Flying Spaghetti Monster, the game

Published July 27th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

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The flash game is up again: convert the masses.

51 Responses to “Flying Spaghetti Monster, the game”

  1. Mr Cooper (all hail FSM) says:

    its not that hard, on my first try i got 14

    • pastafarian igo says:

      on my first try i got 23

  2. Bam says:

    i just got 3400, converted 15 i think…i love this game!!!!!!

    thank you all

  3. threonin says:

    I keep on converting everyone, it’s easy once you get the hang on it. You just have to practice your fly-by noodling!

  4. Micael says:

    28 coverted! I RULE!

    • threonin says:

      how did you convert 28? There are only 25. Is there a secret way to convert the school administrators too?

      • Micael says:

        yes, there are other 2 guys hide in the map corners, and other one of them pass in front you at the start!

        • pastafarian igo says:

          dont forget the babies!

  5. Gordon_UK says:

    To receive your prize please send your full bank account details along with your mothers maiden name to ………


  6. Niraj says:

    Converted 11. though I think one of them looked like a dog rather than a person (??). Anyway, what I didnt get, is why do the converted people just stand there doing nothing? Surely the touch of His noodly appendages ought to convince them to try converting the other people on the map.

    Great game though. It made my day.


  7. MAN says:

    tried for the second time and converted 14!
    the trick is to take your shadow on the level the people run and then aim and fire!

  8. jesterjace says:

    With all due respect, it seems like our extremely passive system of Pastafarian conversion (someone admits they are) was translated into a very active recruitment game. I don’t think His Noodlyness would avoid anyone, especially school board members since they were the inspiration for his glory. The FSM is accepting of all people, even if they won’t drink beer with us or are allergic to his noodly appendages. Heck, as I understand it he can even manifest in vegetarian form for all of our meat-weary brothers and sisters. He’s all yummy-ful.

    Still, I enjoy the animated strippers and beer volcano on the credits screen.


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