Treat other religions with respect

Published July 9th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

When I first found this site, I was thoroughly amused.  I understand and even agree with your argument on the teaching of the Theory of Intelligent Design in public schools.  Your way of presenting this was very amusing, and wittily got your opinion expressed on the subject matter.

I sincerely wish I would’ve stopped scanning your website after reading your letter.
It was the attitude of the rest of the website that made me stop and feel terrible for the people who disagree with you.  From the video of the Flying Spaghetti Monster float performing a "religious action" on a random person to the tab specially designed for hate mail, I was instantly turned off to your concept of how you express your opinions.

Believing in something is one thing, but pounding others into the dust–pretty much BEGGING for the opportunity for someone to argue with you?  That’s something entirely different.  I know people must be begging for the hate mail that only screams at what a dumb religion yours is… just so that you can slam your argument into their faces. 

I think your message got lost a long time ago, Bobby.  It’s really sad… you had a good thing going, I think.  It’s really sad that your message of "don’t teach Intelligent Design in our schools" turned into "religion is pointless", which then turned into "everyone who believes in a religion is below me, and that gives me the right to completely disrespect everything they stand for".  It’s really sad that people join this group just so that they can slam onto other people.  Because really?  What are you hoping to accomplish at this point?

I may not agree with Christianity 100%, but I do believe "Do Unto Others" is a great philosophy to live by.  So is "Turn The Other Cheek".  Basically, treat other religions with respect… but if they don’t honor your viewpoints back?  Take the high road.  Maybe make a simple comment (like your letter) and be done with it.  By dragging it out like this, you’re making yourself look bad… and that’s all.

Thank you for your time,

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  1. Molly says:

    I think the fact that Bobby did expand his letter in such a creative way was very smart. It brought attension to his cause in a way a simple letter could not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And, again, you’ve returned to the appeal to ridicule. There’s not much more to the atheist argument, is there? See, you just think you’re so much smarter, you think we’re dumb for not having realized that we’re like Darth Vader. But you’re just not. Facts aren’t everything in science, even. For example, the multiverse theory is completely unprovable, at least at this current time, yet it’s still studied. I guess that makes scientists a bunch of fanboys, huh? I guess science isn’t completely based on facts. I guess there’s no point in many scientific theories, because they can’t be proven or disproven.

    I don’t what else to say. I’ve done what I can. Deep down inside, you know you’re denying it. If you’re going to continue to lie to yourselves, so be it. I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t make them drink. Farewell.

    • Jedi Knight says:

      “And, again, you’ve returned to the appeal to ridicule.”

      And, again, you think you can weasel your way out of addressing it. So tell me, how are *you* so different from Vader up there? Since the Jedi religion is officially recognized in half a dozen countries already, what you’re doing basically amounts to covering you’re ears and shouting “lalalalala, ridicule, lalalalala, not listening”. Looks to me like, “deep down inside”, you’re the one in denial.

      As for the scientists, you’re really not making any progress. You see, unlike priests, no scientist exclusively devotes his work to zero-evidence theories. In fact, such theories are even more detested in scientific communities, and until proper testing implements are discovered, they are considered nothing more than pet hobbies.

      Y’know , hobbies – like cosplaying; or religion. Or being all self-important and holier-than-thou on the Internet. So, I don’t really know about horses, but if all you can offer is church-brand Kool-Aid, I doubt anyone would want to drink it.

    • Joel says:

      And now anonymous claims to know what we’re all thinking… could anonymous be… GOD?!!
      The multiverse theory does have some evidence going for it for example quantum computers and that is why it is studied. And we’re merely trying to be humble by not saying “our universe is the only universe” and it was this sort of humble thinking which that went behind proving that the stars didn’t orbit around the Earth and Earth wasn’t the centre of the universe. And if you lead a horse to water and it doesn’t drink it might be safe to assume that the water has been poisoned.

      • Joel says:

        wait i’ll change that. And if you lead a horse to water and it doesn’t drink it might be safe to assume that the water is a mirage

    • Theo says:

      If i have to choose between schience as a truth and religion as a truth…. you choose religion? Because?
      Science flies us to the moon. Science expanded your life expectancy by 50 years. Religion? It MIGHT bring you to a hypithetical heaven no one knows the details about nor does anyone have proof.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      “Facts aren’t everything in science, even”.
      What the hell does that mean? Yes, they are. If it has no facts, it’s not science. Even something as theoretical as a multiverse has a factual (mathematical) foundation. Scientists are not saying we live in a multiverse – they’re saying based on known facts we COULD be living in one. Just as Hawking recently said gravity COULD be responsible for creation.

      • Jedi Knight says:

        From what I’ve seen so far, it seems that, to the religious, atheism merely seems like anothr religion, only based on “denial”. And scientists, naturally, are revered as priests, with “facts” instead of gospels. Kinda reminds me of Asimov’s “Foundation”.

        I guess it simply doesn’t occur to some people that skepticism really *is* fundamentally different from blind faith. Ironically, a skeptic usually has a more open mind than a believer. I *want* to believe, I *want* to be convinced… but with proper methodology and reliability, that’s all.

        • Matt says:

          Are you open to beliefs other than atheism? Is anyone really fully amenable to many beliefs, other than their own?

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          Did you miss the part where many of us were christians before we became atheists? I studied a few different religions before I came to atheism.

          Are you open to not being an asshole?

        • Noodlity / Jedi Knight says:

          I’m a skeptic, not an atheist. I believe what I see, and I’ve seen some pretty weird stuff, so I’m keeping my options open.

          The way of skepticism, however, means I don’t extrapolate entire cosmic concepts from minor medical and scientific anomalies.

          Take accupuncture, for example: rigorous double-blind testing has demonstrated that *some* techniques are indeed more effective than the placebo effect would account for. Bu that doesn’t mean the entire practice is reliable, or that the concept of “Qi” has any scientific basis.

    • tekhedd says:

      Boring flame war is boring.

  3. Mike J says:

    You know there are some who say that it’s religious moderates, or even humanist moderates, that actively fan the fire of intolerant religion’s stronghold in the world, and that he only way to be rid of the relative threat of any form of religious fundamentalism is an active kind of de-mythologizing of the modern world for people, or whatever, but that seems a little extreme as well. Argh. Extremism on every side. Sauce be with you all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    *sighs* The reason I keep returning the the appeal to ridicule is because you do. Okay, fine. I’ll “address” it. Jedi religion. Sure, whatever. 13 countries believe in it. Therefore, there is no God. Makes total sense. But of course, you won’t embrace this logic. You’ll just say, “But the Jedi religion is believed in 13 countries! I mean, come on, that has to mean there is no God!” The fallacious logic will return to your mind. You’ll think again, “Ha, religion is just like Jedi!” WELL GUESS WHAT. IT’S A LOGICAL FALLACY. All experts everywhere in the entire world agree it’s an invalid argument. Everyone anywhere in the world who knows about this agrees that it means nothing! It agreed by 1,290,000 people at the very least, as shown by this: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=appeal+to+ridicule&aq=f&aqi=g3&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=CdRdC2HCaTJ3yMob46wP9_tgjAAAAqgQFT9CNkD0, including Wikipedia, nizkor.org, changingminds.org, wisegeek.com, freethoughtpedia.com, to name a few. And don’t say, “Well you haven’t addressed it” because you’re just WRONG, and 1,290,000 people agree that you’re wrong, and no matter how much you say and think you’re right, you’re NOT. You’re wrong. Sometimes people are wrong including you and you’ve got to accept that. Don’t you DARE answer, “But you haven’t addressed it.” I addressed it. I addressed how idiotic you are not to realize, after all this, that your only argument is wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And if you say, calmly, “You say all this, but you haven’t actually addressed my argument” I’m going to track down your IP, find out where you live, hunt you down and cut all your fingers off so you can’t type a response.

    Watch you say, “Well you just haven’t!”

    • gordon_uk says:

      Bless he’s getting upset.

      The burden of proof is on you fella not us, you say there is a god and that your version of god is the right one. So where is your proof?

      Cutting fingers off? What the fuck is that about?

      • Matt says:

        There is no burden of proof. Neither side can prove their case.

        • gordon_uk says:

          As we are born without a belief in any god(s) that is the default, therefore anyone trying to make us believe in a god(s) has the burden of proof on them.

    • Jedi Knight says:

      Yet again, your mind-reading powers somehow fail to work. The acceptance of the Jedi religion doesn’t mean there’s no god – a claim I’ve never actually made, plain and simple. What it *does* mean is that in the 21st century, religions are no more useful or relevant to society, than sci-fi and fantasy fanclubs. Nice hobbies, but not worth getting worked up over.

      So, over and over, *this* is what you still… wait for it… haven’t addressed. What makes *you* different from all the Jedi, all the Pastafarians out there? What makes *your* god different from the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Hell, I’m surprised you haven’t used your “appeal to ridicule” card against His Noodliness as well.

      And as to the threats… puh-lease. No more meaningful than your bible, no more real than your god. You have failed, your highness. I’m a Jedi, like my father before me. And I’m here to stay.

      • tekhedd says:

        Either he doesn’t get it, or is intentionally pretending not to get it in order to keep the argument going.

        Some people are incapable of understanding “analogies”. I have a friend like that. When you use analogies with those people, they get agitated and focus on the wrong thing.

        This is where charisma trumps logic. :(

    • Danimal says:

      I have to question the position of anyone who makes statements like “All experts everywhere in the entire world agree…” Right there is point where I could no longer take you seriously, and I think I may have been the last one giving you the benefit of the doubt. But if I wasn’t, the finger thing really finished off any chance you had.

      • Gordon_UK says:

        So you could say you are giving him the ‘finger’, lol.

      • Matt says:

        I agree with this.

    • Atsap Revol says:

      Hey, ANONYMOUS nutcase. You said you were leaving but you returned. You remind us of ohaiguys, another cuckoo that kept coming back and filling our site with nonsense. Being irrational is one thing, but threatening to cut off fingers is psychotic. Yes, I’m resorting to name-calling, because all of the reasonable approaches with you have been tried by others, yet you still persist. Don’t let the doorknob
      hit you in the ass as you permanently leave this site.

    • Joel says:

      Anonymous, calm down.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      A little over a million is supposed to convince anyone of anything? There are over 6 BILLION people on this planet. That is not a very large percentage.

      A majority doesn’t mean anything either. The majority believed the earth was flat and the sun rotated around the Earth. Appears they weren’t right.

      And you are not one to talk about how we are answering seeing as how you are throwing words around but not offering any proof, calling people names, putting words in our mouth, and threatening bodily harm. Seems if you would like to continue a debate you should put something tangible on the table.

    • Xenocyde says:

      Well, aren’t you just living up to your christian ancestors. Threatening someone because you don’t agree with them and your own “arguments” aren’t holding up. You make the pope proud!

      “Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoset”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Okay…Jedi Knight…you just tried to avoid the bullet by saying it wasn’t aimed at you. Obviously you knew that what

    You know what? Nevermind. You’ll find a way to use your fallacious logic no matter what. I give up on you. You just go ahead and think that I didn’t just disprove your argument.

    As for everyone else…what am I supposed to do? I tried saying calmly, “It’s an appeal to ridicule. You can’t use that argument.” And you just laughed at me, saying I wasn’t addressing the argument. You repeated your argument. I had no choice but to shove it in your faces or you wouldn’t recognize that I was right. Well, you still don’t. But oh well. You never would have…I realize that now…

    Danimal, shut up. You were never accepting of my views and you know it. You most certainly were NOT giving me the benefit of the doubt. Nothing would bring any of you to do that. If you had been, then you probably would have seen my point, or at least you would acknowledge that it wasn’t nonsensical. You felt as superior to me as anyone else. You’re no better. Don’t imagine you’re some accepting, non-hypocritical person. You’re just not. Sorry.

    Anyway, I don’t know what else to say. You guys will never accept anything, ever. I don’t blame you, the vast majority of people won’t. Including religious people. So many religious people are idiots. They say retarded things that give religion in general a bad name. But religion isn’t a complete loony bin. Not everyone are over-excited fanboys, no. Some religious people are reasonable. 90% of all people are associated with religion. It was even more in the past, before this atheist crap came up. If you think 90% of people are cos-playing fanboys, then good for you. Hope you’re liked in life.

    What if I am utterly alone? What if everyone around me isn’t a conscious being? What if the chemicals their neurons are firing determine all their thoughts and actions? If the laws of physics and chemistry and biology determine everyone’s actions? What if I’m the only person who’s being controlled by myself, not chemicals? You have to admit, it sounds like a legitimate question. But reason tells us it’s not. Reason says, “No, you are your brain.” Science says your brain can control itself, without some sort of “you.” You just got caught by this thinking again. I know I exist, that I’m in control. But is everyone else? Or are they just programmed to think so? You can never know. It’s almost as if this theory is…irrefutable…Maybe everything is irrefutable. Maybe nothing is technically provable. Maybe all of existence completely cannot be studied. Maybe you don’t know anything, for sure. Perhaps you’re actually some giant three-headed monster who is under the delusion that it’s a person. Perhaps you’re severely mentally retarded, and everyone else is pretending to be too so you don’t think you are. If they’re twice as smart as you, they’ll probably know when you’re around. Maybe the world is the Matrix. None of us will ever know anything, ever. Not for sure. But we just have to believe beyond proof that the world is as it seems…

    • Danimal says:

      “So many religious people are idiots. They say retarded things that give religion in general a bad name.”
      I don’t even know if he grasps his own stupidity.

      Look asshole, your whole problem here is that you are so sure you have shit all figured out. If you look at my track record on this site I believe I give most of the christian on here a fighting chance to make their case. If they refuse to be reasonable then I rip their pathetic little arguments apart. You blew your chance for civil conversation long ago and you are now just a target to be flamed.
      Eat shit,

      • Matt says:

        So in other words, you meet firm disagreement with violent anger? You’re the type of person who beats their children.

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          Seriously? Firm disagreement is cutting someone’s finger off? Wow… You have a warped sense of disagreement.

    • gordon_uk says:

      You are in that 10%!

    • Atsap Revol says:


      PATIENT: Mr. Anonymous (No first name or MI available)

      MEDICAL HISTORY: Dropped on head while an infant.

      SYMPTOMS: Patient has an uncontrollable urge to blather and rant. Exhibits delusions of persecution and omnipotence. Believes that he may be the only “real” human and that others are zombies placed here to provide a false social environment for him. (Note: this is a very old Science Fiction/Fantasy theme, which the subject has accepted as reality.) Other hallucinations involve an imaginary, supernatural being that loves him and cares about his well-being

      DIAGNOSIS: Patient suffers from incurable extreme paranoid schizophrenia.

      TREATMENT: Isolate patient in a padded cell. Administer yellow capsules as necessary to control aggression and possibility of self-injury. Do not allow patient to have access to sharp or pointed dinnerware or tools. Nurses must exercise extreme caution when giving food or medication to this patient; patient has threatened to cut off the fingers of those he fantasizes are antagonists.

      LONG-TERM PROGNOSIS: Because the illness is incurable, the patient will be a ward of the state for the remainder of his life. Suitable cellmates for this individual may be other long-term patients with similar mental problems, for example The Joker or The Riddler.

      Signed: Dr. Revol, Resident Psychiatrist

      • Keith says:

        Personally, I think Two Face would be a better companion.

      • Matt says:

        I don’t understand why this would evolve into personal attacks.

        • Noodlity says:

          Well, threatening to cut off a guy’s fingers has its consequences.

    • Joel says:

      “I had no choice but to shove it in your faces or you wouldn’t recognize that I was right.”
      Seriously? This is what you’re gonna say. You did have a choice. Don’t push the blame for your own actions on to others. Secondly you as a human being have no more right than myself to use such a statement as ‘or you wouldn’t recognize that I was right.’ As a christian you can not possibly believe that you are perfect therefore you would have to admit to the idea that you could be wrong and that you have been tricked by either you own subconscious or some devil of another faith. I can’t account for others but I never say that god definitely does not exist so I’d like some courtesy back thank you. However even this possibility of god does not necessarily attach itself to religion. If there is a god there is no reason to say that it has had further relations with the universe since it was created. We may never come in contact with it or there is even a possibility that if it does it will only sent atheists up to heaven for not worshipping a false god created by man.
      Racist, Sexist and Homophobic beliefs are still held by many people in the world today and have been more popular in the past before ideas of equality came round. Your 90% argument doesn’t count as old ideas are constantly being replaced.

    • Theo says:

      Give me proof and I’ll accept anything you say.
      Until then, I believe in a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  6. Jedi Knight says:

    Well, a day has passed, I still have all my fingers, things are looking on the up and up.

    I do find it funny, though, when supposedly peaceful Xians start blowing fire and brimstone at people.
    Mildly amusing, at least. And when such crises subside, they try and act as if nothing had happened – charming indeed.

    Anonymous, you keep yapping about that “appeal to ridicule” thing. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    You see, there is a difference between “appeal to ridicule” (what you *think* I’m using) and “reductio ad absurdum” (what I’m *actually* using) . Reductio ad absurdum isn’t necessarily a logical fallacy. I merely take your premise as is, and lead it to a logical conclusion.

    You, for example, admit to choosing a deity, entirely based on personal preference, and define it as “real”. Pastafarians make the same choice, and ask what’s the difference. You present opinion as evidence, and I do the same. The logical connections remain identical throughout. They *look* ridiculous because they *are*, with no additional tampering.

    And then, of course, you threaten to go all “Misery” on me and make a fool of yourself in public, thus obliterating any reason for others to even bother with the rest of your walls of text.

    How uncivilized.

  7. Theresa says:

    The guy can spell. Many hate mailers can’t.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jedi Knight, “Reductio ad absurdum” is pointing out something ridiculous about something. Like religion. You’ve pointed out the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which is like religion. It’s not reductio ad absurdum. Jedi Knight, you just figured out about that. You’ve just been acting dumb the rest of the time. And you don’t even understand it now.

    Danimal, “a fighting chance” – you give them “a fighting chance.” You don’t try to see their point. You don’t try to agree with them. You give them “a fighting chance.” In other words, you’re the same as anyone else. You may begin to accept their argument at first, but then in the end, you close your mind to it, no matter what the argument. You give them “a fighting chance,” meaning they have little chance of winning, but you try to accept it. But you know you’ll win in the end. Because you’ll stop trying to see their point.

    Joel, not everything is an argument. My 90% argument…funny. You think I actually still think I might win. That was never possible. I respect you, unlike many people here. I got angry at Jedi Knight. He wouldn’t even try to see what appeal to ridicule was. Obviously he just read one of those articles, giving him the idea for his newest argument.

    Atsap Revol, funny. You sure added a lot to the conversation.

    gordon_uk, the 10% that doesn’t believe in God? Good job.

    Drained and Washed clean, wow. You left when I destroyed you, and then you come back to make fun of how there are only a million websites on the Google search results. Because obviously everyone who agrees with this made a website about it.

    Everyone, just for the record, I want to know what you think will happen after we die. Just tell me…I want to see something.

    • gordon_uk says:

      Nothing happens after you die, do you have any proof that something does? Proof is not your thing though is it?

      • Keith says:

        As far as I am aware, I have never died before. Therefore, barring the possibility of reincarnation or something similar it would be impossible to say what happens to my consciousness and personality. I can say with some certainty that my ashes will end up in a small plastic box as I can’t afford to be buried. As for my beliefs, they are my own affair.

        • Matt says:

          Keith has just said the only logical thing I have read in these comments.

    • Joel says:

      Well I personally think that’s a difficult question. I mean the human body over its life is constantly replacing every cells in its body and after 10 years the bones have finished this process and every single cells has been replaced. So I would ask am I still the same person through out my whole life? Either way I image death as just a cease of thought. My particles will be reused like they already have been and will go to do all sorts of things. Maybe my memories and thoughts will be recreated in some form and continue on living, maybe not. Either way I don’t really mind.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Destroyed me? That is what you call destroying? Offering no real proof, and then just not arguing the points you can’t respond to? Then I responded, and you never answered me. So, I will repost. If you would like to make an argument, then you must offer proof and facts to back up your claims.

      Then you base an argument on the number of Google search results? You are more of an idiot than I thought. Google hits don’t make proof. Facts make proof.

      Drained and Washed Clean says:
      September 21, 2010 at 6:18 PM
      Drained whatever: To the first two, IT’S GOD. Just shut up now.
      ** For one who has a problem with name calling and respect, you sure do have an odd way of showing it. And no, I do not accept that answer. I would like proof. Where are your facts and proof.

      Look at this: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2010/09/03/feedback-genesis-1-and-2
      ** That offers no proof of anything. Two different stories = two different stories. This is not an explanation.

      Mary. It’s not known entirely if there are two, if she’s a different person. However, I see no contradiction.
      ** It is clearly a contradiction when one says Mary Magdelene and the OTHER Mary, and one just says Mary. One book has two people, the other book has one. Obviously a contradiction.

      Who was Jesus’s dad? Cause Luke says it was Joseph.That’s, officially, according to the record, what his father is. Do you think they’re going to put God? Luke probably put that out of habit, without thinking about it.
      ** So now you are supposing to know what the intent of the author was? You are the one claiming no contradictions, so you cannot just claim error while trying to disprove error.

      Clean animals are animals they eat, such as chickens and pigs. They’re for eating.
      ** That does not answer why there is a contradiction in the numbers

      Look at this: http://www.lookinguntojesus.net/ata20010923.htm
      ** I repeat the question. Jesus could have only had 1 first sermon. Where was it? It is a contradiction.

      Perhaps you should get started.
      ** Like a majority of the story of Paul not lining up with the gospels? I’d be here all night. Perhaps you should go take a look and read this book you pretend to know so much about horizontally.

      5: I don’t care enough to look that up and disprove it. Sorry.
      ** Then you are lazy. And you have nothing to disprove it with.

      6: Actually, most historians believe there was a Jesus Christ who started Christianity, whether or not they believe he was resurrected. Get your facts straight.
      ** Actually I have my facts straight. Historians also say that Christianity was invented by Constantine to keep his empire from falling apart. Since the gospels were not even written until approx. 50 years after Jesus’s death, the supposed authors were dead.

      7: You’ve assumed he knows the future. Actually he doesn’t. We could change our course at any time. There’s no definite answer, but maybe time itself is an illusion, and he just changes things around all over the course of history.
      ** Then god is not a perfect being and not the greatest thing imaginable so why call it god? And the time is an illusion thing is crap. We know how time can work, and the out of time thing is impossible because then it could not change things around because it would be seeing all things happen at once… Our past present and future.

      10: I think #4 explains this well.
      ** Nope.

      11: Jesus was actually born sometime in April, and we only celebrate it during December because the Romans persecuted Christians, and they were celebrating at that time because the days were getting longer, so they celebrated Christ’s birth to hide it. And I can’t believe you actually just told me to prove the existence of God.
      ** You are just making things up now. Where did you go to high school? No, it is celebrated in December to make the Pagans feel more comfortable converting to Christianity. It was the Winter Solstice. Almost every “Christian” tradition that is included in xmas is from the Pagans. Nothing to do with god except the fact that religion has to steam roll everything in its path to gain power. And that is not the existence of god I am trying to prove. That is your job. Remember, I am pointing out inconsistencies and contradictions which you still have no good answer based on fact or truth.

    • Jedi Knight says:

      So, we’ve got another Arkham escapee, huh? The place certainly lives up to its reputation.


      “reductio ad absurdum, (Latin: “reduction to absurdity”), in logic, a form of refutation showing contradictory or absurd consequences following upon premises as a matter of logical necessity.”

      Again, it looks like the Universe doesn’t bend itself to better fit your ideas. As per the *actual* description of the term, I took your arguments for your god’s “reality”, and found them to actually work for *any* god, and even The Force. I challanged you to refute this, to point out some diferences between them. And I’m still waiting, fingers and everything…

      As for stuff after death, I’m going with Keith on this one. So many beliefs, so little evidence, and discussing pet hypotheses with Arkham’s finest is hardly a healthy idea anyway. Who knows when you’re gonna go off, start making threats and such; I’m sure you understand.

      • Atsap Revol says:

        Arkham, Massachusetts

        An all points alert is in effect for the capture of an escapee from the Arkham Asylum for the Hopelessly Sociopathic. The escapee is known only by the pseudonym “Anonymous.” The subject is believed to be extremely dangerous, and should be approached with utmost caution. The subject fled after cutting off the fingers of three custodial personnel at the Arkham Asylum.

        According to Dr. Revol, Resident Psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, the subject suffers from incurable paranoid schizophrenia. Thus the subject will babble incoherently and will violently resist attempts to bring him under control. The use of potent tranquilizer darts fired at a distance from powerful guns is advised.

        The subject may have bruises on the lower part of his anatomy, because it is believed that he was hit in the ass with a doorknob as he made his escape.

        • gordon_uk says:

          “he was hit in the ass with a doorknob as he made his escape”

          Well that’s what he told the nurse at A&E anyway ;-)

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      What happens to the beetle once IT dies? What of the fish, the cat or the squirrel? Do they have an eternal reward, or is that just reserved for humans? According to the bible – written by man – it’s only us. We’re special. Not in the eyes of any god, just in our own. We created god in our image, after all.

      We are probably the only species which imagines another life. I’m assuming here, I’ve seen elephants mourning their dead, and maybe they have their own special beliefs.

      • B. says:

        We indeed created God in our liking. And, to quote Ingmar Bergman, “What a horrible thought”. The deceit and greed of man is nothing one wants in a so called superior being.

        • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

          Don’t forget the vanity, B! The first 2 of the 10 Commandments tells us we better kiss his kiester, or be damned forever. You’d have thought he’d give us more proof of his worthiness. If he exists, he’s done a pisspoor job of running the place for someone perfect in every way.

          Then again, who says he IS? Other gods, like Loki or Zeus or Hera had their flaws. The God of the Old Testament was a mean old prick – ask Job.

        • B. says:

          Yeah. You’d think that a God that is so obsessed with himself would show his face once in a while, just to remind us why we should bow at his feet and stone those that do not.

          In swedish mythology (and I am from Sweden, so that is what I’ll go by) the norse gods are a bunch of drunken fools most of the time. I especially like the story when some giant stole Mjölner (Tors hammer) and they all faked a wedding with the giant with Tor as the bride, got him drunk and stole it back.

          I prefer a religion like that any day, before Jahve that trough the years has been raised to something entirely alien to human actions and behavior.

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