Playground sighting

Published July 20th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson



Greetings Bobby, I just wanted to share the great news. Attached are pictures of my daughter and me with the Flying Spaghetti Monster at the playground. He took time out of his busy day to let us play on Him and be touched by His noodly appendage. These pictures were taken in Huntingtown, Maryland, very close to the Patuxent River and old Pirate stomping grounds. Thought you may enjoy this. rAmen

— Dan

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  1. Not so hairless Ape says:

    Way back in the Dark Ages (early 1970s) I had daily encounters His Noodeliness on my grammar school playground. He was, from what I recall, exactly as depicted here. In 1976 He obviously had duties to other children on other playgrounds and left. He did, however leave, a nifty boat for us to climb on.

    • Starlite says:

      Hey, He left you a Pirate Boat!

      • Not so hairless Ape says:

        I always thought if it that way too! Even if it did look more like a tugboat.

  2. Kevin says:

    My elementary school had one of these and a big pirate ship I remember swinging across from the ship to this now I know that he has been watching over me my whole life.

  3. Brian says:

    ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING SERIOUS!?!?!? i hope you guys are just fucking around and that this isnt a real religion. i fucking hate all religion in general but if you guys are being serious then all i have to say is to LAY OFF THE CRACK!!! seriously… WHAT…THE…FUCK!?!?

    • Phyve says:

      Religion (from O.Fr. religion “religious community,” from L. religionem (nom. religio) “respect for what is sacred, reverence for the gods,”[1] “obligation, the bond between man and the gods”[2] is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, (this part pertains to us) or more in general a set of beliefs explaining the existence of and giving meaning to the universe, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

      Serious as your concern… Thank you

      • Brian says:

        I fucking know what religion is dumb ass. What I’m trying to find out is if you retards really do believe in this fucking gay ass spaghetti blob piece of shit. I wish I had a giant ass fork right now because I would so eat that spaghetti. YUM YUM YUMMMMM! seriously, lay of the crack and stop believing in this shit. I GUARANTEE you that the first person to create this “religion” was drunk or was just fucking around because there is NO way someone can believe this unless they are extremely gullible!

        • Phyve says:

          Then do some research… Perhaps read the “about” section.
          Also, um… We are as serious as you are concerned. I think I said that.

        • opiesysco says:

          I was always taught that people who swear and use other bad language show a lack of education and imagination.
          I now see that was correct.
          Please read about this before making any asinine comments.

          Peace be with you and rAmen.

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          “No way someone can believe this unless they are extremely gullible”
          — Kind of like someone who believes in a bearded sky daddy, a zombie Jew, the other bearded sky daddy… That kind of gullible? Yes, I have heard of this kind of gullibility, but I have not seen it on this website. Everyone here actually knows how to think and reason. Oh, and we can speak eloquently and clearly without curse words to get our point across.

          Seems like you don’t really fit in here…

        • Science Freak says:

          If everyone on this website is able to speak eloquently and clearly with the ability to “reason” then obviously no one here went to college. If you had gone to college you would have been taught to reason sufficiently in your required philosophy classes and thus would have no deductive proof or sufficient evidence to believe in a man-made food blob creating earth. . . I mean really guys c’mon. However, I guess that if one can believe in God or Scientology, people these days (who are desperate enough) will believe in anything. Sad really. I had such high hopes for humanity . . . Now, I’m not so sure.

        • Atsap Revol says:

          Science Freak,

          You think that you have brilliant reasoning powers. You must also believe that those required philosophy classes gave you wonderful deductive ability. What school did you attend, DA State University? (Dumb-Ass U)

          I too had high hopes for humanity, but after reading your post and the posts of other graduates of Dumb-Ass U, I’m very sure that there is no hope for those of your subculture.

          Postgraduate work will not help. Once a Dumb-Ass, always a Dumb-Ass.

          I guess you didn’t get it, so let me be explicit: the FSM is a spoof religion.

          Atsap Revol, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. from Oregon State University, our Prophet’s Alma Mater

        • Drained and Washed Clean says:

          If you had gone to college you would have been taught to reason sufficiently in your required philosophy classes and thus would have no deductive proof or sufficient evidence to believe in a man-made food blob creating earth. . .
          — If you had gone to college then someone would have taught you to read and to follow directions. Then you would have known to read and follow the directions on the home page. Then you wouldn’t make yourself look like an ass. See when one questions another’s intelligence it is usually helpful to have done one’s research and gathered all the facts. That way you can argue based on fact and not conjured assumptions. But instead of using your self proclaimed “deductive proof” (which is a math term, you are referring to deductive reasoning) you call us out based on assumption. You have just proven that you are what you accuse us of being.

          You need to reassess your perceived intelligence and reasoning skills and realize that you are actually functioning on a much lower level than you believe. The ability to be honest with yourself is a good quality to have.

        • Gordon_UK says:

          And if you had read our dogma you would now that FSM was indeed drunk when creating the world.

        • scott johnson says:

          Gullible???Wow…talk about the kettle callin the pot black…i’m serriously concerned for this guys well being….i mean, life must be SOOOO hard when you have a mental handicap of this size….

        • Danimal says:

          I smell a post being transferred to the hatemail section

      • TheGuyYouKnow says:

        What an incredible experience to be able to ride his holiness. It’s got to be the highlight of your life and I am so happy for you.

  4. Ernesto Tantao says:

    Way cool and she is indeed a hottie!

    • opiesysco says:

      Come on man, thats my daughter.

      • Ernesto Tantao says:


        All I’m saying is that shes cute and certainly I didn’t say it in a vulgar manner (unlike the first poster). There’s worst things than a guy online thinking she looks cute…. like the guys in your neighborhood thinking the same…

        • Phyve says:

          Actually, what you said was “hottie”. Which implies she makes you “hot” for her. If all you were saying was ‘she’s cute’, perhaps that’s exactly what you shoulda said.. Y’know, like “cute kid”. I have locals who call my daughter (5y/o) cute every day. I don’t worry. Change that word to ‘hottie’, and it takes on a new meaning altogether.

        • Resistors Diode says:

          Wow that’s how a great Dad really cares about her daughter.

  5. scott johnson says:

    That’s all the proof I needed to believe….

  6. dick says:

    My balls

  7. Maranda Zeck says:

    Thank you very much for this awesome article. I’ve read id for some months now and perhaps they are always very informative. Thanks!

  8. Ernesto says:

    I always thought if it that way too! Even if it did look more like a tugboat.

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