignorance, BLIND FAITH is also bliss for many.

        • Noodlity says:

          I’ve personally noticed two differences between Xian and Muslim attitude to fundamentalism:

          Firstly, most Xian fundies at least try and engage in a discussion, however pseudoscientific their arguments may be. Muslim nutjobs usually just go all “does not compute” and issue a fatwa against you or something. On the other hand, legitimate Muslim scholars tend to be much more civil than Xian preachers, and their arguments make much more sense, even from a secular POV. I guess it helps the Quran isn’t a half-baked, self-contrdacting monstrocity like the Xian bible. Sure, it’s outdated, and non exactly non-violent, but not much else.

          There’s also the fact that even predominantly Xian governments, bar the Vatican, explicitly differentiate themselves from the fundie nutjobs. Yet even the most secular government in a Muslim country will think twice before decrying their own, no matter how violent they get.

          In short, both are pretty much the same; it’s the treatment they get in the home field that’s different.

        • B. says:

          Religious people of all kinds share the conflict between reason and old texts written in another time and when the world looked totally different. Which is a weird choice for me personally, since reason, logic, science and Aristotle always wins that fight.

          Aristotle packs a mean punch.

        • B. says:

          Noodlity: I think that what you are describing is mostly cultural and has to do with other things. I mean, Christianity could have developed in the same way as Islam. Any religion could have. The Books aren’t that different from each other.

        • Noodlity says:

          B. , you’ve got a good point there. I can see how it relates to my “government attitude” point, especially considering the Jerusalem three-way battle where all the fundies get equally insane. That’s “Jerusalem syndrome” for ya.

          As for the books, indeed it doesn’t matter for a fundie – you can take a TV guide and still use it as an excuse for whatever you want. I *can* argue about the merits of the Quran as opposed to the Bible, from a rational, not necessarily secular perspective. But otherwise, yeah, I have to agree – not much difference.

          * * *

          Still, this begs the question: what *are* the cultural and extra-relligious issues involved, and how should we proceed toward them, before they pose a significant problem? Just saying, food for thought.

        • B. says:

          My sentiment has always been that education and a high standard of living effectively eliminates the need for religion. Poverty and desperation has always been key to why people cling to the hope of an afterlife or the false comfort that religion brings.

          That said, its somewhat of a catch 22. Some countries can’t raise their standard of living because their theocratical regimes uses oppression by inequality as a method of governing. So they can not pass the point where religion becomes obsolete or at least less attractive. Maybe the only way of limiting the power of fundamentalists and the regimes that support them is to limit the worldwide support of religion all together. And at the same time work for a higher standard of living worldwide. At the same time that would weaken the case for religious people in industrialized nations, since their bigotry and hate would be less accepted if religion itself wouldn’t be an accepted global excuse for violence.

  6. Noodlity says:

    This reminds me of an excerpt from a sci-fi novel I found here:


    “People will not come to church. They are too busy satiating themselves with the worldly goods and luxuries.”

    “Your particular private sect, like a lot of others,” said Keg Johnson harshly, “has been catering to the wishful-thinking of the have-nots. That used to be all right, I suppose. You gave them hope that in the next life they could live in peace, quiet, and also in luxury, believe it or not. You call down the troubles of hell upon the shoulders of the ambitious, and squall that it is impossible for a rich man to get ahead in Heaven. Nuts, Reverend. You’ve been getting your flock from people who have no chance to have the pleasure of fine homes and good friends. You’ve been promising them streets of gold, pearly gates, and the sound of angelic music. Fine. Now we have a condition where people can have those worldly goods luxuries right here on earth and without waiting for death to take them there. If you want to start a return to church movement, Reverend, you might start it by making your particular outfit one of the first to eschew all this palaver about streets of gold. Start being a spiritual organization, try to uplift the poor in spirit instead of telling them that they will be blessed because of it.”

    At any rate, support for religion is already low enough in most European countries; even the Vatican is grasping at straws. The USA however, being as monetarially as it is culturally diverse, still holds more than its fair share of nutcases and their desperate followers; the recession isn’t doing any good either. I’d say that for First World countries it’s only a matter of time. The rest… I don’t know.

    • B. says:

      That URL in turns reminds me of the works of philosophers like Descartes. Many philosophers in the past in the quest to explain the eternal questions of “why?” and “how?” pondered only so far as to give God the credit. They cheated, really. Descartes famous quote “Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am), assumes a divine creator.

      I agree with you in that while the industrialized nations have a more secular future ahead of them, its more unsure for the less fortunate countries. The future of religions is tangled up in politics, economics and the consequences, good or bad, of globalization and increasing ethnic diversity in previously primarily homogenic countries (like my own).

  7. beardlywoodchop says:

    Holy shit this is getting heavy!

    A very simple alternative consideration (which I haven’t noticed while scanning the boards) is that the prophets that wrote the bible were abusing psychoactive plants. Not only were they abusing psychoactive plants, but documenting the effects. The bible is probably just one of the first scientific documentations on the effects of drug abuse.

    There’s gratuitous murder, burning talking bushes, bread rain (that would be sweet), and a bunch of other crazy shit. Throwing drugs into the mix clears up so many misinterpreted messages. Jesus was just a drug-lord and specialized in the production of alcohol, which everyone thought was fuggin sweet. During his sermons he would just hand out some “shit” and start yappin. Pretty soon everyone would start trippin balls and jesus would do some party tricks.

    • CanadaBri says:

      Very interesting, beardlywoodchop. A relative Don Juan’s journey in biblical times, misinterpreted and sold as reality by its “users”, and then re-adapted through historical accounts. I must agree this is a concept well worth some consideration, and something I will now explore in my own future discussions.
      I have 3 aunt-in-laws’ who are Roman Catholic Nuns, and now I’m looking forward to my next family dinner.

    • B. says:

      I agree.

      You sure raise a serious issue. I must contemplate this while smoking some mushrooms I found in my garden with my friend – the pink invisible unicorn.

  8. Stonefield says:

    Alfred, read what you write. Don’t just write what you think, or else it becomes obvious what your true intentions are …

    And before all other things don’t lie. Just don’t! Don’t even think about it! It’s a no-no, understand?

    Now, given this one rule. Re-read your post. As WE all understoo long ago, that you’re not the well-meaning, concerned, willing-to-do-good-for-goods-sake, understanding, caring Not-100%-Christian. Because you aren’t.

    You’re just a hippocrite, a lieing pseudo-religious, pseudo-caring hippocrite.
    You just want to get under Bobby’s skin, by addressing his honour.

    If you really were serious about your statements, you would say things like: “I feel offended by this, because …”

    But that’s not what you did, or did you?

    Conclude from there …

    • Lisbeth says:

      Would have worked better if you hadn’t misspelled so many words. Spell check is your friend.

      • Stonefield says:

        Hi Sam eh .. Lisbeth,

        I Do have one, but it isn’t for English, and i wrote this in a hurry … in other words this isn’t my native language.
        But thanks for the suggestion^^

        (And i do wonder what you mean by “many”, i spotted one typo, which indeed bugged me. But one isn’t a possible synonyme for “many”…)

        • B. says:

          I recommend English spellcheck in your web reader. Firefox has one, at least. Thats what I use.

          And I don’t see any horrible mistakes, so one possibility is Lisbeths comment was meant for someone else. Sometimes the “Reply” button can be a bit tricky and make replies end up attached to the wrong comment.

        • Tally says:

          Cool spelling Hansel. You should get a grammar check too. Kidding my fellow follower.

        • OH Lee says:

          I guess this is where I comment on this blasphemous website, because I don’t see any general comments section.

          You people apparently think you’re very funny. I bet you think that we Christians don’t see the weak and pathetic irony behind your mockery. You believe that we are all morons who don’t get subtle humor. Well, let me tell you, Sally, we know a lot more than you think we do.

          We know, for instance, that you are all a pack of atheistic sodomites who make it your business to blaspheme God and His Son Jesus Christ every chance you get — when you aren’t busy loitering around public restrooms trying to seduce little boys, that is.

          And don’t think God isn’t watching you too. He has you in His Holy Eye, and He has a very special punishment planned for you and your ilk.

          Think you’re funny? Just wait until Satan and his vast army of demons are using your rectums as playpens for their huge, disease-ridden penii over and over and over again for all eternity, while Christians such as myself look on from Heaven, sitting next to our Lord Jesus, laughing our asses off, sipping Coors and smoking Cuban cigars.

          Have a nice day, sodomites! L-L!

        • Ereshkigal says:

          Indeed it´s very funny to give comments here and showing the world how pathetic are your fanatism and your distorted beliefs, this is not a blasphemy, because your god does not exist, is just a bad copy of Marduk, God of Babylonians and Asirians, and all your bible and traditions can be found in asirian texts, because you copy them, and your Jesus is just another preacher that went to east, found Budha, return to Jerusalem to teach your the ways of Budha and you, in your short mind, can not understand the deep of Nirvana and Sansara, and convert it into Heaven and Hell.

          Personally I don´t care about what things your imaginary friend sees, because he does not exist, God?, you mean Odin?, because the root of the word that you are using is used by the old germans to depict and name Odin, if you want to name your god, please use another word that does not means Odin.

          yeah, right, Satan, I believe that he is a more interesting character to meet than your silly god, and I don´t fear him, because he is just depicted as a giant fire lizard, and I don´t fear lizards, all the demons that you can name here, I can give you full acount of their true origins, in Babylonian and asyrian myths, greek and roman traditions and even hindu and egyptian pantheon of gods, personally I found your Jesus very funny, you use him as a powerful figure, he was just a man, Marduk is more a god than him, Zeus is more powerful, Odin is more impactant, the Dark Goddess Ereshkigal have more power in her finger than your Jesus, he raised one dead? big deal, the Dark Goddess can raise all the dead in the world, at the same time, and command them to eat the living, he walks in the water?, big deal, we humans walk on the moon, he died and resurrected?, yeah, right, the Dark Goddess never died, because she is inmortal and invulnerable, the miracles in the bible are just silly compared with the miracles described by the asyrians and babylonians.

          and actually I really don´t think that I care about what you think, because if you threat with a fabule, then I can do the same, and I say that the powerful Scooby Doo will bite you for not believing in the Mystery Machine, and sorry for you, because you will be missing the mighty heaven of the FSM.

          and, I find inside your silly fabule the figure of the demon more impactant than your Jesus, I can imagine how a beaten, poor, mortal man, can be more powerful than the demons depicted in videogames, have you not seen Baal?, or Diablo?, man, they are huge and they throw fire and lightning and earthquakes and meteors and their shoes, have you not seen Legion as female? she is so sexy!!!, of Mephistopheles as female???, I want a girlfriend like her!

          seriously, I find your religion insultant for human race, and I will wage war upon your ignorance and your fanaticism until I die, your threats and ignorance give more strenght for the task.

          I don´t buy your silly heaven, only faeries and lies, and while your prerequisite to enter your paradise be accepting ignorance and all ignorance results, like hate, fanaticism, ignorance, racism, and fear, I will say to hades with your heaven, I find the palace of the Goddess more of my like, and I still want all the beer and my wishes from the FSM when I die

          and, please, look for another new threat, those are for medieval simple minds, and I really got tired of your lack of imagination, stop copying hades please, stop using the name of the Goddess Hel, and while you search, please search for another demon too, your fire lizard is laughable.


        • OH Lee says:

          Ereshkigal: “fanatism” “asirian” “Budha” “fabule” “more impactant” ??? LOL! You are obviously an imbecile who can’t even use language properly. And I have only given a few examples of your pathetic attempt to communicate.

          “I can give you full acount of their true origins” LOL! again. You couldn’t give a full account of how to tie your shoes. You need to get back to work sweeping the dining area and cleaning the toilets. If you return to school and study really hard for a few years, you might actually be capable of cleaning out the deep frier and directing customers to the order counter.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          Ok, let´s start the lessons:

          1 from the points of your own religion:

          you are condemning us to hell, and you don´t have the power to do it, why?, because:
          Pope Gregory IX said that in order to destroy heretics, he gave the power to condemn and punish the heretics to the Dominican religious order, if you are not from the Dominican order, then you have no power to condemn, and this statement made you an heretic, according to the inquisition, and writing by the Decretalium compilatio Gregorius IX Titulus III De Rescriptis…


          you are saying that you will be choosen by god, and that is an heretical statment, only the church can select the saint that are choosen by god, you are then saying that you can understand god better than the church:

          ”they say that if God had not provided the church with Brother Peter John or someone like him, the whole world would be blind or heretical. Again, they say that those who do not accept the teachings and writings of Brother Peter John are blind, because they do not see the truth of Jesus Christ; and those who reprove and condemn his doctrine are heretics. Again, they say Brother Peter John is the light which God sent into the world, and thus those who do not see this light walk in darkness. “ by Bernard Gui

          and you are also saying that you can talk to god, and you know his punishments, and that is an heretical statment acording to pope John XXII, only the pope can talk and discern all things that god commands:
          “For We nonetheless by the authority of these present [documents] do more broadly prohibit that anyone pertinaciously assert the aforesaid things or any of the aforesaid things or presume in any manner to defend them. Whosoever truly should presume [to do] this, let him be treated as contumacious and a rebel of the Roman Church by all the faithful.”
          by the Quia Quorundam Pope John XXII

          according to this and by the laws of your church, we find my dear Oh lee, that you have perniciously erred in the faith of god, and that you are a child of superstition, a wanderer from the faith, an invoker of demons, an idolater, and a HERETIC


        • Ereshkigal says:

          the lesson continues

          2 your word God is not yours, it belongs to other cultures, God comes from “ōðr” and that my friend, is the older way to refer to Odin, because you have your roots as an american in England, and England was not a christian people all the time, some of them were druidic and others believers of Odin in the past, that word was adapted to the christian names that you were introduced to them by the romans, and even the latin name: “Deus”, comes from “Θεός”, in greek, and is a common term to refer to Zeus, and again, you CAN NOT say that this is a new word or a real meaning or those things, an airplane is an airplane even if you say JET, COMBAT AIRPLANE or another word that means the same, you are naming Zeus in that comment.

          I will not discuss here again from where the word Hell really comes, but from where the Satan word come, that word comes from “devel”, that is an ancient German word that comes from “diabolus”, evil in latin, and was borrowed from “diabolos” wanderer in greek, and that word is applied to some creatures fround in Hades, it was named in the epic tale of Sisifo, you christians, in your need to destroy other cultures and religions, adopt all their gods and heroes and turned into demons, even Satin in Hebrew is just a word that describes “to oppose”, none of your demons are real, and those they are is because they were Gods, and even good gods in other cultures, Belial?, is just an adaptation of Ya´al, “all that is good” in old Babylonian, and Bel comes from Lord, as Beelzebu “Lord of Flies”, then: “Lord of all that is good and money”, in their early ages, your faith condemned all material things as evil, and this God, “often depicted as a goat” was adopted as demon, Legion?, it was just a mock and a early christian form of denigrate the roman army, the numbers claimed by the bible does not match any of the formations of the roman legion, but it was very curious that the text were introduced right after the burn of Jerusalem by Vespasiano, Baphometh? just introduced into the christian church in 1100, but the records indicate a strong posibility of an malinterpreted hindu icon, (don´t believe the websites of fanatics and ignoratns that claim that this name comes from the times of Christ), all your demons are just other gods and fabrications of your fanaticism, and even your Satan, the main story of Satan in the bible is when God throws him to damnation from Heaven, “Luke 10:18″, but if you read a few history books, you will see that your faith is the one that copy another religions and turns into your own advantage, that story was written thousands of years before even the jews were in Earth, before your God and your Bible, and you can found it in the Enuma Elish, but it was not the light and good that created but Tiamat and Apsu, they were not evil gods, some consider them as “entropic” or chaotic, they created other gods that begin the “movement” of the universe, Tiamat and Apsu planned to destroy them at the end it was Mardruk, son of Ea, who defeat them and created the universe, the text is perhaps a bit strange but sometimes you can found some great similitudes between them… so, no, your Satan does not even exist, and if He exists, is perhaps another god from another religion.

          also, you stated that you will be saved, your arrogance is huge, let me ask you: Who are you to even think you can know the difference between good and evil?, are you god?, how can you possibly belive that god so powerful, can possibly be interested in YOU?.

        • B. says:

          Oh Lee: I see that you enjoy sodomy and like watching it. Good for you, being so open about your sexual preferences.

          It would be nice if Christians actually understood the humor behind this. Some do, some don’t. You missed the point. You don’t get that when you accuse atheists of prowling for young boys you make an open target. The Christianity which you hold so dear, has long hidden systematic abuse of children, boys and girls. All the while your kind and loving God is watching.

          Your enjoyment of others pain and your crude nature, possibly due to some evolutionary mishap regarding retainment of early primate genes, suggest to me that it is not we that should think through our chosen paths – but you.

          I’m sure you will find spelling mistakes. Jesus didn’t speak English either.


        • Ereshkigal says:

          also, thank you for telling me about some mispelling, english is not my native language, but as a rational person, I always accept comments and improvements that make me better person, I need to practice english more.

          still, I don´t see apart of your insults a discuss about the points that I have made, and I already show you by the bulls of your church that you are an heretic, that means that you know that is true, and true hurts, don´t worry, I already show all people how bad is to be a fanatic, your level of intelligence and that you have no arguments, my work is done again, as all pastafarians can witness.

          don´t worry, I will not insult you, perhaps you have not guilty of being a fanatic, perhaps is because your ambient or parents, besides, don´t be offended, it´s still time for you to start worshipping Marduk, that is the real name of your god, is not a bad god and can do better miracles, (if you want my advise, you can worship Hel, since you have so fear of giant fire lizards)

        • Danimal says:

          The section you were looking for was the hatemail section. You fit right in there.
          P.S. So are you saying god keeps his Holy eye on my Brown eye?

        • OH Lee says:

          “Ok, let´s start the lessons:”

          L-L! Yes. Let’s start.

          “you are condemning us to hell” The first letter of the initial word of a sentence should be capitalized.

          “that are choosen by god” The word is “chosen.”

          “an heretic” It’s “a heretic.”

          “devel” It’s spelled “devil.”

          Need I go on? Your comments are rife with these childish errors.

          “I need to practice english more.”

          L-L! That’s an understatement if I ever heard one. You need to go back to the first grade and start over. (“English” is capitalized, by the way.)

          And until you learn to communicate like a normal adult, you have absolutely no authority to attempt to educate me or anyone else on anything more complex than directing us to the napkins and ketchup.

        • gordon_uk says:

          OH Lee you are a dick!

          Your inability to respond to the counter argument or back up your hate filled rant that “You are obviously an imbecile”.

          Can you write let alone speak another language as well as Ereshkigal? I’m guessing not, is there not a passage in your bible that says something about not judging?

          Do you think your better then people who work in fast food restaurants? Whoops you’re judging again, the funny thing is I worked in one while in collage and my brother worked in one while getting his degree from Oxford.

          Why are you so obsessed with homosexuality?

          “while Christians such as myself look on from Heaven, sitting next to our Lord Jesus, laughing our asses off, sipping Coors and smoking Cuban cigars” So you’re saying that Jesus likes laughing and others misery? Can you tell us where in the bible it gives you this impression as my understanding is that would be very much frowned upon?

          “And until you learn to communicate like a normal adult” What? Do you think that your hate filled rants are how normal adults communicate?

          Now judging by your other posts I don’t expect that you have the intellect to respond to the points but just come back with pointless nitpicking.


        • Ereshkigal says:

          Actually I also worked in a fast food restaurant while getting my history degree :)

        • OH Lee says:

          gordon_uk: Respond to your points? L-L!

          The only point you have is the one on top of your head.

          You make the deliberate error, like most perverted atheists such as yourself, of claiming that the Bible says we cannot judge others. Oh really? Then we should let all thieves, murderers and child molestors go free, because we wouldn’t want to judge them, now would we?

          You’ve ignored the context of the passages you misquote. Jesus said that people should not judge others based on trivial matters. If you read the entire Bible, instead of just the parts your atheist leaders pick and choose for you, you will find many passages that tell us to judge others who commit deliberate sins against God.

          We are told to judge a tree by its fruit. In other words, we are to judge people by the way they behave. If they sin against God, then they are bad people. We are called upon to correct them and try to set them on the right path. But if they refuse to repent, then they will be condemned to eternal hell. That’s just the way it is. It’s reality, just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Nothing the politically correct sheep say will change what the Lord God has said in His Holy Word.

          Oh, one more thing. The lack of intellectual depth on this message board is clear from the practice of hiding comments because a few simple-minded drones gave it a thumbs down. We wouldn’t want to expose anyone to ideas that are unpopular with the “in crowd,” now would we?

          It doesn’t get any more pathetic than that.

        • B. says:

          Thats right… you heard him. Incorrect spelling is a sin.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          you heard the call?, that means that god speaks to you???
          he tells you what is right and wrong???
          and you act according to it???

          then you oh lee, by oratory, legislation, internet, speeches and whatsoever pass along the word of god to the rest of the world, look pastafarians and know the Prophet of the Internet!!!

          is that the way that it is? being against Oh lee is being against god?, your god tells true because you say it??? yeah right, oh lee so powerful and almighty.

          what if another man have another idea of religion?, that idea can also be holy?

          we pastafarians and all normal people must tremble and be afraid because you threatened us, with a fabule???

          let´s extend the Testaments!!! we will have a book of Oh Lee!, we will slip it between numbers and deuternonomy

        • Ereshkigal says:

          heretic you are no man of god, you are no pope or friar to say such things:

          “We say, that neither individually nor in common should they have property, but of the utensils, books, and movable goods, which it is lawful to have, the order has the use, and the friars may use them according to what the minister general and the ministers provincial will have commanded to be arranged [in the matter].” Since it is said in the declarations spoken of above, that the order may have the use of the aforementioned things, it is necessary that this be referred to the usus iuris. Indeed [those] things done [in law], which pertain to individuals, demand and require a true [legal] person; the order, however, is not a true person, but rather is to be accounted as one represented and imaginary. Wherefore [those things] which are done [in law] are truly unable to pertain to them, granted that these could be suitable to that which is lawful. Besides granted that the declaration of the aforesaid Nicholas III may contain these [words] which follow: “These are those professors of the holy rule, who have been founded upon the evangelical discourse, strengthened by the example of the life of Christ, and made firm by the sermons and deeds of the His Apostles, the founders of the Church militant,”[1] and afterwards in the same declaration he added, saying, “that the abdication of all property, as much as in individual as in common, is meritorious before God and holy, which even Christ, showing [us] the way of perfection, taught by word and strengthened by example, and which the first founders of the Church militant, just as [streams which] have drained from the fountain itself, in willing to live perfectly have directed along the stream-beds of their own doctrine and life:”

          Quia Quorundam, Pope John XXII

          you will burn in hell for daring to take the place of bishops and popes

        • Ereshkigal says:

          also, thanks for demostrating yourself that you are a heretic, because you can interpret the bible by yourself:

          “There are some malicious and crafty people among the beguins who, in order to veil the truth, shield their accomplices and prevent their error and falsity from being discovered, respond so ambiguously, obscurely, generally and confusingly to questions that the clear truth cannot be gathered from their replies. Thus, asked what they believe about some statement or statements proposed to them, they reply, “I believe about this what the holy church of God believes,” and they do not wish to speak more explicitly or respond in any other way. In this case, to exclude the ruse they use (or rather abuse) in referring in this way to the church of God, they should diligently, subtly and perspicaciously be asked what they mean by “the church of God,” whether they mean the church of God as they understand it; for, as is clear from the errors presented above, they use the phrase “church of God” misleadingly. For they say they themselves and their accomplices are the church of God or are of the church of God. But those who believe differently than they and persecute them they do not consider to be the church of God or part of it. ”

          1297 Holy Tribunal of Inquisition, Narbonne

          prepare to burn in hell for your ignorance and fanaticism

        • Ereshkigal says:

          also, you´re right, I´m missing some English words, but I can write latin:

          “Quumque propter persecutionem instantem et diffidentiam animorum, quam in talibus et zelus movet interdum, et usus excusat, de facili non possetis in unum locum et propositum convenire, sed ad nos fuisset ab aliquibus appellatum, tandem non sine difficultate convenientes in unum, Altissiodorensem episcopum in archiepiscopum unanimiter postulastis, postulationem vestram per magistrum R. praecentorem vestrum, virum in utroque iure peritum, honestum, providum et discretum, qui apud nos super assumpti promotione negotii fideliter institit, et de contingentibus nihil omisit, et per abbatem S. Petri, et per vestras etiam literas exponentes et petentes humiliter, ut faciendae translationi favorem apostolicum et pium praeberemus assensum, considerata praesertim persecutione, quae communiter instat ecclesiae Gallicanae, ac necessitate, quae incumbit specialiter ecclesiae Senonensi”

          Decretalium Compilatio, GREGORIUS, Episcopus servus servorum Dei, dilectis filiis doctoribus et scholaribus universis Bononiae commorantibus salutem et apostolicam benedictionem.

          and by those words, you also are going to hell.
          by the way, good luck translating it

        • gordon_uk says:

          OH Lee

          Thank you for proving my point dimwit.

          “Jesus said that people should not judge others based on trivial matters” so is that why you said “Need I go on? Your comments are rife with these childish errors” to Ereshkigal? Spelling seems quite trivial and before you say it’s not please advise us what your degree is in.

          You are still to confirm if

          • You write or speak another language
          • You think your better then people who work in fast food restaurants
          • You can prove Jesus likes laughing and others misery
          • You think that your hate filled rants are how normal adults communicate

          Your best bit is “we are to judge people by the way they behave” lets see…

          • “Have a nice day, sodomites”
          • “when you aren’t busy loitering around public restrooms trying to seduce little boys”
          • “are all a pack of atheistic sodomites”
          • “need to get back to work sweeping the dining area and cleaning the toilets”
          • “You couldn’t give a full account of how to tie your shoes”
          • “You are obviously an imbecile who can’t even use language properly”
          • “You need to go back to the first grade and start over”
          • “you have absolutely no authority to attempt to educate me or anyone else on anything more complex than directing us to the napkins and ketchup”
          • “The only point you have is the one on top of your head”

          Do you think ‘god’ will give you brownie points for this?

          Anyway most of the shit in the bible is ripped of from older religions as Ereshkigal rightly pointed out.

          Love and kisses

        • Ereshkigal says:

          who knows, perhaps yes, and god will give him two cookies as gift, because heaven seems to be a place and retirement for ignorants

        • OH Lee says:

          Ereshkigal: Again, all you have done is rant like a lunatic who can’t spell or construct a logical sentence.

          Latin? L-L! Anyone can cut and paste from a web site. I can translate it just like you did — with an online translator. That’s one of the advantages (truly intelligent persons would say disadvantages) of the Internet: Imbeciles such as yourself can pretend to have knowledge by copying passages you don’t really understand and presenting them as your own ideas. And other imbeciles will believe you because you talk nice to them and give them thumbs up on their equally inane posts.

          What you have here is what is crudely known as a circle jerk. Your little group of like-minded drones cut and paste things that sound good to you, and then congratulate one another on how smart you are.

          Did I already use the term “pathetic”? I’m sorry to repeat myself, but that word pretty much sums up the nonsense I have encountered here.

        • gordon_uk says:

          And yet you are still to say anything intelligent.

          Now stop talking bollocks and actually try to counter our arguments or piss off!

        • OH Lee says:

          gordon_uk: And again, all you have done is cut and paste my words and intersperse them with non-sequiters. That only proves that you have no real response to the irrefutable facts I have presented.

          Your closing with “Love and kisses” clearly shows that you are the most virulent species of atheist — a perverted sodomite. Why is it that homosexuals express their hatred for God so vehemently? Is it because they know that God condemns their filthy sins and that He will send them to hell to be tortured for all eternity if they refuse to repent and stop spreading their diseases?

          I would say so. But the more one tries to warn the faggots, the more they whine and cry and swish around and deny God’s existence, while they loiter around public restrooms trying to seduce children.

          It’s more than pathetic. It’s downright evil. And if you think that decent Christians are going to continue to put up with it, then you are sadly mistaken.

          How did you like the recent election results? L-L!

        • Ereshkigal says:

          so you are superior and can understand better the church???

          “Let no one persuade you that you have no superior or that you are not subject to the head of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, for he is a fool who so thinks.”

          Unam Sanctam Pope Boniface VIII

          by the words of your CHURCH, not mine, you will burn at the stake for your crimes

          Ad extirpanda, 1252 Pope Innocent IV

          “Therefore, if the terrestrial power err, it will be judged by the spiritual power; but if a minor spiritual power err, it will be judged by a superior spiritual power; but if the highest power of all err, it can be judged only by God, and not by man, according to the testimony of the Apostle: ‘The spiritual man judgeth of all things and he himself is judged by no man’ [1 Cor 2:15]. This authority, however, (though it has been given to man and is exercised by man), is not human but rather divine, granted to Peter by a divine word and reaffirmed to him (Peter) and his successors by the One Whom Peter confessed, the Lord saying to Peter himself, ‘Whatsoever you shall bind on earth, shall be bound also in Heaven’ etc., [Mt 16:19]. Therefore whoever resists this power thus ordained by God, resists the ordinance of God [Rom 13:2]”

          unam Sanctam 1302

          thank you for demostrating your ignorance in your own church, bet that you don´t know that I can condemn you to burn for every word that you already put in here, your own arrogant belief that you understand and other no condemn you to hell too, even if you don´t know

          be free to stick your finger in your ears and start singing “la la la la la”

        • Ereshkigal says:

          actually, I´m writting things as it come in my books, about inquisition, church and pope bulls, no word I have altered from them.


          you have perniciously erred in the faith of god, and you are a child of supersition, a wanderer from the faith, an invoker of demons, an idolater, and a HERETIC!

        • OH Lee says:

          “so you are superior and can understand better the church???”


          Yaaas. i will understand better the church as it please me to see it from my vehicle as it I passes it by once more before I drive it to my work at the McDonald’s where I am much please in the places to providing the hamburgers to the peoples.

          you are knowing of courses that your god exists not but only in your dream as you sleep it in your beds at the nite. but i am so the smartest in the cause that i have the degree in the writing history in because my teachers all spoke the language as poorly as this i do and so i was permitted to degree and teach of the other student peoples at the day times while i service up the frenchy fries at the nites.

          Have a nice day, Latka!

        • gordon_uk says:

          I put “Love and kisses” because I thought you where gay and would appreciate it, well with the way you kept going on about it, personally I’m not gay but we wont judge you if you are. It’s funny how people that are trying to hide their sexuality are often the ones who are more aggressively homophobic.

          Election results? Recent? They were back in May and it was a hung parliament, not sure what your point is?

          “trying to seduce children” now I thought that it was Christians trait, further proved by the percent of Christians in prison for sex crimes being far grater then in the general population and atheists disproportionably lower, in other words Christians are more likely to commit sex crimes then atheists.

        • gordon_uk says:

          OH Lee

          You continue to mock Ereshkigal for not speaking English as his first langue? You are a cunt!

          You can’t counter his points so you pick on his English, wow what a big man you are!

          Just to confirm you are a cunt.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          don´t bother anymore Gordon, this man seems to have no argument or intelligent thing to say.

          I will say the last argument: he has writted the most heretic statement that I have seen, that he can understand the church better than the pope.

          and THAT, is a direct offense against the Pastor Aeternus:

          “When ecumenical councils are invoked, the purpose is to build a historical and
          theological paper trail in favor of Roman primacy. Three councils – the Fourth Council of
          Constantinople (869-70), the 1274 Council of Lyons, and the Council of Florence (1439-45) – are
          all noted for their inclusion of both Eastern and Western bishops. The effort to portray
          ecumenical consensus is notable, but the implications might very well overstate reality; it seems a
          bit of a stretch to make “the Greeks” the main actors at the post-schism Council of Lyons. 10
          Florence provides much of the papal language that Vatican I adopted in PA, with the Roman
          pontiff described as “true Vicar of Christ,” “head of the whole Church,” “father and teacher of all
          Christians,” and in possession of “full power of shepherding, ruling, and governing the universal
          church” (PA 4.1).”

          500 years ago, he will be burned alive for his statments, no more to say.

          thanks for your support Gordon!

        • OH Lee says:

          “Personally I’m not gay”

          Still in denial, are you? You can’t repent and avoid eternal hell fire if you don’t admit that you’re a filthy faggot.

          “Election results? Recent? They were back in May”

          Wrong again. In case you hadn’t realized it, what happens in England is meaningless. Your empire died long ago and its corpse is rotting like your teeth.

          In American, where elections really mean something to the world, the conservative Tea Party won a huge victory. We will soon be cleaning up the filth that atheists and their homosexual fellow travelers have created.

          Anyone who doesn’t go along with us can go live with you faggots on Brokeback Island. L-L!

        • Ereshkigal says:

          well, I´m going, my work here is done

          go to play Diablo 2

          and guess what Oh Lee

          I´m going to choose the big bad fire lizard!!!, yeah!, Mephisto looks so cool, but feel free to recite our lords prayer and stick your head below your bed

          as if hell was invented for rabbits

          anyway, thanks again Gordon!

        • Ereshkigal says:

          for the goddess!!! how ignorant you are!!!
          even don´t know world history!!!

          if you don´t know, your grand grand grand grand father was not american, unless you are a cherokee, your grand grand grand grand grand father was most probably a British citizen, that arrived in America to live here, so you are insulting your own homeland, pathetic!

          before cleaning anything, please clean first your books, they have like 200 ft of dust and spiderwebs

          go now

          and careful oh lee, the big bad lizard is out there!

        • Ereshkigal says:

          oh, and I don´t care what happen in EU, so you can burn yourself down if you like, actually I live in Canada
          now that it matters…

        • OH Lee says:

          “well, I´m going, my work here is done”

          And you need to get back to your real work: Cleaning out the deep frier, keeping the napkin dispensers full, and scrubbing the toilets.

          Don’t despair. If you keep working hard for the next couple of years, they might let you sweep the parking lot too.


        • OH Lee says:

          gordon_uk says: You are a cunt!

          How would you know? The only cunt you’ve ever seen is your mother’s, and that only when she gave in to you and let you touch it on Christmas Eve.

          I guess that’s a British thing, though.


        • Noodlity says:

          Oh dear, so much arguing and name-calling, and only because of OH Lee’s repressed homosexuality. Kind-hearted Pastafarians that we are, we should offer guidance and counseling, not words of hate.

          Dear OH Lee,

          I realise that your membership in the Westboro Baptist Church does not allow you to express your inner feelings. I grief with you, that your desire to be touched by that special someone else’s noodly appendage remains unfulfilled. But despair not! For should you join the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, there shall be no restrictions to your cravings, so that you may gayly rejoice and bask in the creamy white warmth your coveted one’s noodly appendage provides.


        • OH Lee says:

          Noodlity: You are a filthy sodomite.


        • gordon_uk says:

          OH Lee

          “In American, where elections really mean something to the world” well obviously not, twat. A quick Google of the Tea Party (lol) and it seems it wasn’t the “huge victory” you describe.

          “what happens in England is meaningless” Bless your getting no where fast so you try to pick on my nationality hoping I will bite, again what a twat.

          You really are obsessed with homosexuality, you think it’s a sin and wrong but as god (supposedly) made humans he must of created homosexuality (it even predates Christianity and Judaism) and as god is infallible it must be in his master plan (which you are not privy to) and we know homosexuality is not something people choose by choice or otherwise you would not have those kids killing them selves over it. So how do you know that you not going against gods plan? After all you only have the bible to rely on and that’s been though the mill so many times you cant say for sure you have the full unedited version, what would you say to your god if you have got it wrong? Sorry?

        • Noodlity says:

          OH Lee: “Noodlity: You are a filthy sodomite.”

          That’s right, let it all out, express yourself. Play some old “Queen” videos and let Freddie help you ease your frustration, until gentle gleaming pearls of hope appear before you. That’s the spirit!

        • B. says:

          This dude is obviously a troll. If he’s not, its pointless arguing with him anyway since he’s not interested in a discussion. He just wants to call people gay and hail American supremacy.

          There’s no reason arguing with someone that has the kind of limited mind that OH Lee has proven himself to possess.

        • OH Lee says:

          B. says: This dude is obviously a troll.

          Always the final refuge of the loser who is incapable of producing a logical argument: Use inane Internet slang to attempt to dismiss the winner who made a fool of you. Unfortunately for you, the truth I presented here remains the truth. All you have done is cut and paste more nonsense.

          When you look “pathetic” up in the dictionary, the posters on this message board are used as prime examples.

        • OH Lee says:

          gordon_uk says: A quick Google of the Tea Party and it seems it wasn’t the “huge victory” you describe.

          Google — the last word in historical accuracy. L-L! We won the House of Representatives, where all budgetary bills must originate. End of discussion.

          “god made humans he must of created homosexuality” Another fallacy created by atheist sodomites. Well then He must have created murderers and child mollestors, too, since they are all of the same ilk.

          Wrong. God did not create sin. Sinners created sin. God gave us free will. If we choose to go against His law, then we will be punished, whether it be for stealing from the poor, comitting incestuous acts with mothers, beating and robbing the handicapped, raping and murdering children, or dressing as members of the opposite sex and comitting filthy, disgusting acts. It’s all the same to God.

          But then you know all about those things, don’t you gordon? L-L!

        • OH Lee says:

          “Hidden due to low comment rating.”

          That is the weakest, most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Makes me think of three little monkeys named Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil.


        • Ereshkigal says:

          come on man, just admit it, your god is a joke
          and christ is a joke too

          just look at any movie about the passion, it´s a very good comedy, bloody but comedy, I am surprised that nobody have come with the idea of Robochrist, since romans beat them so hard that in order to resucite, they have to put him some robotic parts

        • OH Lee says:


          yaaas. of courses i see the pointyness you are there making with you words. this one god she does not in appealing the leastest to you in cause you are the sodomite whose penis is love to sink into various anuses of mens and childrens you are too meet in the park restrooms.

          so by far you must keep on to continue to toil at this your job at mcdonalds where in the like you might meet more men and the little children to having your way with.

          gooding luckiest to you in your sodomies.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          sorry, can´t read you, I´m praying to the satellite, is a very good praying, just like the silly lord prayer, want to hear it? XD

        • B. says:

          I haven’t seen you produce a single argument for your cause, actually. You’re a poor soldier of the Lord.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          actually he is very funny, he made my day

          come on oh lee, repeat after me:

          “our Satellite in heaven….
          hallowed be your hypertext…

        • OH Lee says:

          B. says: I haven’t seen you produce a single argument for your cause.

          Well, that’s probably because, given your severely limited intellect, you wouldn’t recognize an argument if it jumped out of your mother’s syphilitic vagina while you were performing oral sex on her.

          Not to worry, though. You can always tune into MSNBC and they’ll tell you what to think.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          come on oh lee you can do it XD

          “your hyperlink be done…
          on virtual as in real…

        • OH Lee says:

          Ereshkigal says: sorry, can´t read you, I´m praying to the satellite

          I hope it’s the satellite that teaches you how to spell correctly and construct a logical sentence. I mean, even in whatever backward language your tribe speaks, you can’t be making much sense at all.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          come on you can do it XD

          “Give us today our download…
          Forgive our spilled cofee…

        • B. says:

          … or you could just try and argue your point instead of being an obnoxious jerk?

          Not arguing, but insulting, is a sign of a troll. That is, actually, what defines a troll. You, my dear, slightly retarded but loveable friend, are a troll.

          The Jesus that you love is a myth. Christianity has a 2000 year old history of war, imperialism and eradication of cultures. The long claim of superiority in all religions has claimed millions of life, not just through the hands of the Templars and religious warriors but through the slow and painful killing of cultures and people. I suspect that you are one of those that accept these losses as part of the never ending war that will ensure your place in heaven.

          I don’t.

        • OH Lee says:

          B. says: Not arguing, but insulting, is a sign of a troll.

          Then that’s what you are, because you haven’t produced a single cogent argument yet. All you have done is cut and paste, inserting irrelevant and inane comments along the way.

          “You, my dear” That comment identifies you, not surprisingly, as another member of the band of atheistic sodomites which infects this site.

          Like the rest of your perverted ilk, you are so driven by your filthy desires that you can’t even resist the urge to flirt with someone whose ideas you claim to despise.

          And that’s what will be the death knell of all you perverts in the end. You’ll wake up someday and find yourselves face to face with Satan, evil personified, and he and his army of demons will be happy to have you call them “dear,” because you’ll be serving as their personal penis holders for all eternity.

          Hope you don’t mind having an asshole so big that a train can pass through it — if you don’t already, that is.


        • Ereshkigal says:

          yeah keep saying things, you´re so funny XD

          “as we forgive our bad connections…
          save us from the viruses…

        • OH Lee says:

          OH Lee says:

          And you all better listen, by God, unless you want your souls to be consigned to hell for all eternity.

          Do you think I frequent these dens of iniqutiy because I enjoy it? Conversing with filthy sodomites such as B., Noodlity, Ereshkigal, and gordon_uk makes me want to vomit up my supper. I come here because the Lord God has sent me — sent me as a last resort to save your evil, perverted souls from eternal damnation.

          The choice is yours, sinners. Continue to spend your time loitering around public restrooms, seducing weak men and young children, or repent of your evil ways, renounce your evil deeds and turn in to the police those who participate in your perversions.

          There isn’t much time to choose, people. The AIDS is always waiting around the corner, stalking your immune system, ready to deliver you to your father the devil.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          continue plz, I am recording your silly statments about your silly god, this have to be in youtube, you will be the mock of half the planet XD I will send you the link.

          also, I have another fanatic but this one is muslim, and he wishes to come here and threaten you, but he will not threat you with lizards and fire, but with killing you in real, because he says that you are a heretic, Allah is true god and you will burn in hell with sinners, perhaps he will come to throw you a line, feel free to speak to him, islam extremists are way more dangerous than you do.

          now you see how ridiculous is your gods?

        • Ereshkigal says:

          na, I got bored of you, while you are confronted with history and reason you only have threats and your delusional sex things, you are a sick person, and I have better things to do like playing rumble roses, writing an esay, playing l4d or even meet my gf, feel free to keep saying your crazy stuff, you don´t frighten us, you only are making us laugh, and very hard

          ps, the youtube thing is real XD you will be a famous idiot XD

          anyway, you have given a point here:

          the only church that illuminate man is the church in flames.

        • OH Lee says:

          Ereshkigal says:
          November 8, 2010 at 10:40 PM
          continue plz, I am recording your silly statments about your silly god, this have to be in youtube

          oh yaaaas. i have also the youtube cameras crew out to film of my statments of the silly god which i have worship from always in eternity. mine god by the ways also hates the filthy foreign peoples who cannot speak the proper englishes in cause they are brains filled with the shits of pigs they’re mothers had the sex with while they watching.

          and these silly foreign peoples always are having sexiest with their dogs and cats before they will cook them up for they suppers.

          sometime i will see these brown skin pigs driving the taxis and stinking so much i can no longer stay in the car with them so i get out and walk other than get the filthy foreign disease which they all carry from their having the sexy time with goats and pigs and dogs what is even worst their own mothers.

          but then i hear of the man who call hisself Ereshkigal who not only have the sexy time with all his mother and father and little children and the dogs and goats of these same peoples that i thank mine god that i will not having to live near his stench and will forever see him in the hell in his being tortured by the satan who is loving always to burn the fleshes of those whose are foreign filth and cannot so muches as speak the englishes.

        • Noodlity says:

          Very good, OH Lee, very good! I see that you have come to terms with your carnal cravings and are able to admit and express them for all to see. Now let go of all this anger, there is nothing to fear! It’s okay to be gay, so go and rejoice with the boys in the gay way! I’m also quite sure that if you convince your family to join the Pastafarin flock, your incestual fantasies will be that much closer to coming true. As for the goats… well, you’re on your own there; but I’ll be wishing you success in that regard.


          P.S. By the way, Satan isn’t half bad. I used to follow His teachings before switching to Pastafarianism. We’re still friendly y’know, we still have a monthly meeting at a defiled church (provided, of course, I defile a church first) . The guy is a wicked D&D player, I tell ya. When HE plays dice with the Universe, He always wins! How cool is that! Speaking of cool, you should see what He’s done with the place downstairs. Hell is rockin’! 2000 years of wise financial decisions, and now the place makes that so-called “heaven” look like a slum.

          P.P.S. Then again, the *Pastafarian* Heaven is still much better. It’s just that when the FSM created the Universe, He still kept the best real estate for Himself. Sure, Satan got a fair deal, but that “god” guy literally had to build on nothing but air, poor sap. I don’t see him holding on much longer.

        • OH Lee says:

          Noodlity says: By the way, Satan isn’t half bad. I used to follow His teachings before switching to Pastafarianism.

          You were better off with Satan. At least he’s real. You can’t posssibly believe that the universe was created by spaghetti. I mean, what kind of spaghetti? Ragu or Prego? With or without meat? Do you serve the pasta and the sauce separately, or do you do it Okie style, all mixed up together, topped with torn up American cheese with Wonder Bread and butter on the side?

          These are questions you’d better ask yourself, for the sake of your eternal soul. I’m only trying to help.

        • Joel says:

          OH LEE, if there is a god i sincerely hope that it would be you sent to hell for spreading hate amongst other people.

        • OH Lee says:

          Joel says:
          November 9, 2010 at 3:32 AM
          OH LEE, if there is a god i sincerely hope that it would be you sent to hell for spreading hate amongst other people

          If there is a bigger idiot than you anywhere within the range of the World Wide Interweb, I hope to God that you two don’t find each other, because despite the clear and convincing evidence that you are sexually impotent, the faint possiblity remains that you might manage to sneak your anemic semen into its dessicated ovum and produce another creature possessing a facsimile of your severely retarded intellect.

          And then there would be two people posting such brilliant messages as yours, decrying the hatred which I alone spread amongst the denizens of the night.

          Lord Jesus help us all.

        • Ereshkigal says:

          It is finally that I must admit my ignorance of the Lord God and His Son Jesus Christs. For as always you are right OH Lee. My soul is only belongs to Jesus. He came only to save me with His Holy Blood from my sins of fornication with my mother and my dogs and the little boys of my next door whom I could not resist becausing they were so cute.

          Forgive me Lord Jesus for saying the lie that you are only a copy of the falsest gods of the filthy heathens. I was even told this by the dirty sodomites in my schools who molested mine anuses every night while they informed me that Jesus and God were the lies and that a man lying with a man was what was correct in this world while they put much of the semens into mine rectalus.

          The Lord Jesus is the only true God and I will forever now worship His Holy feet and discontinue my filthy practices of standing outside the restrooms at public parks near grammar schools and soliciting young children for my sexiest pleasures.

          Thank you Lord Jesus for showing me the way to my always salvation, and help me to preach to the all the homosexual prisoners here who continue to sin against the Lord God by their evil ways and their harming of children until I might convince them to repent or else to kill themselves before they harm more of the peoples.

        • Gordon_UK says:

          OH Lee

          “We won the House of Representatives” so you are saying that the tea party won the House of Representatives?

          “God did not create sin. Sinners created sin” if your so called god created the universe he had to created sin for the sinners to be able to sin in the first place. If he was infallible then there would be no sin or indeed murder and child molestation, the ‘free will’ argument is a weak attempt to cover up the flaws in the god is infallible statement Christians banter about. Remember if he is all powerful and knowing he built the conditions to allow these things to happen and continue to happen therefore he is responsible his actions.

          You also rant about “murderers and child mollestors” and the irony is that you as a Christian are more likely to commit these crimes them myself as an atheist.


        • Noodlity says:

          OH Lee says: “You were better off with Satan. At least he’s real.”

          Yeah, well, reality ain’t what it used to be. From what the Big Red told me, things were retty cool back when Odin, Zeus and Ra ruled their respective territories of the FSM’s infinite realm. And Satan himself was just a regular dude, in with the crowd. Fun times. Even the Jewish guy, Yahwe, was relatively sane, kept to his own.

          But then, his supposed son comes along, the dumb bastard, messes up the place, partakes in various perversions with twelve other guys (“last supper” my @$$, more like last orgy) , and finally, gets himself nailed to a scaffolding, performance-art style, before anyone could get a solid idea on what he was blabbering about.

          Thanks to that annoying @$$hole, his alleged dad became the laughingstock of every other god out there – from the Monkey King and the Jade Emperor , straight to Shiva and Ganesha. Seriously – when the guy with four arms and an elephant head thinks *you’re* ridiculous, there’s no saving you.

          No wonder ol’ Yahwe hasn’t shown his face for two thousand years – still too embarassed.

          Luckily, the Flying Spaghetti Monster has apparently got fed up with all of Bejeezus’s [email protected], and has taken the matters into His own Noodly Appendages. So, sooner rather than later, we’ll stop hearing from the bastard

        • Ereshkigal says:

          Gordon_UK says: so you are saying that the tea party won the House of Representatives?

          I guess it’s time for a simple lesson for the simple minded. The Tea Party movement is dominated by conservatives. Coservatives dominate the Republican party. The Republican party won control of the House of Representatives. Understand, Forrest?

          “You also rant about “murderers and child mollestors [sic]” and the irony is that you as a Christian are more likely to commit these crimes them myself as an atheist.”

          Wrong again, Forrest. Statistics prove conclusively that the vast majority of murderers and child molestors are atheists. It just makes sense. The people who don’t believe in God have no objective sense of right vs. wrong. They make up their own rules of what is right and wrong because they don’t believe in any power outside their own puny little minds to tell them what to do and what not to do. So anything their animalistic lusts and emotions tell them is right they go ahead and do.

          I wouldn’t expect your retarded intellect to fully understand the concept of free will. Put simply, it means that humans are able to make their own choices. If they choose to do evil and disobey God, then they will pay the consequenes, just as when you put your hand on a hot stove you get burned. God allows us to make the choices. He isn’t responsible for the choices we make.

          It’s pretty simple really, as long as you can pull your mind away from the Harry Potter paradigm of reality.

          Good luck with that.


        • Noodlity says:

          By golly, it seems that poor OH Lee has developed schitsofrenia – he thinks he’s Ereshkigal!

          I didn’t know the situation was that bad. Where in Stale Beer Hell is Dr. Astap Revol when you need him?!?

        • Ereshkigal says:

          Noodlity says:
          November 9, 2010 at 6:08 AM

          “But then, his supposed son comes along, partakes in various perversions with twelve other guys (“last supper” my @$$, more like last orgy)”

          Don’t be such a little bitch, Noodilty. You can actually say the word ASS. Nobody is going to come to your hovel and take away your chocolate if you say a nasty word. If they do then let me know and I’ll send my 4-year-old granddaughter to protect you.

          Those bullies always took your lunch money, didn’t they? Poor little bitch. It must be awful to live without testicles. Oh, and please don’t make the specious claim that you’re actually a female. That prevarication will only make you look more pathetic — if that were even possible.

        • B. says:

          Oh Lee: 1. You say that me saying “My dear” is me flirting with you. It is not. It was meant to make you feel like the little schoolboy that you obviously are.
          2. You say that me flirting with you proves I’m a filthy sodomite or something.

          Since I see this a guiding principle, I can only conclude that your opinion is that any woman trying to flirt with you must be a deranged atheist sodomite. Not that I disagree in the derangement of someone flirting with you, but I think you just proved your own homosexuality.

          To answer your latest “argument”. As have been discussed previously on this site – religion doesn’t own morality. The concept is truly widespread. I urge you to look at something else then the Bibel belt of the US when you make up your statistics, since that might give it more than 0 credibility. Me, Ereshkigal and gordon_uk all have strong moral values. I can not speak for their private lives but I would be very surprised if they weren’t very good people. Decent individuals that lacks neither morality nor the arsenal to kick your ass verbally.


        • Noodlity says:

          That’s right, OH Lee, let it all out. I’m sure it’s hard on you, worshipping a god that’s gone AWOL, being stuck with his bastard peepsquick… Tough luck, I know.

        • OH Lee says:

          I’ll admit, you’ve got me figured out. I am shitsophrenic, a cunt, a sodomist, and all the other epithets you’ve attached to me. I even hide under other’s names because I think it’s cute. Actually, I’m just an asshole stirring up the water here to see the reaction I get…in other words a chickenshit troll.

          As all us good Catholic boys know, confession is good for the soul. I feel ever so much better now that I’ve been open and honest about my sorry existence. I’d write more, but I gotta go…I’m late for a circle jerk.

          OH shit Lee

        • Danimal says:

          Looks like I missed a hell of a flame war.
          Thank God for Christians for OH Lee. Keep it up son, keep it up.

        • Joel says:

          OH LEE, if you want to believe one book over everything else even to the point where you give up basic human morals like kindness then go ahead.

        • gordon_uk says:

          OH Lee

          “I guess it’s time for a simple lesson for the simple minded.” The tea party is a sub sect of the republican party and as some republicans oppose the tea party it is wrong to say the success of the whole is down to the few tea party members. Further more it could well be that the two parties would be now be tied in the Senate – if not for the Tea Party’s attraction to candidates with religious fundamentalist streaks, as Christine O’Donnell of Delaware, Sharron Angle of Nevada and Ken Buck of Colorado – all self-identified as having strongly Christian-informed politics – made explicit attacks during the run-up to the midterm elections on the separation of church and state and all three were defeated in races where Republicans had strong advantages and were otherwise well poised for victory.

          “Statistics prove conclusively that the vast majority of murderers and child molestors are atheists” My statement was based on the proportion prisoners for these types of crimes is disproportionably higher for Christians then Atheists, in both the US and UK the percentage of atheists is 15% in the general population. As the figures are broadly the same across the two nations it shows that this is not an anomaly but a trend. You said “The people who don’t believe in God have no objective sense of right vs. wrong” and what facts do you have to back this statement up? None as it has been shown again and again that morals pre date religion and is even prevalent in some primates.

          On to ‘free will’ this theist concept fails adequately explain evil acts on ‘god watch’ for two reasons

          a) actions available to a person via free will need to be made available to that person i.e. the ability to kill someone has to of been created by the creator before it can be actioned or my free will wants me to fly as I’m not ‘deigned’ to fly therefore I can not do so
          b) free will of the aggressor does not cover the victim, the victims of abuse by Christian priests is something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives at which stage did they have free will?

          I’m guessing your are connected in some way to the church on the link associated to your name, that will explain why you are a bit simple mined. Bruce Townsend “has read and studied the entire Bible applying his knowledge of the English language and his faith in the Holy Spirit to determine the true meaning of the Bible as written” wow how dumb is he!! Dose he not know that Jesus didn’t speak English??? Or that the oldest copy of the bible is in Greek and is dated from the 4th century (Codex Sinaiticus) after the fact. Also during the production of the Codex each of the 4 scribes corrected their own work and one of them corrected and rewrote parts by another. These corrections contain many significant alterations and, together with further extensive corrections undertaken probably in the seventh century. A digree in English just what you need to read 1700 year old Greek!!


        • gordon_uk says:

          Sorry for some reason word press does not like the symbols for greater then and less then so here is the affected paragraph again

          “Statistics prove conclusively that the vast majority of murderers and child molestors are atheists” My statement was based on the proportion prisoners for these types of crimes is disproportionably higher for Christians then Atheists, in both the US and UK the percentage of atheists is less then 1% in the prison population compared to greater then 15% in the general population. As the figures are broadly the same across the two nations it shows that this is not an anomaly but a trend. You said “The people who don’t believe in God have no objective sense of right vs. wrong” and what facts do you have to back this statement up? None as it has been shown again and again that morals pre date religion and is even prevalent in some primates.

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          This is simple. First, I am amazed that you don’t see the psychological irony behind your continuous references to sex.

          Second: No god = no satan = no hell = everything you say is empty, pointless, and meaningless.

        • brett says:

          stonefield, you realize this is an ongoing argument for the U.S. right? ‘Cause if English isn’t your native tongue that leads me to suspect your not american and if your not american then why are you troubling yourself with religious/education battles/arguments in a whole other country?

          btw FSM pisses me off it was started as an argument against the school board not to be taken seriously as a real religion how the hell did it become a real religion for faggots?????????

        • gordon_uk says:


          So are you saying that it’s only in the US that religious groups are trying to infringe of the in the lives of the nation via the education system?? Your either naive or a fool.

          “btw FSM pisses me off it was started as an argument against the school board not to be taken seriously as a real religion how the hell did it become a real religion for faggots?????????”

          – your taking this a lot more seriously as a ‘religion’ then we are, and anyway why would small meat dumplings in gravy need a religion any way?

        • Jeff says:

          I see about 3. Of course, it’s nothing to be appalled at, especially considering that it isn’t your native language, and even if i was I think lisbeth overreacted.

          hypocrite* lying* and once where you left off a d at the end of a word, but that’s clearly just a finger slip. I think the working of an argument is only diminished if u tak lyk dis n stuf. but your response was pretty well constructed, I do not agree with it, but I can’t say that the minor spelling errors take away from it in any way.

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