The Devil?

Published July 24th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I found this on a friends facebook page. It looks like the devil version of The FSM



Hmm.. I see a crab and a stripper (which makes a lot of sense to me).

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  1. Phyve says:

    Is that a stripper?

    • Phyve says:

      She has the crabs… That’s definitely hell

  2. Pan Narrans says:

    Only his Noodliness can protect us from this abomination: The Scuttling Spaghetti Fiend!

  3. Sarah says:

    I believe this to be the nefarious Antipasta, a vile beast that may rule over FSM Hell, where all the strippers have crabs and the beer is flat. You know, according to the lore.

    FSM save us! D:

    • Hugo says:

      Oh no…it’s Antipasto… (the stuff is goddawful!).

  4. benfranklin says:

    My guess is it’s a zodiac symbol…

  5. ۞ says:

    I think it’s the FSM on a bad noodle day.

  6. james says:

    i love to enter

  7. Cabinboy Greenmug says:

    this can only mean that the scuttling anti-pasta has kidnapped a stripper to take her form and try to infiltrate heaven via stripper factory. god help us (by god I of course mean the FMS)!

  8. Jaclyn Sheil says:

    Thank you for the excellent post as well as the excellent thoughts.

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